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    10 Places to Buy Wedding Bands in Singapore

    They say that wedding bands are worn on the fourth finger because there is a vein in this finger that is directly connected to the heart. Wedding bands symbolize not only your everlasting love and marriage but also your eternal commitment to each other. Your wedding bands sum up the most important moment of your wedding – the solemnization where you both exchange your vows and commit yourselves to each other for the rest of your lives. It is a moment that deserves the finest and most meaningful pair of rings that you can find. Here are the Top 10 Places to Buy Wedding Bands in Singapore for you. This…

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    Customized Wedding Bands with Michael Trio

    [Advertorial] After customizing our engagement ring, it was a no-brainer when it came to our wedding bands. There’s just something special in getting your very own unique set of rings – you get that one of a kind feeling that adds to the precious value of it. Plus, they will be brand new! First discovered through our friends’ recommendations, Michael Trio is pretty popular amongst our 21st Century generation. Countless of our friends had their engagement rings and wedding bands done at Michael Trio. With over 130,000 likes, with many complimenting their great service and quality, we were excited to check them out. What’s best is that with reasonable prices, Michael Trio has brought personalized…