Pricelist & Rates of Singapore Wedding Makeup Artists & Hair Stylists

Pricelist & Rates of Singapore Wedding Makeup Artists & Hair Stylists
NamePrice rangePre-Wedding/
ROM rates
Actual Day RatesPackage inclusionsContact
Adeline.L Professional Hair and Makeup$$$500 (1 look)$1100 (3 looks)AD packages include trial, lashes, transportation and ampoule.[email protected]
9661 9992
Zinny Theint Make-up Artistry[email protected]
Amanda Cheong Makeup and Hair[email protected]
Autelier Makeup by Cherry Au$$$500 (1 look; 4 hours)$1500 (full day; 2 looks)All packages include skin conditioning ampoules, false eyelashes, brow trimming, natural hair extensions, loan of bridal accessories and veils, makeup service at studio or location of your choice and the option to use airbrush makeup.[email protected]
Beauty Magic by Liren Neo
Beauty Shen
Bridal Makeup SG$$180 (1 look)$250 (halfday; 1 look)
$450 (full day; 2 looks)
AD Packages includes eyelashes, ampoules, eye brown, trimming, body foundation[email protected]
9665 6848
Charlene Yu Makeup and Hair
Christine Chia$$$480 (1 look)$1080 (full day)AD Package includes trial[email protected]
9388 6287
Christyn Hoang Makeup & Beauty Services9388 6287
Chuwa Makeup[email protected]
Clara Song[email protected]
Clarence Lee$$$$$2,000 onwards[email protected]
Cleo Chang Makeup and Hair$$$$800 onwards$1400 onwards (full day)[email protected]
Clove by Cleo Chang[email protected]
Cocoon Makeup and Hair[email protected]
Colors for Life Hair and Makeup$$300 (1 look)
$500 (2 looks)
$650 (3 looks)
$350 – $450 (half day)
$600 (full day)
Family: $150/pax
[email protected]
CrystalLin Artistry[email protected]
Cynderella by Cynthia Oh$$$400 onwards$1100 onwards (full day)[email protected]
Doll Up Inc.[email protected]
Elite Makeup Artists Inc.$$180 (ROM)$200 (1 look)
$368 (2 looks)
$538 (3 looks)
*Trial ($80-120) and early charges ($50-80) apply[email protected]
Esta Hsu Makeup Artistry$$$450 ++$650++Contact for full inclusionsContact Page
[email protected]
+65 97594574
Face Bistro by Dily Wang$$$$600 (60 mins)
$480 (ROM 60 mins)
$1000 (local by Dily Wang; 60 mins trip)
$2000/session (overseas by Dily Wang)
[email protected]
Farfalla Perlata$$200 onwards
+$150 for each additional look
+$50/hour for outstation
$250 (ROM)
$300 (half day)
500 (full day)
Family: $100/pax
All packages include free trial, but excludes transport cost ($40-50 depending on location)[email protected]
Fionna Lau$$300$900Packages inclusive of ampoules, false eyelashes, skincare kit for makeup removal after wedding, transportation (after 7am). $40 Early morning surcharge before 7am[email protected]
Get Beauti5[email protected]
Gin Chia$$$350 (ROM)$950 (3 looks)[email protected]
8138 3952
Glamorcessary$ – $$$500 (2 looks; 4 hours)
$650 (3 looks; full day)
$150 for additional look
Trial: $100
includes groom hairstyling[email protected]
Haute Makeup
Hazel Tan$ – $$$388 – $688
$180 (ROM)
$400 (2 looks)
+$100 for additional look
Includes transportation fee
10 hours photography service: $888
[email protected]
Helan MUA[email protected]
Immortelle Atelier[email protected]
Ivy Chen$$$480 (ROM; 1 look)$880 (full day)Packages inclusive of fake eyelashes and ampoules, eyebrow trimming, loan of accessories and transportation[email protected]
Jen Lim MUA$$350 onwardsPackage includes ampoule , eyelash, eyebrow trimming and consultant session[email protected]
9018 9498
JOIÈ The Makeup Bar$$$500 (ROM; weekday)$1200 onwards (2 looks)[email protected]
Joyce Yeo$$720 (2 looks)AD Package includes trial, rental of hair accessories, veil, false eyelashes[email protected]
9669 4307
Kacey Teh$-$$Pre-wedding and solemnisation package $350 (1 look)$450 (1 look)
$800 (2 looks)
All packages include Makeup & Hairstyling; Ampoule; Eyebrow shaping; Faux eyelashes; Option of choice with conventional or Airbrush foundation; Loan of Accessories (Refundable deposit of $100 is required & upon return within a week); Basic styling for the Groom (Prior to same location); Preferred choice of location within mainland of Singapore[email protected]
+65 9790 7990
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Kelly Bilimoria[email protected]
9822 2203
Kenneth Lee9694 3670
Ling's Palette$$from $380 from $500[email protected]
Liren Neo[email protected]
Lynda Low$$300 (1 look)
$600 (2 looks)
$650 (2 looks)AD Packages include false eyelashes, rental of accessories, ampoule, transportation[email protected]
Airin Lee$ – $$$280 – $880$500 - $700 (half day)
$1400 (full day)
Family: $220-250/pax
[email protected]
Make Up by Janice Lai$$250 onwards (ROM)$800 (full day)ROM & AD Packages includes trial session (2 hours), ampoules, false eyelashes, loan of bridal accessories, brow trimming, transportation.[email protected]
9005 3920
Makeover by Eeshe Ke$ – $$$$600 – 1200 (3 looks; 8 hours)
Overseas $1000 – 1500 (3 looks; 10 hours)
$350 – 600 (ROM; 120 mins)
$350 - $1600
Family: $150 – 350/pax
Trial: $180 – $400 (60-120 mins)
AD Packages inclusive of hydrating serum, faux eyelashes, hair extensions*, bridal accessories*, veils*, transportation, body foundation, groom makeover*deposit required[email protected]
Makeup Artist Service$$250 onwards (ROM)$700 (full day)[email protected]
8316 1030
Makeup by Stella$$288 (1 look)
$550 (2 looks)
+$200 for 2 hours of outstation
$388 (ROM)
$388 (half day)
$688 – $888 (full day)
AD packages include a complimentary trial makeup, ampoule, groom touchup and rental of wedding hair accessories.[email protected]
Makeup Entourage[email protected]
Makeup Maestro[email protected]
9111 7539 (Daphne)
Marie Soh[email protected]
9368 4640
Melissa Yeo Singapore$ – $$$750 onwards[email protected]
Mibe Leung$$280 (1 look)$380 (1 look)
$580 (2 looks)
$680 (3 looks)
AD Package includes:
Free makeup trial, eyebrow trimming, skin conditioner, false eyelashes, hair extensions, bridal veils, bridal accessories and complimentary makeup and hair-styling for the groom, transportation (excludes Sentosa).
*Additional morning surcharge applies before 7am.
[email protected]om
9099 6397
Mich Makeover$ – $$$500 (1 look + loan of accessories)
$388 (ROM)
$688 – $1188 (2 looks)AD Package includes 1 trial, 1 touch up with change of hairstyle for 2nd march in and loan of hair accessories.
Early fee of $50 (before 8am) applies
[email protected]
9154 0169
MMB Artistry[email protected]
Mrs. Fish Bridal by Elaine Ting$$$300 – $500 (1 looks; morning)
$500 – $800 (2 looks)
$600 – 900 (full evening; unlimited)
$1,500 – 2,000 (full day; unlimited)
Family: $150 – 200/pax; excludes morning surcharge
Selected packages includes trial*, groom touchup*, eyebrow trimming & shaping, fake eyelashes, fake eyelashes, ampoules, airbrush/traditional makeup, transport, morning surcharge, accessories and hair extension on loan.[email protected]
Nikki Fu$$$450 (ROM; 1 look)$1380 (2 looks + 1 touchup)AD Package includes 1 trial. All packages include skin prep, false eyelashes and loan of accessories and hair pieces.[email protected]
PonnieHsu Makeup Studio$ – $$$198 - $480 (studio)
$248 (ROM)
$880 (full day; 2 looks)
$1,688 (full day; unlimited + 2 family members)
Family: $148/pax; min 2 pax required
AD Package includes trial, groom hairstyling; fake eyelashes, ampoules, transportation. *Additional charges apply for 2nd march in
Queen Makeup Artist[email protected]
8722 0356
Renee L$ – $$Pre-wedding/ROM Rates: $250Actual Day Rates: $400-800[email protected]
Roseanne Tang[email protected]
Ruth Chew Makeup$$$450
+$200 for additional look
$850 (half day; 1 look + touchup)
$1450 (full day; 2 looks + unlimited touchup)
$1700 (Complete package – photoshoot + AD)
AD Packages include bridal trial (2.5-3hours; UP $300)[email protected]
Samina Malik[email protected]
8661 1671
Sasa de Maquillage[email protected]
Saydanar Makeup Artistry$$300 (ROM)$650 (full day)[email protected]
9238 4092
Sharon Ang$ – $$$450
$268 – 350 (ROM)
$450 (half day)
$850 – 1000 (full day)
AD packages include trial, eyelash, ampoule, transportation. Airbrush available at $80.[email protected]
9100 7253
Shaun Lee[email protected]
Sherry Yeo$400 (1 look)
$650 (2 looks)
All packages include touchup*, collagen ampoule, false eyelashes, appropriate bridal hair accessories and bridal veil.[email protected]
9146 8007
Stephy Ng[email protected]
9177 2520
StylebyJeann$$250 (1 look)$350 (1 look)
$600 (2 looks)
All packages include eyebrow shaping, false eyelashes. AD Packages include consultation and trial session*Morning + evening surcharge applies. Sentosa surcharge of $50 applies[email protected]
Susan Beauty Artistry[email protected]
Sylvia Koh Makeup and Hairstyling$$180 onwards (1 look)
$280 onwards (ROM; 1 look)
$480 onwards (2 looks)
Family $130/pax
AD Packages include trial session, airbrush makeup, loan of accessories, optional touch up and hairstyle changes, groom hairstyling and touch up, transportation (excludes Sentosa)*Additional morning surcharge applies before 7am.[email protected]
TangYong Hair and Makeup[email protected]
The Big Blow$200 (inhouse; 1 look)
$350 (outstation, includes consultation+ $100/hour trial session
[email protected]
The Glamour Co.[email protected]
The Little Brush$ – $$$350 onwards (1 look)
$330 onwards (ROM)
$600 onwards (1-2 looks)
Family: $180/pax
AD Packages includes trial session, airbrush makeup, loan of accessories, optional touch up and hairstyle change.9112 0466 (Jovie)
The Luckiest Chick by Fidelis Toh$$$450 (1 look)$750 (2 looks)
$950 (3 looks)
Packages includes airbrush makeup, brow shaping/trimming, skin conditioning ampoules, false eyelashes, double eyelid tape, rental of hair accessories, assistiance for gown dressing, groom basic makeupExcludes: $30 transportation fee for each venuue; early surcharge of $30 for before 6:30am.[email protected] 8121 2296
The Make Up Room$$ – $$$$550 – $1150 (1 look)$750 – $1450 (half day; 1 look)
$950 – $2000 (full day; 2 looks)
Complete Package $1300-3000 (photoshoot + AD)
Family: $200 – 250/pax
AD packages include trial and touchup/hairstyle change[email protected]
9231 2703
The Style Atelier[email protected]
8399 0678
Tracy.Im – Hair + Makeup[email protected] Service card
Valda Goh Hair and Makeup Artist$$280 onwards
$300 (ROM)
$180 (Trial; 2hr)
$400 – $680 (1-2 sessions)
$720 – 800 (full day)
AD packages include eyebrow trimming, skin conditioning ampoule, false eyelashes, hair extensions, bridal veils, bridal accessories and complimentary makeup touchups, and hairstyling for the groom, transportation (excludes Sentosa).[email protected]
9111 3996
Valerie Lim$$250 (ROM)$600 (2 looks + change of hairstyle for 2nd march in)AD packages include eyelashes, ampoules, groom makeup and hairstyling and transportation.[email protected]
8726 2906
Vivien Low$$300 (1x look)
$400 (2 looks)+
$200 for touchup/additional hairstyle change
AD Packages include airbrush, eyebrow shaping, ampoule, fake eyelashes, loan of hair accessories + extension*, early surcharge and transportation. Excludes trial (available on top up of $150/weekday session)[email protected]
9817 1231
Waynesther Professional Makeup by Esther Lee$$$400 (ROM; 1 look)
$300 (Trial)
$400 (1 makeup + hair)
$680 (1x makeup + 2x hair + 1x touchup)
$880 (1x makeup + 3x hair + 1x touchup + free groom makeup and hair)
$1,000 (1x makeup + 3x hair + 2x touchup + free groom makeup and hair + free gelish & nail art)
Groom / Family: $150-180/pax
All packages include eyebrow trimming, ampoules, false eyelashes, hair accessories[email protected]
Wei Yee$$280 (ROM)$600 (2 looks)All packages include fake eyelashes, skin primer and eyebrow trimming.[email protected]
Xara Lee$$$500 (1 look)$988 (full day; 2 looks)Includes Loan of hair accessories and complimentary groom styling for evening.[email protected]
Zann Creations[email protected]
Zen Makeup$$680 (2 looks)AD Package includes trial session, face primer, false eyelashes
Make This Out by Bernice Low$$$480 (half day; 1 look)
$780 (full day; 2 looks)
All packages include 1 trial, skin conditioning ampoules, eyebrow shaping and trimming, unlimited pairs of premium hand-made false eyelashes, loan of bridal jewellery sets, veils, accessories and hair pieces and complementary touch ups and styling for groom.[email protected]
9725 6969
Make This Out by Bernice Low$$$480 (half day; 1 look)
$780 (full day; 2 looks)
All packages include 1 trial, skin conditioning ampoules, eyebrow shaping and trimming, unlimited pairs of premium hand-made false eyelashes, loan of bridal jewellery sets, veils, accessories and hair pieces and complementary touch ups and styling for groom.[email protected]
9725 6969