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Top 10 Wedding Gown Designers in Australia

When the time comes for you to choose your very own wedding gown there is so much to consider, there’s so much to think of,  we know because you are aiming for perfection, you need it to be on your best dress that you will ever wear because it will become the most special dress of your life. So when you’re having a hard time making decisions about the gown you will wear on your wedding, We would be happy to help. Here’s our list of Top 10 Wedding Gown Designers in Australia:

Top 10 Wedding Gown Designers in Australia

10. Rhonda Hemmingway, for authentic couturier designing

Photo via Rhonda Hemmingway Couture

Owned by a perfectionist wedding gown designer, Rhonda Hemmingway that has a passion for creating perfectly cut, superbly fitted “made to measure” gowns is boundless. The couturier is known for his exquisite work from wedding to evening gowns. Credited as a true artist and excellent pattern maker her work is teeming with arts and expressive designs. They also offer to personalize bespoke gown based on your ideas and preferences to have a unique gown.

Rhonda Hemmingway
Couture Studio 23 second floor 94 Oxford St, Darlinghurst, NSW 2010
(02) 9331 3097
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9. Lisa Gowing, for original couture crafts

Photo via Lisa Gowing

The brand started in 1997 when the Lisa Gowing debuts with their first collection of elegance-made wedding gowns. The designer and the owner of the brand has a solid background in arts and design from her studies to her first job. She applied original techniques in creating her masterpiece. Her crafts and designs embedded in layered silk and Italian and French laces produced majestic details that define the high end of the luxurious fashion industry.

Lisa Gowing
Suite 6, Level 1, 212 New South Head Rd, Edgecliff NSW 2027, Australia
(02) 9327 6332
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8. Roz la Kelin, for affordable wedding fashion

Photo via Rozlakelin

The designer views the bridal, gown as the highest form of art, this is why the brand Roz la Kelin is one of the most known wedding gown designers in Australia. Their passionate approach in crafting a wedding gown is unmatched. They treat gowns as a wearable piece of art that needs to perfect for the subject. Despite the luxurious excellence they offer, they also put affordability in hands of their clients.

Roz La Kelin
Suite 15 – 17, Level 2428 George St, Dymock Buildings, New South Wales 2000
1300 274 337
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7. Henry Roth, for fabulous brand wedding gown

Photo via Henry Roth

The owner and designer are known as the “makeover king” so expect an inexplicable transformation upon wearing their crafts. They have a high fashion authority and the owner Henry Roth is an all-around celebrity. Their brand is known and projected in many international media including Hollywood. Their wedding gowns are all about charm and confident it brought to the one wearing it. And because of their highly reputed name, the wearers of their wedding gown will surely have this kind of immerse confident on their wedding day.

Henry Roth
40 Macquarie Street, Parramatta, New South Wales 2
(02) 9687 2443
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6. Mariana Hardwick, for modernized and traditional wedding gown

Photo via Mariana Hardwick

They uphold and take pride in the traditional design they produce, even the methods they used in crafting their masterpiece is made with traditional manner. But to bring extra flavor to anyone who wants, they bring a twist of putting modernize application to these traditional wedding gowns to make it relevant and contemporary. Despite being traditional, the brand embraces the modern social and lifestyle trends to capture the taste of a modern society without losing the traditional way.

Mariana Hardwick
459-475 Sydney Road Brunswick. VIC 3056
(03) 9385 6900
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5. Karen Willis Holmes, for high-expectation wedding gown

Photo via Karen Willis Holmes

Karen Willis Holmes, a renowned Australian designer get its highly appreciated reputation due to its ability to surpass any settled expectation by their clients. Their aim is to provide perfect wedding gown the bride’s looking for wedding perfection. Innovative design is what they put into their crafts with the couture-like quality with a price so efficient for customers of any class. This Sydney based wedding boutique manifest the owner’s lifelong love for fashion.

Karen Willis Holmes
Unit 501 / 3 Gladstone Street, Newtown, Sydney, Australia 2042
(02) 9519 3901
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4. Rachel Gilbert, luxurious modern wedding gown

Photo via Rachel Gilbert

Spreading intricate hand embellished designs since 2007, the founder of the boutique Rachel Gilbert is known to craft modern and fresh designs for different kinds of gown. Her creations are one of the most high end collections in the wedding gown market. Luxurious energy penetrates on its design making it one of the most exquisite and unique wedding gown maker. Modern and elegant is their mantra in fashion, so expect a fresh and new looking design for having her as your wedding gown designer.

Rachel Gilbert
3a, 32 Ralph Street Alexandria NSW 2015 Australia
(02) 8338 0192
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3. Anna Campbell, for romance dedicated wedding gown

Photo via Anna Campbell

Love for design and romance, that’s the fuel used to create the Anna Campbell brand. Your wedding gown is the most iconic item in your wedding. It represents the separation from the older you and the merge of two lovers who meant to be forever. So have someone who will craft with the dedication of passion and romance. And that’s Anna Campbell, they craft gowns to make a the bride the center of elegance. They know how to distinguish the traditional average to the breathtakingly beautiful.

Anna Campbell
1143 High St, Armadale VIC 3143, Australia
(03) 9822 1293
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2. Grace Loves Lace, revolutionary wedding gown

Photo via Grace loves lace

The brand has known to revolutionize the wedding gown designs in their crafts teeming with unique kind of lavish elegance. Making brides feel special is their approach to the business by applying unique modern designs that transcend the wedding gown design into the new era. Free-spirited and timelessly sophisticated is always embedded in their crafts. Their substance in fashion is so powerful, their works are followed by classy sophistication naturally.

Grace Loves Lace
2 hibiscus haven Miami, Queensland 4220
(07) 5520 0024
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1. Steven Khalil, for iconic style of wedding gown

Photo via Steven Khalil

Well recognized and known as one of Australia’s top leading designer, Steven Khalil offers a wedding gown like no other. Specializing in combining classical bygone-era designs and contemporary modern touches. The produces a very illuminating design that naturally produces luxurious beauty and lavish exquisite. Reviving the classic European couture while covering up with the latest trends in the materials and textures. Your wedding gown will be the most iconic of all upon having it done with Steven Khalil

Steven Khalil
207 Glenmore Road Paddington NSW 2021 Sydney, Australia
(02) 9380 7547
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J’Aton Couture, for an elegant and personalized design

Photo via J’Aton Couture

Brides who want to have a unique wedding dress for their wedding, you can try the J’Aton Couture. Their design makes the bride looks very sexy and emphasizes the curves. Every lace and beads are handmade and created and make you the most beautiful woman on your wedding day. You send them an email in booking an appointment with them.

J’Aton Couture
185A Greville St Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3181
(03) 9533 2801
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Moira Hughes, for a memorable wedding gown

Photo via Moira Hughes

A brand dedicated to providing a very memorial wedding gown. Their approach in creating one is very special, involving personal bespoke details so the wedding gown will be uniquely personal and memorable as possible. It’s all about the perfect details they provide, to do this they consider several wedding element to meet the perfection they’re aiming for, including personality, style, body shape, venue, and theme.

Moira Hughes
2C Heeley Street – Paddington – Sydney – 2021
(02) 9358 1570
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Rosalynn Win Haute Couture, for emotion-based wedding gown

Photo via Rosalynn Win Haute Couture

Have your wedding dress crafted by a multi-awarded brand in the country. Rosalynn Win Haute Couture displays elegance in their work. They believe in a traditional manner of crafting a wedding gown masterpiece is the best way. Driven by passion and lot of designing experiences in her studies, Rosalynn Win Haute Couture boost its way to the top of the industry. Her style in designing is more about the emotion projected and the sensual glamour of the subject.

Rosalynn Win Haute Couture
59 William St, Paddington NSW 2021, Australia
(02) 8209 1739
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Nicole Michelle Couture, for pro-comfort made-to-measure wedding gown

Photo via Nichole Michelle Couture

If you’re looking for pure comfort for you wedding gown better check Nicole Michelle Couture. They offer exclusive made-to-measure service to ensure the gown will fit perfectly for comfort purposes. With 25 years of working experience in every aspect in the industry the brand knows what the clients want for their wedding gown. Through comfort they know that a bride can bring out the confidence that will stretch out her true elegance.

Nichole Michelle Couture
140 Perfection Ave, Stanhope Gardens NSW 2768, Australia
(02) 9629 3366
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Hilde Heim, for fast and convenient wedding gown

Photo via Hidle Heim

The brand is designing wedding gowns for brides for over 10 years. They have known to own a long list of loyal clients. These loyal clients know how the brand works, and they have stand witness to the quality and design of the brand’s creation. One of the aces of the Hilde Heim is their fast and convenient online store. So if you’re a bride looking for a fast hustle free wedding gown boutique better visit their website listed below.

Hidle Heim
51 Amelia St. Fortitude Valley Brisbane, Queensland, Australia 4006
(07) 3252 8644
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We hope our list of Top 10 Wedding Gown Designers in Australia helps you to choose the most suitable wedding gown of your choice. Here are some of the most important things I hope you considered. First is the comfort, “confidence is the key for of beauty” so to bring out the best on your looks wear a comfortable wedding gown. And the other one is the personal message and design embedded in the dress to make it more personal, “because personal is more memorable”.

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