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Customized Wedding Bands with Michael Trio

[Advertorial] After customizing our engagement ring, it was a no-brainer when it came to our wedding bands. There’s just something special in getting¬†your very own unique set of rings –¬†you get that one of a kind feeling that adds to the precious value of it. Plus,¬†they will be brand new! First discovered through our friends’ recommendations, Michael Trio is pretty popular amongst our 21st Century generation. Countless of our friends had their engagement rings and wedding bands done at Michael Trio. With over 130,000 likes, with¬†many complimenting their great service and quality, we were excited to check them out. What’s best is that with reasonable prices, Michael Trio has brought¬†personalized creations that everyone can¬†enjoy. Below¬†are 3 ways for you to customize your own design!

Three Ways to Customize your Own Design at Michael Trio

Michael Trio Engagement Rings Singapore 14

Sketch your own Design

Dedicated to all talented designers out there, if you have an eye for design and can draw them up easily, there is no better time to flaunt your talent. Simply work up a sketch of your ring setting, diamond shape, and any intricate details you might wish to have. Michael Trio can make your sketches come to live.

Search for Inspiration

Ever wanted a Tiffany-inspired ring? Michael Trio can make that happen for you. Search the website catalog of luxury brands like Tiffany and Cartier, and simply send over the design for a quote. If you are feeling adventurous, you can use Google, Pinterest or Etsy to search for more!

Inspiration from Michael Trio

Michael Trio Engagement Rings Singapore 4 Michael Trio has a¬†wide¬†selection of designs at their boutique for you to try on and pick out your favourite. From there, you can make further customization to it. Personalize it¬†with an engraving to make it truly your creation.¬†Whether initials or your wedding date, the engraving is a romantic reminder to always cherish that ring and your other half.¬†This method is great for shoppers at heart, who prefer to be presented with the actual ring instead of the digital version. That’s¬†what we did!¬†

A Holistic Experience

Michael Trio Engagement Rings Singapore 1 Apart from having a comprehensive ecommerce-styled website, Michael Trio supplements their showcase with a luxury boutique at Tanjong Pagar, located conveniently among the shophouses where many wedding vendors are situated. As digital savvy as our generation might be, nothing beats seeing the designs in actual life Рespecially when it is something as intricate as rings. The presence of a showroom complemented with great service adds trust and reliability to the shopping experience.

The Boutique Experience

A Convenient Location with an Elegant Setting

Michael Trio Engagement Rings Singapore 10 We were at La Belle Couture¬†for our wedding gowns, and¬†just next door was Michael Trio. We’ve been meaning to come by for a visit, but have yet to set an appointment. I’m usually apprehensive about walk-ins because I wonder if I’m disturbing. But as¬†it was so convenient, we popped in for a look. Michael-Trio-Engagement-Rings-Singapore-11 Decked in biege velvet¬†walls and soft carpeted flooring,¬†the window displays were¬†sparkling with jewels – every girl’s dream! Gin greeted us with a warm¬†smile and was really¬†welcoming despite our abrupt visit. As we viewed their designs (which are aplenty cause they specialize in wedding bands), he was really patient in sharing more information with us about the rings and services. Michael Trio Engagement Rings Singapore 5 Check out Michael Trio’s celebrity range of customized rings!¬†

Flexibility to Customize and Personalize

Their wedding bands designs though presented in¬†a pair, are flexible for you to¬†mix and match. Following which, you can customize¬†and¬†personalize them with an engraving. How perfect is that!¬†It was a pleasant experience and it made me feel that¬†Michael Trio was where we wanted to get our wedding bands from. Michael Trio Engagement Rings Singapore 3 Guess what!¬†After spending about 15 minutes in the boutique, two designs caught our¬†eye and we decided on them within seconds.¬†My ring was an infinity design lined with diamonds, and Matt’s was a classic band with unique rose gold trimmings. Both rings were initially not a pair, but because we could customize them both to be the same shade of rose gold, they matched perfectly.

Sincere & Heartening Service

Michael Trio Engagement Rings Singapore Unlike other commercial jewelery stores, Gin did not push us to make the purchase on the spot. Though we liked the wedding band designs we saw, we were not sure how much customization we would like. And so Gin advised us to take some time to mull over it because after all, it is a purchase of a lifetime. He wrote the barcode of the designs we liked, and gave us his contact details to reach him. I was incredibly touched!! Usually when people see your slight interest, most jump at closing the deal, but Gin was understanding to what we (couples) needed. He gave us more time to think about it, to prevent us from making an impulse purchase. As you both will be wearing them every minute of each day, your wedding bands are the most tangible and lasting memory from your wedding. Here are some tips that Gin gave us on how to choose or customize a set of wedding bands suitable to fit for a lifetime.

Tips on How to Choose your Wedding Bands

Michael Trio Engagement Rings Singapore 6

1. Would you like it to match? 

Would you want your wedding band to match your engagement ring? If you are planning to wear them both together often, you might want to go for a wedding band that will complement your engagement ring. Eternity bands make perfect complements due to their minimalist setting and elegant look. Be sure to bring along your engagement ring when picking out your wedding band so you can match them together.

2. Your lifestyle РSimple is Beautiful. 

What is your lifestyle like? Are you active and like the outdoors? If so, a simple wedding band would be more suitable as compared to one with many edges and stones. Most of the time, less is more.

3. The Material Matters

The ring material would be something to consider, especially for the men’s wedding ring. Gin advised that platinum is stronger and lasts longer. A matt surface is more easily scratched as compared to a gloss finish. Michael Trio Engagement Rings Singapore 9 Thanks Gin for the heartwarming service and helpful tips that you gave us. We¬†absolutely loved our wedding bands¬†when we collected them!¬†

The Digital Experience

Michael Trio Engagement Rings Singapore 2 When¬†checking out Michael Trio’s website, I’m¬†really¬†impressed at how much effort they have taken to offer customers a great service not just in person, but online. There is an entire “Education” section dedicated to sharing information about diamonds so that customers can make informed decisions when shopping for such a big ticket item. Information about¬†the 4Cs, the¬†GIA cert, the hearts and arrows¬†diamond, as well as helpful guides on how to buy an engagement ring, your wedding bands and even to find your ring size¬†can all be found on Michael Trio’s website. On Michael Trio’s website, you can find¬†digital catalog of their wedding rings here.¬†What’s most impressive is if you are looking for an¬†engagement ring, you can¬†customize¬†everything¬†on their website. With great filtering options for you to choose your diamond¬†and your ring setting – you can decide on the shape, the carat, cut and clarity, metal and style, all at the comfort of your own home. You can even filter the diamonds according to your budget! With so much flexibility and customization to your purchase, Michael Trio tops it all off with valuable information, great service and reasonable prices. It is no wonder the brand is doing so well among young couples of today! Christmas came early for us!¬†

Michael Trio Engagement Rings Singapore 15Michael Trio Engagement Rings Singapore 16

Check out how rings at Michael Trio are made in the video below! Learn more about the people behind Michael Trio here.michael trio

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