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The Only Honeymoon Packing Checklist You Need – Down to the Essentials

When it comes to your honeymoon packing checklist, the general rule is that it’s always better to be over-prepared but tote too much and an unwieldy bag will be a drag and could probably weigh you down. We’ve stripped this honeymoon packing checklist to the essentials. From here, feel free to add your own, so you can sail through your honeymoon with ease.  Here are the important list of useful things you need for your post-wedding getaway.

Don’t Forget

honeymoon packing checklist
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  • Passport, visas, driver’s license
  • Airline tickets (printed copies) or e-ticket confirmations. We recommend using a travel wallet that is big enough to fit all your travel documents. 
  • Any reservation confirmations (hotels, tours, car rental, restaurants, and events) 
  • Two sets of copies of the documents and reservations above. It’s always a good idea to extra copies, as this would allow you to bring one set on your daily trips and leave another at the hotel. Bring an extra copy of related medical and/or trip insurance coverage and prescriptions as well.
  • Credit cards (you must have at least 2-3)
  • Prescription medicine  (in the original bottle along with the prescription from the doctor)
  • Birth control and condoms 
  • Bag tags for luggage. This personalized bag tag is our favorite. 
  • Waterproof camera. We love the GoPro Hero7 Black
  • Travel pillow. The Cabeau Evolution Memory Foam Travel Neck Pillow offers good support and comfort.
  • Eye mask 
  • Earphones 
  • Battery pack/Powerbank
  • Charger and adapter to stay connected.
  • Pens 
  • Reusable Water Bottle 

Her Travel Essentials  for a Week

honeymoon packing checklist
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His Travel Essentials for a Week

honeymoon packing checklist
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Good to keep handy

honeymoon packing checklist
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These are the essential things that you must include in your honeymoon packing checklist, so you don’t have to buy in case you need them:

Bathroom Basics

honeymoon packing checklist
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Think this ones over (Your Hotel May Provide)

honeymoon packing checklist
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We included these items on our honeymoon packing checklist just in case your hotel doesn’t provide these essentials.

Nice extras to have 

  • Extra pair of glasses and/or contacts
  • Ziplock bags (all sizes; use for packing wet swimsuits or protecting camera and film when it rains)
  • Eye drops
  • Small backpack(s) for day excursions or impromptu activities. This Tucano Compatto is super light and completely foldable.
  • 1 pair of aqua shoes
  • 1 pair workout sneakers and 2–3 workout outfits if you plan on hitting the resort’s gym or jogging on the beach
  • Swiss Army knife
  • Compact umbrella or other rain gear

For emergencies, leave these behind to your family or friends

  • Your itinerary and hotel phone contact numbers
  • Photocopies of your passport and credit cards
  • A sealed copy of your wills, life insurance policy numbers, travel insurance details and pertinent financial info


Always have a set of extra clothing inside your carry-on bag in case of an emergency or in the event your airline loses your luggage. We love our Samsonite Spettro Spinner that has built-in packing cubes.

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