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16 Noteworthy Wedding Makeup Artists in Singapore (2019/20 Edition)

In this issue, we shortlist 16 noteworthy wedding makeup artists of 2019 who will bring out the best of your features, making you achieve the best bride glow you can possibly have on your big day.

Your wedding day is one of the most significant days of your life. An elegant wedding gown, bridal shoes, and accessories (click here for some unique bridal accessories) can certainly amp up the glamour, but having a skilled makeup artist will help complete a cohesive, beautiful bridal look. To help you decide which wedding makeup artist is most suitable for your dream look, we curated 16 Noteworthy Wedding Makeup Artists in Singapore that will best highlight your features and fill you with confidence as you walk down the aisle. Before we get to the list, kindly note our disclosure located at the bottom of our post. 

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This article was updated on 5 February 2020.

16 Noteworthy Wedding Makeup Artists in Singapore

16. Ling’s Palette, for a timeless classic and natural look

wedding makeup artists Lings Palette

After discovering her love for make-up and hairstyling, Ling chose to leave a stable corporate job to pursue her passion. Well-recognised for her skills and artistry in the wedding industry, Ling’s Palette is one of the trusted names when it comes to hair and makeup, beautifying brides not only on their big day but also during their local or overseas pre-wedding photoshoots. Check out a list of her services here.

With careful and intricate handwork, Ling creates mesmerising artwork out of her brides’ tresses – be it the wonders of a French twist, braided buns, or loose waves for any hair length. She aims to bring out her brides’ innate beauty and highlight their best features, all without being overly dramatic and while respecting their styles and preferences. These natural and elegant looks, coupled with elaborate hairstyles, is why Ling’s Palette made it to the top spot of our 12 Noteworthy Wedding Makeup Artists You Must Know (2018 Edition). Browse through Ling’s classic looks here and here. You could also read some of her reviews here.

Wedding Packages and Rates:

  • Wedding Shoot/Solemnisation Hair and Makeup starts at $380
  • Actual Day Hair and Makeup starts at $500
  • Please contact Ling’s Palette for accurate quotation and inclusion.
Check out Ling’s Palette for a natural and timeless wedding look >>
Ling’s Palette
Website | +65 9743 8960
Facebook | Instagram

15. Tangyong Hair & Makeup, for that natural bride glow and Pinterest-worthy hairstyles

wedding makeup artists Tangyong Hair & Makeup

Valerie TangYong is an award-winning hair and makeup artist who specialises in natural look for both the groom and the bride, giving the couple a natural glow for their big day. On top of light strokes and soft blushes, she also designs Pinterest-worthy hairstyles that seamlessly complement the natural makeup and beauty of her brides. Recognised as one of the finest in the wedding industry, Valerie brings out each bride’s individuality by enhancing one’s natural beauty via a no-makeup makeup look. Check out her portfolio here.

“Find a MUA that makes you laugh and your mood for the day is set.” We couldn’t agree more with Melissa Leong, one of Valerie’s past clients. Weddings can be a stressful and nerve-racking event. Finding a hair and makeup artist whom will not only make you look flawless, but at ease and confident on your wedding day – that is priceless. Featured on our 12 Noteworthy Wedding Makeup Artists You Must Know (2018 Edition) as well, Valerie’s services come highly recommended by her clientele. Read more of their reviews here.

Wedding Packages and Rates:

  • Wedding Actual Day from $500
  • Please contact Valerie for full inclusions
Check out Tangyong Hair & Makeup for your wedding >
Tangyong Hair & Makeup
Website | Whatsapp/SMS +65 9061 7518
Facebook | Instagram

14. Mibe Leung, for natural makeup with Japanese flair and rustic hairstyle

wedding makeup artists Mibe Leung Makeup & Hair

Hong Kong beauty professional Mibe Leung has made a name for herself in providing bridal, personal, and commercial hair and makeup services in Singapore. Featured in the Singapore Tatler magazine, Mibe has worked with local celebrities like Fann Wong and Christopher Lee, as well as Darren Lim and Zhu Horen. Keeping up with the latest trends, Mibe is also certified in Japanese, Taiwanese, and Korean makeup and hairstyling.

Aiming to accentuate the innate beauty of the bride, Mibe Leung’s go-to look for bridal hair and makeup is the alluring Japanese style. The natural and rustic waves of a Japanese hairstyle looks trendy but not over the top, allowing focus on the bride’s facial features. Mibe then ensures that the bride’s best features are highlighted using natural makeup. The end result? An elegant bride whose natural beauty shines through on her special day. Check out some of Mibe’s works here.

Wedding Packages and Rates:

  • Actual Day, Solemnisation and Pre-wedding Packages from $300
  • Please contact Mibe for full inclusions
Check out Mibe Leung for Japanese aesthetics on your wedding >>
Mibe Leung
Website | +65 9099 6397
Facebook | Instagram

13. Ling Chia, for versatile makeup artistry and hairstyling

wedding makeup artists Ling Chia Makeup & Hair

Trained by experts from Japan, Korea, and Taiwan in different areas of makeup and hairstyling, Ling Chia is known for being a versatile artist. She can recreate all types of looks with ease, be it a subtle, natural look, or a glamorous red-carpet look worthy of the Grammy Awards, with a chic hairstyle to complete the overall look. Ling’s ultimate motivation is to ensure that every bride feels happy and confident in their own skin.

Aside from Ling Chia’s professionalism and meticulousness, Ling is also highly praised by her clients for her pleasant and friendly personality. Keeping a nervous bride calm is one of the unspoken parts of the job, an area which Ling excels in. Considering the amount of time spent on makeup, this will definitely help you to enjoy your big day! Sy, a bride she worked with earlier this year, reviewed, “Ling was absolutely professional and really stepped up when we were pressed for time. It really helps that she can keep a naturally nervous bride calm in the wee hours ahead of the big event.” Check out her portfolio here.

Wedding Packages and Rates:

  • Pre-wedding/Solemnisation Package from $350
  • Actual Day Bridal Package from $450
  • Please contact Ling Chia for inquiries on inclusions and rates
Check out Ling Chia for versatile wedding makeup and hairstyle >>
Ling Chia Makeup & Hair
Website | +65 9683 2221
Facebook | Instagram

12. TheLuckiestChick Hair & Makeup Artistry, for a natural and sweet doll-like look

wedding makeup artists TheLuckiestChick Hair & Makeup Artistry

Mastering the soft, sweet, and feminine looks of Korean and Taiwanese makeup styles with training in Taiwan, Fidelis Toh has dolled up over hundreds of brides for their special day since 2015. She believes in the eyes being windows to one’s soul, taking great care in accentuating them as the focus of each well-crafted look. Through light and precise strokes, she highlights the brides’ inner glow. 

Brides rave about how Fidelis’s makeup is long-lasting even in the searing Singapore heat, earning her media features in Singapore Brides and Daily Vanity. Having a bright and engaging personality helps her brides on their big day, easing their tension as she converses with them while providing emotional support. Explore her makeup looks and hairstyles here.

Wedding Packages and Rates:

  • Pre-wedding and ROM packages from $300
  • Actual day packages from $450
  • Check out other packages and rates here
Check out TheLuckiestChick Hair & Makeup Artistry for your wedding >>
TheLuckiestChick Hair & Makeup Artistry
Website | +65 8121 2296
Facebook | Instagram

11. EK Makeup Studio, for impeccable Korean bridal makeup

wedding makeup artists EK Makeup Studio

Founded by Eesha Ke, a renowned Taiwanese makeup artist with more than 17 years of experience, EK Makeup Studio specializes in Korean bridal makeup. Recognising that all their clients are unique in their own ways, EK Makeup Studio highlights the brides’ best assets while creating a balanced and natural look. Having done makeup for celebrities like Dawn Yeoh, Kaiser Chuang, Kelly Liao and Yûsuke Fukuchi, you can be assured that you are in good hands.

Having been trained by beauty experts from various countries such as Taiwan, Japan, Korea, and Singapore, you know you are in good hands when you employ EK Makeup Studio’s services for your whole entourage for a uniformed look – from the bride to the bridesmaids, mothers, and even the groom. Eesha also offers her services for local and overseas pre-wedding shoots. Check out some elegant and refined looks from EK Makeup Studio here.

 Wedding Packages and Rates:

  • Wedding Makeover from S$1200
  • Pre-wedding Shoot (LMS) from S$1200
  • Click here for the inclusions and other information
Check out EK Makeup Studio for your wedding >>
EK Makeup Studio
20 Tiong Bahru Road Singapore 163020
Website |+65 8756 8668 | +65 9688 6587
Facebook | Instagram

10. Tracy Immanuel MakeUp, for Chic and Elegant Styling

wedding makeup artists Tracy IM HMUA

Passionate and dedicated to turning brides into the best version of themselves, Tracy is a makeup artist to look out for. Her portfolio consists of a wide range of looks and styles as she hones her skills with veteran makeup artists from Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, Malaysia, and Singapore. Her signature looks for brides are natural and glowy, with timeless opulence matched with elegant hairstyles. Rest assured that Tracy will take care of your personal preferences as she works her magic on you. Check out her portfolio on her Instagram and website.

On top of specializing in bridal hair and makeup services, Tracy is an experienced destination makeup artist and also works on MediaCorp productions with celebrities such as Zoe Tay, Paige Chua, Rebecca Lim, Tay Ping Hui, Pierre Png, and many more. In addition, Tracy also provides one-on-one professional bridal hair and makeup courses, personal and group makeup classes. With her wealth of experience, you can count on her to make you look your best during your wedding day.

Wedding Packages and Rates:

  • Packages are available for Actual Day, Solemnization, and Pre-Wedding styling
  • Please email or contact Tracy at 9387 3142 for rates, course, and full inclusions
Exclusive TWV Offer: Quote “The Wedding Vow” for 8% off wedding makeup packages
Check out Tracy Immanuel MakeUp for your wedding >
tracy im logoTracy Immanuel MakeUp
Website |+65 9387 3142
Facebook | Instagram

9. Jennis Wong, for dewy bridal makeup looks with added radiance and luminosity

Jennis Wong Makeup

Adept in both Asian and Western makeup trends, Jennis Wong has established her name in the makeup industry, working alongside international celebrities such as Xuanxuan, Rebecca Lim, Tanya Chua, and Jamie Chua. Featured on Woman’s Weekly, Singapore Brides, Daily Vanity, and many more publications, Jennis’s specialties lie in dewy makeup looks for added radiance and luminosity, perfect for brides on their big day.

Armed with passion and a strong attention to detail, Jennis works wonders on her brides, accentuating their facial features with top quality makeup products for a long-lasting bridal look. Her excellent hairstyling techniques allow her to design loose and ruffled Asian hair trends to complete an impeccable dewy makeup look. Jennis’s great reviews from her past clients reflect her warm and approachable personality, with many of them becoming her friends today.

Wedding Packages and Rates:

  • Event Makeup from $250
  • Wedding Makeup from $500 One session -2Session $1500
  • Quote The Wedding Vow for 20% discount for bridal full package (limited customers)
Check our Jennis Wong for your wedding >>

Jennis Wong Makeup
Website | +65 9467 4670
Facebook | Instagram

8. Dazxle Makeup, for soft natural glow on your big day

Dazxle Makeup

Providing brides with a soft, natural glow on their big day comes as second nature to Joey, founder of Dazxle Makeup & Hair. Featured on Daily Vanity as one of the best bridal makeup artists in Singapore, Joey has impressed countless clients with her skillful hands, friendly demeanour, and sincere yet speedy services. To date, she has designed various unique and intricate hairstyles to create complementary looks for her brides’ bridal outfits. Check out these different looks on her portfolio here.

“Making someone feel the best version of themselves on their wedding day is addictive,” Joey says. That is why she spends time to know what her client likes in great detail, and continuously looks to improve on her repertoire of skills by staying up to date with the latest makeup and hair trends. What we love most is her handmade hair accessory made with fresh or preserved flowers – they definitely complete a sweeping bridal look!

Wedding Packages and Rates:

  • Prewedding packages start from $250
  • All AD packages includes a set of hair accessory made with fresh or preserved flowers hand-arranged by Joey herself. 
  • Contact Dazxle Makeup here for more details.
Check out Dazxle Makeup for your wedding >

Dazxle Makeup
Website | +65 8498 3398
Facebook | Instagram

7. Love Me Do Image Studio, for an impeccable bridal glow for a more confident you

love me do image studio

With 17 years of experience in the hair and makeup industry, founder and director Amanda Cheong founded Love Me Do Image Studio together with a team of highly-trained and meticulously selected makeup artists. Her professional team aims to deliver bespoke makeup services that focus on the style reflecting the bride’s own preference and personality while enhancing her natural glow. Find out more about her team and portfolio here.

Love Me Do Image Studio believes that passion & love are the most beautiful makeup on a woman. With their skills and creativity, they ensure that every client’s experience is personally tailored, resulting in a flawless creation – the bride’s unique beauty highlighted impeccably for the biggest day of her life. Love Me Do Image Studio also teaches professional and personal makeup courses to aspiring artists who share the same vision and mission in making the bride look her best and feel confident on her wedding day.

Wedding Packages and Rates:

  • Bridal Makeup and Hairstyling Services
  • Pre Wedding Makeup and Hairstyling Services
  • Contact them for complete inclusions and rates
Check out Love Me Do Image Studio for your wedding >>

love me do image studio

Love Me Do Image Studio
73 Ubi Road 1, #09-57, Oxley Bizhub, Singapore 408733 |  +65 9879 9329
Facebook | Instagram

6. Merry Fish Makeup and Hair, for fresh bridal glow with intricate Hong Kong flair and glamour

Featured in Daily Vanity as one of the top bridal makeup artists in Singapore 2019, Emily from Merry Fish Makeup and Hair continues to bring out the best in her brides through enhancing their natural glow and beauty. Originating from Hong Kong, Emily brings along her unique, distinct Hong Kong makeup style and mystique. With a personalised approach, she always takes her brides’ interests into consideration, helping them achieve their desired looks.

Recognised in the bridal hair and makeup world in Hong Kong and Singapore, Emily was featured in Hong Kong Oriental Daily News in 2017. She also holds a Taiwan makeup and hair certification course, while having regular makeup cross-training sessions with other popular makeup artists based in Hong Kong and Singapore. With Merry Fish Makeup and Hair as your wedding makeup artist, you will be walking down the aisle feeling bright and confident for your wedding day.

Wedding Packages and Rates:

  • Contact Emily at +65 9638 2732 for packages and rates
Check out Merry Fish Makeup and Hair for your wedding >>
Merry Fish Makeup and Hair | +65 9638 2732
Facebook | Instagram

5. SGMakeover by Valerie Lim, for value-rich bridal makeup packages

SGmakeover by Valerie Lim Wedding wedding packages

Known for her innovative ideas, Valerie Lim has a flair for tailoring makeup looks to each individual bride. She offers stunning packages that include all you need to make you look flawless and glowing on your special day. To ensure high-quality service, she uses the premium makeup brand Guerlain for the bride. What makes SGMakeover packages special is how they not only include makeup for both the bride and groom, but also include skin care and accessories for a complete look.

Wedding Packages and Rates:

  • Bridal Ă€ la carte Package – starts from $250
  • Actual Day Bridal Package (Lunch) – starts from $600
  • Actual Day Bridal Package (Dinner) – starts from $680
  • Click here for full inclusions

Exclusive Perks for The Wedding Vow Readers:

  • Quote The Wedding Vow and get free trial upon signing up for the Full Day Package
Check out Valerie Lim for your wedding day >
SGMakeover by Valerie Lim
Website | +65 87262906

4. Esta Hsu Makeup Artistry, for elegant hairstyles and porcelain skin with a velvet texture

wedding packages make up artist esta hsu

Esta Hsu is an International Bridal Hair and Makeup Artist offering impeccable bridal services that are both trendy and timeless. Certified by Phi Association of Germany, Esta offers feather-like eyebrow embroidery that makes your eyebrows look natural and beautiful – her Artemis Microblading Embroidery & Ombre’ Nanopowder is a must-try. Years of experience in this industry provide Esta with the knowledge and understanding of different skin complexions, allowing her to utilise colours and palettes seamlessly to bring out the best in her brides. 

Wedding Packages and Rates Available ~ starts at $500

  • Actual-Day Makeup
  • Bridal Makeup for ROM or Solemnisation
  • Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Makeup

Exclusive Perks for The Wedding Vow Readers:

  • Quote The Wedding Vow and get a $50 discount on all AD packages and eyebrow embroidery service.

“Esta is a truly talented makeup artist. She was patient, caring and very meticulous… She will go for extra mile to make sure that her bride đź‘° looks perfect at any point of time on her big day.” 

Book Esta Hsu’s Wedding Makeup Package here >
Esta Hsu Makeup Artistry
2 Jalan Lokam Kensington Square Singapore 537846
Website |
Tel: 065 97594574
Facebook | Instagram

3. Elite Makeup Artists, for revolutionised natural beauty inspired by art and fashion

wedding makeup artists Elite Makeup Artists Inc

Standing by the philosophy that every bride needs and deserves perfection, Em founded Elite Makeup Artists where she and her team transform beautiful visions into reality. Em’s expertise has earned her multiple accolades, with her works featured in local and international publications such as Tatler, Stuff Magazine, and FHM. Despite these recognitions, she continues to upgrade her skills and knowledge to maintain her high standards.

Being a former fashion designer and interior designer, Em uses her knowledge in fashion and art to revolutionise her brides’ features. Her signature look exudes effortless elegance filled with light strokes, earthy hues, and casual chic updos. With great attention to detail and strong technical skills, Em has an excellent flair in bringing out each lady’s innate beauty in the most natural way. Check out her works here.

Wedding Packages and Rates:

  • Pre-wedding hair & makeup packages from $180
  • Actual-day hair & makeup packages from $228
  • Please check here for full inclusions.
Check out Elite Makeup Artists For Your Wedding >
Elite Makeup Artists
Website | +65 8399 5831

2. Lindalino Makeup, for a celebrity look highlighting your unique allure

wedding makeup artists Lindalino Makeup

Art and creativity flow in the veins of Linda Lee, founder of Lindalino Makeup. Born into a family of traditional fine art artists and through her venture into the creative field of fashion design, she discovered her true passion – bringing out the unique X factor in people through hair and makeup. Linda believes that on top of having technical skills, one also needs a strong artistic foundation and a good understanding of fashion and beauty. Her creative ideas are what set her apart, turning visions into exquisite imagery.

Linda leads Lindalino, a team of elite makeup artists, taking on the beauty scene by creating inspired looks for brides as well as doing makeup for TV commercials, broadcasts, and ads. With a style centred on playing up each person’s individuality, Lindalino’s goal is to bring out the celebrity version of yourself. We are pretty sure you will be radiating class and elegance on your big day. 

Wedding Packages and Rates:

  • Pre-wedding and ROM hair & makeup packages starts from $588
  • Full day package Starting from $1,188
  • Contact Lindalino for preferred vendor special rates.
Check out Lindalino Makeup Artists for your wedding >
Lindalino Makeup
Website | +65 8182 3441
Facebook | Instagram

1. Stella Ang Make-up Artist, for unique, intricate braids and youthful makeup

wedding makeup artists Stella Ang Make-up Artist

Stella Ang’s dream to become a professional makeup artist started at a tender age of 17. With passion and dedication, this talented, bubbly artist is well known for her unique, intricate hair braiding skills that add a touch of class for your big day. Check out some of her sophisticated hairstyles on Instagram. 

Each makeover session by Stella is a meticulous process. With knowledge of her brides’ makeup and hairstyle preferences, she examines the skin condition and sensitivity, the thickness and length of the tresses, as well as the unique features of her brides. From there on, Stella adds her own finishing touch, choosing the appropriate makeup and hairstyle to bring out the best features and a youthful glow in them. On top of this, her makeup and hairdo are known to last the entire day. 

Wedding Packages and Rates:

  • Actual Day Package starts at $500
  • ROM and Solemnization $300
  • Pre-Wedding Exclusive Package $600
Check out Stella Ang Make-up Artist for your wedding >
Stella Ang Make-up Artist |+65 9006 7732
Facebook | Instagram

Audrey Hepburn once said, “I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls.” We hope that these skillful and dedicated wedding makeup artists will help you radiate happiness and confidence on your wedding day! If this article has helped you with your wedding planning, please do share the love with your friends!

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