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7 Noteworthy Wedding Photographers in Singapore (2019/20 Edition)

Your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life, and the special moments shared with your family and friends are definitely one to relive. A good wedding photographer is key to capturing these moments, and we do understand that every couple has their own preferences with regards to wedding photography style and budget. In this issue, we listed 7 Noteworthy Wedding Photographers in Singapore who can help encapsulate the magic of your wedding day. Before we get to the list, kindly note our disclosure located at the bottom of our post.

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7 Noteworthy Wedding Photographers in Singapore (2019/20 Edition)

7. Dapper Pictures, for artistic, candid wedding memories

dapper pictures noteworthy wedding photographers 2019

Candid, artistic and creative”, is probably the epitome of Dapper Pictures’ photography; a statement well supported by his clients. If there is one thing that defines Kevin, photographer and founder of Dapper Pictures, it is his innovative and artistic approach in beautifully capturing precious moments at weddings. Taking the initiative to know the key people attending the wedding, from the entourage to the family members and close friends, this allows Kevin to weave and connect everyone to the married couple and create the best narrative possible. Check out his portfolio here.

On top of this, Kevin is a multi-award winning photographer who has bagged several international photography awards, with some of his works featured in publications such as Singapore Tatler and Prestige.

Wedding Packages and Rates:

  • Actual-day photography starts from $1,388
  • Casual engagement and solemnization shoot starts from $698
  • Pre-wedding photography starts from $1,388
  • Destination pre-wedding photography starts from $1,688
Check out Dapper Pictures for artistic wedding memories >>
Dapper Pictures
[email protected] | +65 9648 6892
Facebook | Instagram

6. Bottled Groove Photography, for an alluring infusion of street photography for your wedding

bottledgroove photo noteworthy wedding photographers 2019

Since its establishment in 2016 by husband and wife duo Eugene and Erin, Bottled Groove Photography has now expanded to a five-man team. The team now features an in-house makeup artist, Renny, and two associate photographers, TC and Levin. Heavily influenced by street photography, Bottled Groove Photography’s style differs from many of its peers’ conventional approach. With a huge emphasis on natural lighting, they invoke an organic sense of intimacy between the couple through their candid yet charming shots. Check out their pre-wedding and actual day portfolio.

Lead photographer Eugene, with his vast experience in photography of 13 years, combines his artistic direction inspired by street photography to capture dreamy, authentic memories of couples. Erin, a resident florist at ErinFlorals, is the brains behind the company, handling the business side of things while providing floral needs for shoots and the actual wedding day. Reviews such as “He’s great at taking candid photos, which was what my hubby and I wanted exactly”, “I love candid pictures and he is super good at it” attest to Bottled Groove Photography’s unique approach. Read more of these testimonials here. 

Wedding Packages and Rates:

  • Pre-wedding Package – from $600
  • Actual-day Wedding – from $250/hr
  • Contact Bottled Groove Photography for full inclusions
Check out Bottled Groove Photography for alluring wedding photos >>
Bottled Groove Photography
[email protected] | +65 91794919
Facebook | Instagram

5. FSQUARED Photography, for personalised photojournalism wedding photography 

FSquared Photography noteworthy wedding photographers 2019

Established by two brothers, Farhan and Faez, FSQUARED Photography employs a photojournalism and fine art approach for actual day weddings and pre-weddings respectively, with a blend of both at times. Previously featured on our Noteworthy Wedding Photographers You Must Know (2018 Edition), they continue to deliver exquisite works of art with their tailor-made packages, personalised to the requests of their clients. The brothers excel at keeping things informal, allowing couples to feel at ease in front of the camera for artistic candid shots. Check out their portfolio here.

What we particularly like about FSQUARED Photography is their extensive experience with multiracial weddings. Capturing countless Chinese, Malay, and Indian weddings, the brothers are familiar with the flow of events of traditional weddings – a crucial factor for wedding photographers to capture essential highlights. Additionally, their wedding packages include a lovely add-on, a high-quality canvas print, keepsake box, or custom album by ZNO USA.

Read our in-depth review: Turning your Wedding Moments into Artistic Captures, by FSQUARED Photography >

Wedding Packages and Rates:

  •  Actual Day Wedding Photography: Starts at $1,488
  • Pre-wedding Photography: Starts at $899
  • Combine both packages for $2,188
  • Please see detailed packages here
Check out FSQUARED Photography for your wedding >
FSQUARED Photography
[email protected] | +65 9712 5758
Facebook | Instagram

4. WithMinn Photography, for affordable packages with exceptional quality

WithMinn Photography noteworthy wedding photographer 2019

Previously featured on our 11 Noteworthy Wedding Photographers You Must Know (2018 Edition), WithMinn Photography continues to provide photoshoot packages at reasonable rates while upholding exceptional quality. Boasting a unique signature style with warm tones and muted vibrance, their final product exudes a vintage and nostalgic elegance full of romance. Their expertise lies in wedding photography including engagements, pre-weddings, ROM, and actual day coverage. Check out their portfolio here

The secret behind WithMinn Photography’s ingenious shots is their ability to help couples feel relaxed in front of the camera. Bringing about passion and enthusiasm in every shoot, the team produces candid captures that make for stunning yet natural-looking photos. Read their testimonials here. Quote TWV for a complimentary 1-hour casual shoot with any 6-10 hours actual day packages booked with WithMinn Photography.

Wedding Packages and Rates:

  • Pre-wedding Photography starts from $350
  • Actual Day Photography starts from $550
  • Email WithMinn Photography for the full inclusions
Check out WithMinn Photography for your wedding >>
WithMinn Photography
[email protected] | +65 8808 0521

3. Chris Chang Photography, for exquisite wedding imagery that lasts for eternity

”Pictures are not taken with a camera and lens, but with our heart.” With this belief, Chris Chang Photography was born. Passionate about photography, Chris and his team ensure that each snap of the shutter captures the beautiful, raw emotions of life’s precious moments. They seek to create images that allow couples to relive their once-in-a-lifetime moment, vividly remembering their big day all over again even though years may have passed. Check out their portfolio here.

Even with almost a decade of experience, Chris and his team strive to continuously improve themselves, working towards their vision of being one of the best wedding photography teams in Singapore. They even offer overseas pre-wedding shoots, documenting love stories of adventurous couples at destinations all around the world. On top of their expertise in wedding photography, Chris Chang Photography also offers wedding videography, so be it tears of joy or hearty laughter, rest assured that they will be capturing that very moment.

Wedding Packages and Rates:

  • Visit here for the latest promotions.
  • Please contact for regular rates and full inclusions
Check out Chris Chang Photography for your wedding >>
Chris Chang Photography
[email protected] | +65 9017 0220
Facebook | Instagram

2. Antijitters Photo, capturing nostalgic memories of multicultural weddings

antijitters noteworthy wedding photographers 2019

Experts in multicultural weddings, Antijitters Photo features a team of reliable wedding photographers and videographers, experienced in the extensive celebration of modest to high-end clients. Beautifully capturing candid and honest imagery, the team promises a fast-paced yet quality delivery from pre to post-production. While they pride themselves on capturing their clients’ aesthetic interest and meticulously documenting their big day, their pre-nuptial shots are taken with a dose of laughter, love, and nostalgia.

Antijitters Photo likens wedding photography and videography with raw emotions during the celebration of your union serving as the main sauce. They invite the couple to share their feelings with each other, capturing the beauty and truthful side of their emotions. When executed with finesse, the end result is an exquisite album full of joyous memories, akin to an exceptional dish from a Michelin starred restaurant. Check out their wedding and pre-wedding styles.

Wedding Packages and Rates:

  • Please contact Antijitters Photo to get a quote on packages and inquire about inclusions.
Check out Antijitters Photo for your wedding >
Antijitters Photo
[email protected] | WhatsApp (+6281905905842)
Facebook | Instagram | Youtube

1. 36frames, for beautiful candid shots that pull at your heartstrings

36Frames noteworthy wedding photographers 2019

36frames is an exclusive wedding day-only service documenting meaningful unions since 2003. Ruey Loon, the man behind the shutter, has a knack for capturing genuine emotions that translate well beyond the frame. Simple, straightforward, yet full of heart, his snapshots are so immersive, it feels as if one is right there witnessing the tearful smiles and joyous laughter as they happen.

If you rather soak in the mood of the day than to be concerned with posing for the photographer, then Ruey Loon might be a good match for you. Focusing less on picture-perfect poses, he instead seeks to catch real moments and raw reactions that encapsulate you and your guests’ interactions and personalities. Blending well into the background and capturing events as they unfold naturally, Ruey Loon believes that a couple should be able to enjoy their big day without being bothered by their wedding photographer. View his portfolio here.

Wedding Packages and Rates:

  • Starts at $285/hr; package discounts for 4 hours and above
  • Please contact 36frames for more details
Check out 36frames for your wedding >>
[email protected] | +65 9857 3665
Facebook | Instagram

We hope that these skilled wedding photographers can help you savour your wedding day through artistic photographs – a lifetime memento of love, bliss, and romance. If this article has helped you with your wedding planning, please do share the love with your friends!

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