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11 Noteworthy Wedding Photographers You Must Know (2018 Edition)

“In this issue, we bring you our latest top picks for Wedding Photographers in Singapore. These talented professionals will freeze your romantic, beautiful wedding moments in time.”

For a day as significant as your wedding, it is natural to want to replay the moments over and over again. Having a professional wedding photographer is key to capturing and preserving these beautiful memories. To help you find the best wedding photographer in Singapore, we updated our 2016 issue to bring you our latest recommendations. Below are the 11 Noteworthy Wedding Photographers you Must Know. With each photographer presents a distinct style and trademark specialty to the table, we are certain you will be able to find one to suit your style and preferences. Before we get to the list, kindly note our disclosure located at the bottom of our post. 

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11 Noteworthy Wedding Photographers You Must Know

11. Bottled Groove Photography, for candid and stylised photos

Started by the husband and wife team of Eugene and Erin in 2016, Bottled Groove Photography is a wedding photography company that you will want to add to your list! Their photos portray the beauty of romance in a candid and stylized fashion that leaves you with a dreamy feeling and wonderful memories. Their pre-wedding shoots combine the use of natural light and flash photography, giving you the best of both worlds. For couples who envision their fleeting wedding moments captured in an authentic yet artistic style, Bottled Groove Photography is your pick. View their portfolio here.

Resident photographer and founder Eugene Tan takes his vast experience in photography of 9 years and counting, and combine it with his artistic direction inspired by street photography. His keen eye for stunning photos is thanks to his love for travel photography. And while Eugene is the creative in Bottled Groove Photography, his equally capable wife Erin covers the business side of things – from liaising with clients to managing equipment and logistics during shoots. The duo makes a power-packed team. Many of their clients have raved about their professionalism, warm, patient service and most importantly, quality work. From prompt replies to paying attention to every detail and making sure that you feel comfortable on the day of your shoot, Bottled Groove Photography has your wedding photography needs covered. Read their testimonials here.

Wedding Packages and Rates:
  • Pre-wedding Deluxe Package – $800 (4 hours up to 3 locations)
  • Pre-wedding Platinum Package – $1,100 (6 hours up to 5 locations)
  • Actual-day Wedding Lunch – $1,800 (10 hours)
  • Actual-day Wedding Dinner – $1,900 (10 hours)
  • Contact them for full inclusions

Check out Bottled Groove Photography for your wedding >

Bottled Groove Photography
[email protected]
Facebook | Instagram

10. thegaleria, for a specialty in film photography

wedding photographers singapore thegaleria

As one of the rare and few wedding photographers who shoots in analogue film, Brian Ho’s (founder) works showcase an authentic and vintage vibe. He has been awarded a Silver medalist for Photographer of the Year in 2010 by the Artistic Guild of Wedding Photojournalist Association (AG|WPJA). His works are also featured in several publications, ranging from local (SingaporeBrides, Her World Brides), regional (HK Bride & Breakfast, The Wedding Notebook) to global (Forbes) publications. Black and white film images are his speciality, and perhaps his most iconic and recognisable works. Check out his portfolio here.

Brian’s unique approach of unscripted, unstaged and unobtrusive wedding photography has been the cornerstone of his works. With over a decade of experience, he is no stranger to the world of Wedding Photojournalism, creating images that are real, candid and true to the heart. His passion is in capturing the moments when couples can truly be themselves. Read his reviews here.

Wedding Packages and Rates:
  • Pre-Wedding – $1,400 – $2,000
  • Short Wedding – $2,100 – $2,500
  • Traditional Chinese Wedding – $2,560 – $3,600
  • Pre-Wedding + Short Wedding  – $2,880 – $4,000
  • Overseas Pre-Wedding – $1,750 – $2,500 onward per session
  • Contact him for a customised packages and rates and full inclusions.

Check out thegaleria for your wedding >

[email protected] | +65 9793 5980
Facebook | Instagram

9.  Pixioo Photography, to capture raw emotions & real expressions

wedding photographers singapore pixioo photography

At Pixioo Photography, what matters most to them is you feeling comfortable, in your own skin and in front of the camera. Knowing that each couple has a unique story to tell, Pixioo aims to capture the rawest of expressions and emotions shared between you two. Check out their portfolio here.

Samuel Ng, founder of Pixioo Photography, is an educator turned wedding photographer. His passion is to spontaneously capture special moments and sparks shared between you two, to produce creative and breathtaking shots that are out of the ordinary. Even if you are shy in front of the camera, there is no need to worry, for Samuel’s fun-loving personality, easy-going nature and contagious laughter will have you feeling at ease. Many couples enjoy his photoshoots thoroughly, thanks to his patience and guidance. Read his reviews here. Brandon Ho, the latest member of Pixioo Photography, has experience in professional shooting for fashion brands and influencers. He uses his skills and experience today to preserve and capture precious moments at Pixioo, so they will not be diluted with time.

Wedding Packages and Rates:
  • Actual Day Wedding (8 hours) – Samuel: $2,700 / Brandon: $2,000
  • Solemnisation Ceremony (3 Hours) – Samuel: $1,100 / Brandon: $850
  • Contact them for updated rates

Check out Pixioo Photography for your Wedding >

Pixioo Photography
[email protected] | [email protected]
Samuel – +65 8328 2305 / Brandon – +65 9452 0094
Facebook | Instagram

8. Wabisabi Pictures, for minimalist & inspiring photography

wedding photographers singapore wabisabi pictures

Born in Singapore, Haolun, the founder of Wabisabi Pictures, spent 3 years living in Japan and honing his craft of wedding photography. Inspired by the Japanese approach of minimalism and their outlook on embracing imperfection to find beauty in everything, he created Wabisabi. These concepts resonate deeply with him and allow him to photograph wedding couples in a different light.

What’s important isn’t the extravagant dress, or the fancy decor, or the grand venue. Rather, humbly put, it’s the little things that count, the imperfect bonds that we all share that is truly what we will cherish at the end.” – Haolun

His works have a penchant for portraying honest and raw emotions. Combined with a storytelling composition of street photography, he weaves these elements into creating emotional wedding photos. Haolun’s passion lies in capturing the spontaneous and imperfect moments of your wedding, believing that it is in these small moments that lies the true essence of life and romance, and are the moments that should be treasured the most. Check out his portfolio here.

Wedding Packages and Rates:
  • Basic Package (2 hours) starts from $1,000
  • Essential Package (10 hours) starts from $2,800
  • Pre-Wedding Package (3 hours) starts from $1,400
  • Contact Wabisabi Pictures for full inclusions

Check out Wabisabi Pictures for your wedding >

Wabisabi Pictures
[email protected] | +65 9769 8219
Facebook | Instagram

7. WithMinn Photography, for beautiful quality at reasonable rates

wedding photographers singapore withminn photography

WithMinn Photography began capturing engagement photos in 2016, introducing couples to simplified and affordable packages for couples without compromising on quality and style. Constantly working to provide better service for couples, WithMinn Photography expanded to a team of in-house photographers and editors, all who are passionate to deliver beautiful images of love. Their works are vibrant and romantic. Many couples, including us, have fallen in love with their unique editing style. See their portfolio here.

What matters to the team is making couples feel comfortable and at ease even when in front of the camera, which leads to natural and candid moments captured. Their rates are very reasonable, and you can be assured of consistent quality and good service that goes the extra mile. Read their reviews here. WithMinn Photography specializes in wedding photography as well as engagement, family, and event shoots. 

Wedding Packages and Rates:
  • Pre Wedding Photography starts from $188
  • Actual day Photography starts from $458

Check out WithMinn Photography for your wedding day >

WithMinn Photography
[email protected] | +65 88080521
Facebook | Instagram

6. Forever Pixels Arts, for heartwarming memories

wedding photographers singapore forever pixel arts

Forever Pixels Arts – their goal as a wedding photographer, is to capture images that will capture your attention, touch your heart, and make you stop for a minute. Their greatest satisfaction comes in knowing that their photos make couples recollect their beautiful moments from the wedding day, filling their hearts with a heartwarming sensation. With their added experience of more than 13 years in the industry, you can be assured of a beautiful photo collection to commemorate your wedding day. Check out their portfolio here.

Wedding Packages and Rates:
  • Actual Day Photography: SGD $1,988 nett
  • Actual Day Cinematography: SGD $1,988 nett
  • Instant Print Photobooth: SGD $688 nett
  • Please contact them for their package inclusions.

Check out Forever Pixel Arts for your wedding >

Forever Pixels Arts Ptd Ltd
73 Ubi Road 1 #09-57
Oxley Bizhub Singapore 408733
[email protected]
+65 9842 3357 / +65 8613 9938 / +65 9061 2784
Facebook | Instagram

5. Glen Sin Photography, for natural & vibrant photography

wedding photographers singapore glen sin photography

Glen’s life work is all about capturing real emotions in a natural, vibrant and elegant way. Believing that an image can transport you from the present to the past, he passionately delivers quality shots to couples that hold the memories of their wedding day. Using an informal approach to reportage photography and documentary, he creates a relaxed setting for couples to feel comfortable in. 

As a wedding photographer, Glen constantly challenges himself to capture photos that incorporate strong emotion and energy in a candid way. These special moments he captures will encourage you to laugh, cry or love. Check out his portfolio here. Glen is also featured in our earlier issue for Top 10 Wedding Photographers in Singapore.

Wedding Packages and Rates:
  • Actual Day Wedding Photography from $2,000
  • Engagement Photography (Pre Wedding) from $1,200

Check out Glen Sin Photography for your wedding >

Glen Sin Photography
[email protected] | +65 9658 4558
Facebook | Instagram

4. Bittersweet Photography, for personal & heartfelt photography

wedding photographers singapore bittersweet photography

Bittersweet Photography comprises 3 photographers who couldn’t be more different and yet share the same philosophy for weddings. Jonathan, Samantha and Joseph have a soft spot for moments that make you laugh, cry and remember.

At the core of their work is their belief that, ‘bittersweet’ is the perfect summation of the myriad of emotions that happen on a wedding day – bittersweet is when a father entrusts his precious daughter to a stranger, knowing that he will be the new pillar of her life; bittersweet is when an ailing grandmother watches her grandson marry the girl of his dreams, and is brought back to memories of her own wedding day; bittersweet is when two persons come together and embrace their imperfections and past mistakes, and make a commitment to do life together. Whether in love or life, everything comes together in a bittersweet symphony. And it is the aim of this trio to capture these nuances that make every wedding different – and beautiful. Check out their portfolio here.

Wedding Packages and Rates:

Check out Bittersweet Photography for your wedding day >

Bittersweet Photography
[email protected] | 8228 7254
Facebook | Instagram

3. A Little Moment Photography, for a touch of authenticity

 wedding photographers singapore a little moment photography

A Little Moment Photography has been documenting weddings for almost a decade. As a wedding photographer, their mission is to deliver moments of your wedding in its most raw, authentic and personal form. Knowing that you have more than enough on your plate for your wedding, Sze Lee (founder) wants couples to be able to focus on the experience. Trust, connection, dedication, and quality is what he strives to provide couples. From the pre-wedding escapades to the engagement party, overseas wedding photography, solemnization ceremony and actual wedding day, A Little Moment Photography have everything needed to create a day that nobody can forget. Check out their portfolio here.

Wedding Packages and Rates:
  • Actual Day Wedding – Starts from $1,400
  • Pre-Wedding Package – Starts from $900
  • Click here for packages

Check out A Little Moment for your wedding day >

A Little Moment Photography
[email protected] | +65 9112 1692
Facebook | Instagram

2. Fsquared Photography, for bespoke & artistic photography

wedding photographers singapore fsquared photography

Fsquared Photography uses a photojournalism approach for actual day weddings and a fine-art wedding photography for pre-weddings, gifting you candid, artistic shots that will look beautiful framed up on the walls. With a strong focus on quality rather than quantity, every single image produced by Fsquared Photography can be said to be a work of art. Additionally, keeping the atmosphere informal is what they do, so you will feel comfortable being yourselves even when in front of the camera. Check out their portfolio here.

Like each individual, every couple is different and unique. Knowing so, Fsquared Photography strives to provide bespoke and personalised services to every couple. Despite their well-tailored packages, they are open to accommodate requests. Their standout feature is that both packages include a high-quality canvas print or album by ZNO albums. Fsquared Photography is also featured in our 2016 issue of Top 10 Wedding Photographers in Singapore.

Read more: Turning your Wedding Moments into Artistic Captures, by FSQUARED Photography

Wedding Packages and Rates:
  • Actual Day Wedding Photography: Starts at $1,888
  • Pre-wedding Photography: Starts at $899
  • Get both pre-wedding and actual-day for a special rate from $2,488
  • Check out the full package inclusions here.

Check out Fsquared Photography for your Wedding Day >

Fsquared Photography
[email protected] | +65 9712 5758
Facebook | Instagram

1. Dapper Pictures, for beautiful moments captured on camera

wedding photographers singapore dapper pictures

Kevin, founder of Dapper Pictures, is a multi-award winning photographer who has bagged several international photography awards. His works have been exhibited in the region and featured in several publications, but he still feels the happiest working with couples for their big day. Kevin’s passion lies in getting connected to couples to understand their unique love story. He seeks joy in capturing your intimate interactions and finding a way to portray that love in a creative yet timeless fashion. Check out his portfolio here.

Having his clients become friends, and watching them grow as a family makes him feel that he has one of the happiest and most satisfying professions one could ask for. Many couples review that they feel really relaxed and comfortable at shoots with him, yet the shoot is so refreshing, unconventional and memorable. Check out his reviews here. Kevin commits to no more than 4 shoots each month, as he believes in keeping his works fresh, creative and passionate.

Wedding Packages and Rates:
  • Actual-day photography $888
  • Casual engagement shoot starts from $498
  • Pre-wedding photography starts from $888
  • Destination pre-wedding photography starts from $1,688

Check out Dapper Pictures for your wedding day >

Dapper Pictures
[email protected] | +65 9648 6892
Facebook | Instagram

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