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10 Things You Must Know Before Planning Your Wedding

We know how planning a huge party is never easy, so before you embark on planning the biggest party of your life, these tips will help you avoid much of the stress that comes with it! Prepare your checklist and take note of these 10 things you must know before planning your wedding:

1. You can’t please everyone

Before you start planning, it’s important to know that it is almost impossible to make everyone happy with all the wedding choices you have to make. Whether it’s your parents, relatives or your fiance’s family, it’s difficult to align all decisions to fit with everyone’s expectations. Remember that at the end of the day, you are the bride – your wedding memories are for yours to keep in years to come. Of course, that being said, you do need to consider other people’s opinions as well, especially the important few. Just learn to manage their expectations and a must is to know how to let them down nicely when you don’t see eye to eye with them.

2. Keep a wedding checklist

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to keep organized. Before you start, refer to a timeline so that you have a plan on how to proceed. Following which, assign yourself deadlines. Although there are tons of things to do and multitasking is a skill that is greatly required, try to stick to one main task that you should remain focused on with each milestone.

3. Vet your wedding vendors thoroughly

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Before you fix on the vendors that you are planning to use, ensure that you run through their portfolio and charges. Even if the vendor is recommended by your friends, don’t forget to check out online reviews as opinions might vary with different experiences. Also, when interviewing your vendors, do communicate your needs (and wants) across to them clearly.

4. Keep it simple

Elaborate weddings might extremely glamourous, but it’s not necessarily a requirement. In fact, dedicating more budget to your honeymoon or after-wedding expenditure might be a smarter thing to do! The more complicated a wedding gets, the higher the chance of something going wrong on the day itself. So whenever possible, keep it simple.

5. Have a wedding website

I’m a strong believer of whenever possible, leave it to technology. Having a wedding website can take care of all your RSVPs and FAQs. You can share your love story & journey on your website too. It can suffice as a platform where guests can share photos of your wedding as well!

6. Start a wedding registry

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This tradition is more popular in the US, but it is extremely useful! Guests will be giving you tons of gifts and they are bound to overlap. Especially when it comes to household essentials like blenders & ovens, having one in your future home would suffice. A wedding registry compiles the list of things that you’ll be needing for your future home. It is super organized as it allows guests to select what they would like to gift you and the item gets checked so there won’t be any duplicate.

7. Delegate all tasks whenever possible

Are you a hands-on person? Well, it’s time to learn how to delegate. There are tons of nitty-gritty tasks required when planning a wedding, and I’m telling you that it is impossible to do them all on your own. You’ll suffer from burnout and be too tired to attend your own wedding at the end of the day. There will be tons of people willing to help you make sure that all supplies you need for exhibitions and materials you want for the occasion will make it to your actual wedding. If you trust them, let them. Of course, do give them specific guidelines and instructions so the end goal doesn’t differ too far from what you wanted.

8. Be decisive & prioritize

There will be tons of decision-making in planning your big day. The options that you have are going to flood you. Don’t give in to every single one of them. Prioritizing your needs (and wants) is important as well. Have a clear idea for what you want, and be ready to eliminate them if they are not a good fit. Just keep in mind, don’t trade flexibility for decisiveness.

9. Don’t panic

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One thing’s for sure, is that things don’t always go according to the perfect plan. When they don’t, it’s important to not panic and stay focused on what’s important at that point of time – solving the issue. Being a female entitles you to be emotional (at times) but do not let it take away your problem-solving skills.

10. It’s okay to take your time

Don’t rush into planning our the perfect wedding. If it takes 12 months or 24 months, so be it. Every wedding is unique and you don’t always have to follow the standard guidelines. Planning your wedding should be a special moment, and you have to give yourself enough time to take it all in.

Now you’re ready to embark on your planning! Good luck! If this article has helped in some way or another, please do share the love with your friends!

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