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A Grand Wedding Catering Experience by Orange Clove Weddings

[Advertorial] For your guests, the food is going to be one of the most memorable elements for them. As they say, “the way to any man’s heart is through his stomach.” I am sure the saying goes for women as well! If you want to please your guests and leave them with a good impression from your big day, it’s essential to serve up great tasting food. Especially so for Chinese weddings, as your guests gift you with red packets, serving up good dishes will make them feel like every penny was worth it! In addition to good food, the décor and presentation of the buffet line mostly gets overlooked, but in actual fact it does have a big impact on the impression it leaves your guests. Having good presentation or plating will have your food tasting better!

A Combination of Delicious Food and Impeccable Presentation

Orange Clove 2 Orange Clove 3 OC Weddings is a wedding arm of the award-winning Orange Clove Catering. At OC Weddings, you get to enjoy yummy food, stunning presentation and beautiful decorations for your wedding all at one place, and will no doubt leave a trail of praises from your guests. Most caterers usually provide only the food and a simple set up. For decorations, you would have to get a stylist to specially spruce it up for you separately. This means added cost and coordination time needed. But at Orange Clove, you get the best of both worlds at one stop. Orange Clove 4 As one of the leading and award-winning names in wedding catering, we were excited to seek OC Weddings to cater for our Tea Ceremony Lunch. They cater for both sit down and buffet styled events and has a rich portfolio of both weddings and corporate events. Orange Clove 8 With their expertise and help, we enjoyed an impressive and gorgeous fusion buffet spread for our wedding. I loved it that our guests (and their tummies) were very pleased with the spread. Nothing feels better than to see happy smiles and hear that they thoroughly enjoyed the food! Many of my friends were impressed with the spectacular set up, which would not have been possible without OC Weddings’s help.

The Experience

We were given three menus of Chinese, western or fusion cuisine to choose from, along with several décor themes for our selection. After selecting our favourites, Catherine arranged for a complimentary food tasting session for us where we could try out the dishes and give our feedback. IMG_0808e The teriyaki sticks were a winner! IMG_0804e  IMG_0810e We appreciated the flexibility to change up the dishes with other alternatives. Nearing to the date, we confirmed the set up details and confirmed number of guests with them. It was that simple! The rest of the work was fully taken care of by OC Weddings.

My Favourites by OC Weddings

A Gastronomic Experience

Orange Clove 3 The food served was  delicious and had superb presentation. I was really impressed by how much effort OC Weddings put in to give us a premium standard of quality in their food and presentation. The mushroom soup was thumbs up! Orange Clove 6 Orange Clove 12 They gave us a beautiful surprise when they upgraded to premium disposable cutlery for us! As they looked equivalent to real sliver wares and our guests (and I) could not stop raving about them. For the drinking cups, they provided the ones like wine glasses, giving our guests a classier dining experience! I loved how fancy everything looked! For the sweet tooths, OC Weddings also has desert offerings for you! Orange Clove Spellbound Memories candy barOrange Clove Riddle of Love dessert push-cart

Impressive Decor

Orange Clove 5 The entire set up was exceedingly beautiful and luxurious. I never expected such buffet line to look so amazing – many tall vases of florals and trinkets were placed along tables. It brought a romantic elegance to our wedding. OC Weddings was very meticulous with their set up, and it was the finer details that made our wedding look grander. orange clove crimson romeo Check out OC Weddings’s dĂ©cor portfolio here with several thematic set ups that will complement your wedding well. We chose Crimson Romeo, which luscious shades of red and pink made a seamless match with the interior of Movenpick Heritage’s red velvet carpeting and walls. Being a tea ceremony occasion, Crimson Romeo brought out the traditional element in a very modern setting. Apart from Crimson Romeo, there are other themes like Memoirs of Spring, Swan Lake Chandelier, Ocean Nightingale, Spellbound Memories and Riddle of Love to choose from. For sit down weddings, you can look forward to beautiful floral centerpieces. Orange Clove Crimson Romeo - table

A very Experienced & Efficient Team – A Worry Free Experience

IMG_0828e Just by the looks of it, you would expect that such an elaborate set-up would have taken a lot of time. We were catering an extensive spread for over 100 guests, and that meant a lot of food! Furthermore, there were plenty of decorations. To add to that, our Boardroom venue in Movenpick was located at the basement, which meant that unloading bay would be a distance away and the lift space would limit each load. Orange Clove 1 But OC Weddings had it done in such a quick span of time that it was almost unbelievable, and was only possible with a well-trained and experienced team like theirs. Not only were they were punctual and efficient with delivery, set up and tear down, they directly coordinated with our venue in charge on the actual day so we did not have to be involved at all. From our perspective, the entire set up seemed to magically have sprung from heaven. Their reliability and trustworthiness made it possible for us to leave everything entirely to them, allowing us to be relaxed and enjoy our wedding day fully. The worry-free experience was awesome!

Excellent and Professional Service

OC Weddings ensured that we were well taken care of. On the wedding day, Captain Kelvin oversaw the entire set up to make sure everything went smoothly. In addition, Catherine arranged 2-3 staff to help to clear the plates quickly and ensure that the setting remained neat and tidy. In addition, the food was refilled quickly as well. There was no lag time to speak of. The professional and top-notch service by OC Weddings was impressive. Orange Clove 1 Throughout the planning process, Catherine was very accommodating to our needs and constrains. As we had the Boardroom for a limited period of time, she was very accommodating to quicken the time needed for their set up. She also gave us helpful tips and options that we could choose from to coordinate a buffet for 100pax despite space constrains. Orange Clove 2 Huge thanks to Avelyn, Catherine and team for making our dream wedding possible!  I am extremely impressed by how amazing OC Weddings’s food, set up and service is. It was a very smooth and pleasant experience planning my wedding with them. If you are looking for a grand wedding with delicious fare, be sure to drop OC Weddings an email here. You can also check out their wedding packages here and promotions here! TWV would like to thank and give photo credits to OC Weddings. The first image is the Ocean Nightingale Thematic Buffet Set-Up. 

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