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A Journalistic Pre-Wedding Photography Experience with Said & Meant

[Advertorial] The key to a successful pre-wedding photoshoot and beautiful photos is no doubt your wedding photographer. Finding a good professional photographer whose work suit your personalities and style takes some serious researching. With months left to the wedding, we were making plans for our pre-wedding shoot with much nervousness. There were many photographers to choose from, but how do we know who is the one to pick? We were searching for a photographer whose works we identified with closely. We wanted to find a person we could feel comfortable enough with to pose in front of his camera and someone who could tell our love story with his lens. I chanced upon Said & Meant РA fine craft wedding photography company. As I navigated through the website, my eyes were presented with a clean smooth interface with beautiful minimalist photos that spoke of raw emotion and true beauty, accompanied by words of a genuine touch. Wow. I was excited! 

Minimalist Photography that Captures Natural Beauty and True Happiness



Photo Credits: Said & Meant I was fascinated with how Said & Meant’s photos were of soft, delicate textures and colour, like they were¬†created using old-school camera¬†filmstrips. Intrigued by how these photos captured smiles of a different kind – the unposed and natural, I wanted to know¬†more. Each¬†photo seemed to be a jigsaw piece, that was telling a story of a wonderful romance.¬†The words penned down by the author spoke an honest truth, and seemingly understood my troubles and knew exactly what I was looking for. I had to drop in an email.¬†

A New-Age Approach to Pre-Wedding Photography

Getting to meet Kenneth was a blessing. We caught up over coffee and as he shared more about his photography style and works with us,¬†that nervousness I once had was gone.¬†It was like we found the person we were looking for.¬† Kenneth’s work stands for itself. He shared more of¬†his portfolio and the more we saw, the more we liked.¬†His personality and approach to his works added a unique dimension to¬†his works and the entire shoot experience. The way he spoke, we could tell he was a true person passionate to his craft.¬† matthewjocelyn-70 For pre-wedding photography, the traditional approach usually used by many photographers is to have the couple pose and smile in front of the camera. On the other hand, Kenneth asked us¬†interactive questions to evoke true emotions to capture on camera. matthewjocelyn-3 Our first photoshoot session was at¬†Singapore Botanic Gardens.¬†As we¬†stopped at each “pit-stop” with a nice backdrop, Kenneth would guide us on how to stand and where to place our arms comfortably. He would then ask us several questions for us to answer to each other. As our conversations unfolded with those questions, we would laugh, smile and Kenneth would be there to capture them all. It did not feel like a photoshoot, but instead felt more like a journey of having good conversation, reminiscing¬†about happy moments and making jokes with each other.

My Favourites by Kenneth

A Relaxed & Comfortable Environment

We had two 3-hour shoot sessions with Said & Meant, one at Singapore Botanic Gardens and the other at Chijmes. Kenneth was also really nice to drop by Singapore National Museum to capture a few shots for us! matthewjocelyn-36 Prior to each shoot, we had a 2.5 hour makeup session by Ruth Chew. The entire day was jammed packed, and we were literally rushing everywhere! Despite waking at 4:30am, we hardly had enough time for breakfast and lunch as we were rushing to catch the good lighting hours. We also needed time to drive from location to location. But despite the hectic schedule, I enjoyed every minute of¬†it. Surprisingly, instead of feeling tired at the end of the day, I felt energetic and alive! matthewjocelyn-42 I was amazed at the fact how I did not feel drained¬†despite the crazy day, and¬†then it hit me. Kenneth kept our minds occupied on the conversations and the journey. Not once did I feel awkward or think of having to smile, or how trying it was to keep that pose. I didn’t have to worry about “looking pretty”. Everything was so relaxed, comfortable and worry-free.

Capturing Memories

During the shoot, Matt and I both had no clue when Kenneth snapped a photo.¬†We had no idea which moments were captured.¬†I think as part of our¬†human nature, we just want to be in the know all the time? And as we were laughing out loud, I was initially wondering whether I looked unglamorous or not “photo-worthy”. We¬†tend to be¬†self-conscious, don’t we?¬† But shortly into the shoot, I¬†gave up “having to know”. I let down my guard and decided to just have fun and just go with the flow. It was the best decision ever.¬†With Kenneth, it was impossible to not have fun.¬†We had a lot of faith in Kenneth’s approach, because after all, we loved his¬†previous¬†creations. There was no reason to doubt. matthewjocelyn-120 So as we answered the questions, laughed and sometimes even went a little mad¬†because of how hard we were laughing, Kenneth captured not photos, but memories. Each photo reminds me¬†of the question that was asked, the answers we gave, and the reactions we had to them. There was so much laughter, so much love, and best part of it all, these moments were all captured down as memories.

The Presentation

matthewjocelyn-72 Not knowing what were the photos Kenneth took, made¬†the unveiling process more exciting when we received the photos.¬†The presentation of the online album he sent us was breathtaking!¬†Accessible from anywhere, this personal gallery¬†was really convenient for us to show the amazing photos to our friends and family – who all loved it!¬†Many¬†of them were saying we looked so blissfully happy in the photos! said & meant said & meant 2 Thanks¬†Kenneth, for gifting us with not just beautiful photos, but memories to keep for the rest of our lives. With you¬†was not just a photoshoot, but a journey and an experience that we’ll both remember enjoying very much as a couple. :)¬† matthewjocelyn-82 Its not often you find a stunning display of honesty in both pictures and words. In an increasingly commercialized world, that honesty is comforting.¬†Said & Meant‘s innovative approach¬†discovers stories and details that would otherwise be naked to the eye. His approach and questions create a memory behind each and every photo.¬†Say goodbye to stiff smiles and cringed faces, as you know that every smile captured on camera is authentic, and driven by a true emotion. If you’re looking for¬†a journey to remember for your photo shoot experience, be sure to contact Kenneth from Said & Meant!


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Photography: Said & Meant Makeup & Hairstyling: Ruth Chew Makeup Gowns & Suits: The Louvre Bridal   

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