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13 Noteworthy Wedding Videographers in Singapore (2019/20 Edition)

Weddings are one of those once-in-a-lifetime experiences that you want to capture as it is – from the sound of laughter shared to the number of tears shed to every single little moment that makes up your special day. For this to happen, you need an excellent wedding videographer that can encapsulate the essence of your wedding. In this issue, we curated  13 Noteworthy Wedding Videographers in Singapore that can help you document your wedding day in the most authentic and creative way. Before we get to the list, kindly note our disclosure located at the bottom of our post.

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13. Simple Clouds Films, for artistic wedding films brimming with emotions

noteworthy videographers simple clouds films

Every image is a new experience; every frame, a new expression. This is what Dean from Simple Clouds Films firmly believes in. Discovering his passion after finding his father’s old camera, Dean had been in awe of the feelings that a single picture or a clip can evoke. He aims the same for Simple Clouds Films: to create timeless works that tell of beautiful love stories and convey the underlying affections of each – from the kisses and embraces shared to the laughter and tears shed.

Every aspect of filming is crucial in telling a passionate love story. Dean and his team strives to create a perfect synergy between all the elements of the film – from taking striking imagery at artistic angles to seamlessly editing the video. By adding artistic colour treatment to each frame, highlighting heartfelt moments, and meticulously syncing the couple’s favourite music to the clips, Simple Clouds Films produces a visual feast that touches the hearts of the couples and their guests. Check out their works here.

Wedding Packages and Rates:

  • Wedding Videography Packages start from S$2588
  • Contact them for inquiries on inclusions and bundles
Check out Simple Clouds Films for artistic wedding films >>

Simple Clouds Films
Website | +65 9222 0334
Facebook | Instagram

12. Forte Visuals, for an enjoyable, personalised wedding documentary film to reminisce on

forte visuals wedding videographers

Armed with passion and a simple goal of creating time capsules through wedding films, Junior Chew established Forte Visuals in 2014. Featured in multiple publications and earning glowing reviews from their clients, Forte Visuals is renowned for its entertaining documentary style, well-received even by the guests of the couples as they learn about the couple’s love story in a hearty, candid manner.

 The team’s unique selling point is attributed to their sincerity and attentiveness when getting to know their clients and listening to their stories. Junior places much emphasis on each couple’s stories, giving them the chance to share their thoughts and feelings through a casual interview, bringing out their genuine personality and quirks – all without being shy in front of the camera. Along with the wedding day highlights, the interview is then incorporated into a wedding documentary film backed up with the best music that suits the overall mood of the occasion. You are free to choose your preferred music, however, Forte Visuals would still see if it fits the vibe of your clips.

 Prompt yet uncompromising when it comes to quality, Forte Visuals promises to deliver the final pre-wedding film and actual day highlights after 3-5 weeks. Watch some of their actual day and pre-wedding videos to experience their unique shooting style, and perhaps you might fall in love with it just like we did!

Wedding Packages and Rates:

  • Pre-Wedding Videography (Full Day) $1,500 nett
  • Actual Wedding Videography (Half Day) $1,600 nett
  • Actual Wedding Videography (Full Day) $2,400 nett
  • Actual Wedding Videography (Full Day) $2,400 nett + Pre-Wedding Film $1,000 nett
  • Download their full rate card here
Check out Forte Visuals for your wedding videography >

Forte Visuals Wedding Films
81 Ubi Ave 4, #10-13, UB One, Singapore 408830
Website | Call/Whatsapp: +65 9119 9416
Facebook | Instagram | Vimeo

11. Momentold, for narrative wedding films that tug at your heartstrings

Momentold Productions wedding videographers

“Dialogues encapsulate relationships.” With this notion, Momentold, a team of talented videographers, craft charming wedding films backed by dialogue. From the words of blessings from your families and casual chatter of your entourage, to the exchange of vows and speeches by your loved ones, these details come together like puzzle pieces, building a story that epitomises your very own love journey. Shot in a neat and simple style that will last generations, Momentold expertly weaves these significant bits to create a narrative encapsulated in a lifetime memento.

Momentold has satisfied clients since 2012 with their timeless and high-quality productions for pre-wedding, actual day highlights and full wedding films. Clients commend their utmost professionalism and passion, as well as the team’s ability to make everyone feel at ease with their friendly and down-to-earth personalities. Read their client reviews here.

Wedding Packages and Rates:

Check out Momentold for narrative wedding videography >>

Facebook | Instagram | Vimeo

10. Winson Cinematography, for journalistic wedding videos with a compelling and honest story

The secret behind encapsulating the true essence of a wedding lies in both audio and video. With this firm belief, Winson Cinematography tells your compelling love story through aesthetic visual representation and unforgettable sensory experience in a journalistic fashion. They place strong emphasis on the audio aspect – from the natural sounds of the environment, the surrounding chatters, a fitting background music that makes the scenes stand out, to the beautifully spoken words that make your wedding meaningful. The end result? A unique masterpiece that showcases your very own story and personalities, and a memory of a lifetime to fondly reminisce on. Check out his wedding portfolio here.

Winson generally loves to feature family and friends in the storytelling part of the video, as he seeks to create a more wholesome story. With plenty of experience on church weddings, Winson Cinematography also covers banquets, Chinese gate crash, ROM, concept weddings, and even destination weddings. Passionate about non-sequential edits, similar to the style used in the documentary “The Last Dance” on Chicago Bulls, Winson uses these time-shifting edits to enhance the storyline. If you are interested in this style which seems fitting, do reach out to him for a discussion.

Wedding Packages and Rates:

  • Wedding video package starts from $1,800 for 6 hours and $2,200 for 10 hours
Check out Winson Cinematography for your wedding >

Winson Cinematography
Website | Tel/WhatsApp: +65 9022 7551
Facebook Vimeo

9. BeyondPictures, for honest and heartfelt storytelling

BeyondPictures believes that the cradle of beauty is a story. With that, Wenkai and his team spend time to know their clients well, both as a couple and individuals, and marry their story with thoughtful craftsmanship. Each BeyondPictures wedding film is layered with treasured little moments. Paying attention to the tiniest details, they encapsulate every second of the moment, and all the emotions felt during your special day. Check out their portfolio here

“A videographer who shoots with his heart,” as one client reviewed, Wenkai finds creative ways to capture memorable moments of the wedding. The team’s friendly and fun personalities, as well as their unintrusive filming, make people more carefree and comfortable, allowing them to capture real reactions during the event. These unfiltered moments and emotions are then stitched into a heartfelt film full of beautiful memories that couples can relive for years to come.

 Wedding Packages and Rates:

  • Actual Day Cinematography (Half day)
  • Actual Day Cinematography (Full Day)
  • Actual Day Cinematography (Full Day, Premium)
  • Pre-Wedding Cinematography
  • Click here for their package inclusions and kindly contact them for the rates
Check out BeyondPictures for your wedding >

48 Happy Ave North, Singapore 369784
Website |+65 8233 7399
Facebook | Instagram | Vimeo

8. AllureWeddings All-Inclusive Plan, unlimited edits for your Cinematography & Photography needs

Awarded Best of Singapore Videography for five consecutive years from 2015 to 2019 by Singapore Tatler, AllureWeddings has been consistently producing mesmerising films & images for its couples. They have also been trusted as the main video provider for Grand Hyatt Singapore’s custom panoramic video wall for over three years.

With over a decade in the wedding film industry, Director Han understands the difficulties couples face in putting together the perfect cinematography & photography team. Han’s expertise has led him to create a unique package for his clients – the AllureWeddings’ All-inclusive Plan, specially and assiduously designed for a hassle-free coverage of your union. This comprehensive package takes care of all of your photography and cinematography needs from pre-wedding films, solemnisation, to actual day coverage, even including a premium gallery album full of precious memories from your big day. Check out their craft on Vimeo and Instagram.

Wedding Packages and Rates:

  • Allure All-inclusive (Unlimited Shoots And Edits) $9,800
  • Destination Prewedding (Photo + Cine with Director Han) ~from $500
  • Full-Day Cinematography – $2.6k
  • Full-Day Photography – $2.4k
  • Full-Day Cine+Photo – $4.6k
  • ​Half-Day Cinematography – $2.2k
  • Half-Day Photography – $2k
  • Half-Day Cine+Photo – $4k
Check out AllureWeddings for your wedding >

42 Ean Kiam Place, Singapore 429127
Website | Whatsapp +65 9793 1112
Facebook | Instagram | Vimeo

7. The Forever Films, for soulful films that bring your vision to life

Staying true to their name, The Forever Films focuses on the essence of the celebration, looking beyond the glitz and glamour of the wedding and into the center of it all – two hearts madly in love. Beautifully preserving your memories for a lifetime, their signature style plays around refreshing cool tones and feather-light vignettes, creating charming images with a hint of retro vibe. Check out their portfolio here.

What clients love most about The Forever Films is their dedication and strong sense of responsibility when it comes to their work. They take the time to understand your vision, and are very communicative and responsive to your questions and suggestions, in order to achieve your dream production. This team also has a knack for turning awkward into natural by cracking jokes to help you feel at ease.

Enjoyable and great photography and videography experience. We found great rapport with their team and felt they provided a personal touch in their filming process for us.”

Wedding Packages and Rates:

  • AD Photography $2,000
  • AD Cinematography $2,000
  • Bundle Photography & Videography – $3,688
  • Instant Print Photography Photobooth $3,388 nett (U.P. $3,588)

Exclusive TWV Offer: Quote “TFF2020” for 10% off wedding photography packages

Check out The Forever Films for your Wedding >>
the forever filmsThe Forever Films
73 Ubi Road 1, Oxley Bizhub 1
09-57 S408733
Email | +65 9061 2784 | +65 9842 3357
Facebook | Instagram | Vimeo

6. Back Button Media, for organic and light-hearted wedding videos that capture the real you

Known for their signature pre-wedding videosBack Button Media produces organic content that are light-hearted and fun. The team captures the real dynamics of the couples through candid stories, playful banters, and genuine smiles and laughter, creating a visual bookmark of their relationship that the couples can relive for years to come.

The seven videographers of the team, some of whom with over 10 rich years of experience, bring out the personalities of the couple using customized props and concepts based on the clients’ characters, while adding their own flair to the videos. From early morning nuptials to late night celebrations, Back Button Media captures each significant moment of your big day beautifully, delivering an impeccable keepsake of one of the most pivotal moments in your life. Check out their reviews here and portfolio here.

”Elliot and I are very grateful towards the Back Button Media Team! Thank you for capturing all the key moments – smiles, happy teary eyes and even our pet dog and rabbit. We love the video and would recommend Back Button Media in a heartbeat!”

Wedding Packages and Rates:

  • Same-Day Edit Coverage
    • 6 hours coverage starting from $2,799 (without SDE from $2,299)
    • $200 for each additional hour
  • Promo Packages
    • A Promo discount of $300 applies for actual day coverage booking 6-months in advance.
    • A limited time bundled discount of $100 for any actual day package with pre-wedding video.
  • Pre-wedding video starts from $2,100
  • Exclusive Perks for The Wedding Vow Readers:
    • Quote The Wedding Vow and get $100 off on any AD videography package.
Capture your precious moments with Back Button Media>>
Back Button Media logoBack Button Media
Website | +65 9126 5486
Facebook | Instagram | Vimeo

5. aFerrisWheel Studios, for cinematic wedding videography brimming with romance and creativity

Specialising in romantic, cinematic wedding videography since 2012, aFerrisWheel Studios dedicates their passion to encircling life with intangible memories of laughter, joy and bliss. Exuding artistry and creativity in their professional film productions, the team seeks to capture every natural and defining moments of the couple’s wedding day. Check out some of their works here and read what couples have to say about aFerrisWheel’s masterpieces here.

When it comes to filming, aFerrisWheel Studios does minimal directing, opting instead to capture the most authentic expressions and emotions on camera. This allows couples to bask in the moment and focus on the essence of matrimony – celebrating love and the promise of a future together. Perfectly synced to carefully selected and fitting music, the video is edited extensively to deliver a masterpiece that will tug at your heartstrings and remain timeless for years to come. 

Wedding Packages and Rates:

  • Package One at S$2,888, Package Two at S$2,588, Package Three at S$2,288, Package Four at S$2,500
  • Additional Charges: Additional Hours at S$250/hour, Split Day Wedding at S$350
  • Click here for inclusions

Check out aFerrisWheel Studios for your wedding >

aferriswheel studios

aFerrisWheel Studios
Clementi Ave 4, Singapore
Tel: +65 97318505 | +65 84367973
Facebook | Instagram

4. Candid Moments Cinematography, for breathtaking memories captured in a non-intrusive way

Candid Moments Cinematography stays true to its name by filming spontaneously without being intrusive to reveal the real emotions of each moment – be it a misty-eyed smile or an elated high-five. With over 5 years of experience in the industry, Chief Cinematographer Julian Mortimer lets couples be their genuine selves in front of his lens, quietly letting their story unfold into their own unique tale.

Harnessing a keen eye for heart-tugging instances, the talented Julian captures breathtaking aerial shots, hyperlapse, and timelapse footage and seamlessly transition these into authentic moments between family and friends. With every laughter and touch shared, the team pieces together a beautiful narrative that embodies the couple’s characters and personal stories. Set to the beat of non-mainstream melodies, the result is a moving memento of an unforgettable day. The ultimate goal for Candid Moments Cinematography – for you and your partner to look back at your wedding video every anniversary and relive those joyful, beautiful moments.

Wedding Packages and Rates:

  • Half Day Cinematography Coverage
  • Full Day Cinematography Coverage
  • Local Pre-Wedding Cinematography
  • Destination Pre-Wedding Cinematography
  • Please email them for full inclusion and more enquiries.
Check out Candid Moments Cinematography for your wedding >>

Candid Moments Cinematography
22 Sin Ming Lane #06-83 Midview City Singapore
Website | +65 97478949
Facebook | Instagram | Vimeo

3. One Button Film, for exquisite captures that highlight your unique story

One Button Film creations are brimming with love, passion, and joy. The team’s goal is to make a story that your heart connects to, one that captures the once-in-a-lifetime moments that pepper your special day. Taylor and Christel, the talents behind One Button Film, unravel the essence of your love story through their creative shooting style. Check out their portfolio here.

As no two couples are exactly the same, every wedding story by One Button Film is uniquely different. Through their sincere and meticulous approach, the dynamic duo crafts emotional films where your personality shines through in each sequence. Expertly capturing natural moments as they come, they weave them into a moving masterpiece that showcases your own exclusive happily-ever-after. Read their reviews here.

Wedding Packages and Rates:

  • Filmstrip Buttons – Half-day wedding videography starts from $2,200
  • Enchanted Buttons – Full-day wedding videography (8 hours) starts from $2,500
  • Charming ButtonsFull-day wedding videography (10 hours) starts from $2,800
  • Concept Button – Pre-wedding videography (8 hours) starts from $1,500
Check out One Button Film for your wedding videography >>

One Button Film
Website | +65 82820709
Facebook | Instagram | Vimeo

2. Iriswave, for dramatic visuals that capture your personal journey

Filming over a thousand weddings and events, Alvin Ang, the mastermind behind the award-winning Iriswave, is known for his aerial shots that make for some epic framing and dramatic cinematography. Coupled with his charming humour which relaxes even the antsiest lovebirds, the team produces genuine, heartfelt shots, capturing emotions that can be felt in each frame. Check out their portfolio here.

With the latest video technology, consistent high-quality service, and 100% reliability, Iriswave delivers engrossing creations that perfectly portray each couple’s story in its own unique nature. Their cinematic wedding videography allows you to experience your wedding day over and over again – for all its wonders and grandeur. 

Wedding Packages and Rates:

  • Full day coverage starts from $2,500
  • Half-day coverage starts from $1,800
  • Contact Iriswave for a customised package
Check out Iriswave for your wedding videography >>

Website | +65 97864989
Facebook | Instagram | Vimeo

1. Ark Moments, for timeless captures of intimate moments

From a tender smile shared with each other to joyful tears shed during a heartfelt speech, Ark Moments captures every split second of your wedding day as they unfold. They immortalise the essence of each moment in an artful video that help you relive your big day for years to come. Featuring a timeless and personalised style coupled with high-quality and professional service, this has earned them the hearts of their clients and everyone who watches their videos.

With their wealth of experience, Ark Moments consistently finds the perfect timing and shots. The calming and laid-back aura of the way they shoot make the session comfortable even for the most camera-shy. The team knows how to tease out genuine emotions and natural reactions to make a wedding film that is uniquely yours. Check out their portfolio here.

Wedding Packages and Rates:

Check out Ark Moments for your wedding videography >>

Ark Moments
Website | +65 6635 7205
Facebook | Instagram | Vimeo | YouTube

We know it’s hard to pose in front of the camera but we hope that you find the right wedding videographer for you here that can make you feel comfortable. These skilled wedding videographers may also help you plan according to your budget. If this article has helped you with your wedding planning, please do share the love with your friends!

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