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Amatara Wellness Resort – A Peaceful, Restorative & Holistic Retreat for Wellness Seekers

Sense your life’s balance and embrace the connection between your mind, body and soul, that’s Ryan and my philosophy. Living in a bustling, vibrant city can sometimes be so overwhelming and stressful that we forget to hit the pause button to check in with ourselves.

The repercussions of neglecting to be present affect our sleep, diet, mood and fitness. In favour of spontaneity, we decided to take a time out. We blocked out a weekend, each packed a carry-on luggage, flew 817 miles to Phuket and checked into Amatara Wellness Resort for a pre-honeymoon retreat. This retreat proved the right place to be amidst our worrisome wedding planning, and perhaps one of the best decisions we’ve made.

Phuket, Thailand is a tropical gem! It is blessed by serene blue lagoons, breathtaking amber sunsets, and legendary beaches. With its rich tradition in holistic, and innovative healing treatments, it is unsurprising that Phuket is a flourishing wellness destination, highly sought after by wellness enthusiasts. Amatara is situated in a tranquil corner of the idyllic island, Cape Panwa, overlooking a secluded bay lapped by the aquamarine Andaman Sea. With the benefit of travelling during a low season, we enjoyed precious downtime to reconnect with each other in this tropical sanctuary. The novel and mood-enhancing activities in our personalised itinerary allowed us to recall and re-experience the emotions in our early days of dating. Through the serene stress-free living, we let our worries wash out with the tide.

Read on to find out why Amatara Wellness Resort is the ideal honeymoon retreat to embark on for your journey to optimal wellness.

7 Reasons why Amatara Wellness Resort is the epitome of a luxurious and energising honeymoon  

Amatara Wellness Resort Phuket

1. Embark on your personalised wellness journey with an insightful consultation

Amatara Wellness Resort Phuket

Prior to our 2 Day Pre-Wedding Detox program, we were issued an extensive wellness consultation form to indicate our individual health, wellbeing history, and the goals we hoped to seek guidance for during our stay.

Below were our common goals:

  • De-stress
  • Get on track with healthy habits
  • Increase mindfulness

Our private wellness consultation took place in a warm-lighted, wood-paneled office. The interior radiated calm and positive vibes that both settled and welcomed us almost immediately. Despite being an hour session, the consultation was a nurturing and enriching experience. Ken, the health and wellness specialist, helped us better understand our individual state of being. He also constructively scrutinised our issues. Some recommendations included using the nutritional supplements Ashwaganda to support adrenal glands and improve Ryan’s quality of sleep, and Shatavari a nourishing tonic for women to tackle hormonal imbalance affecting the mood which I’d been experiencing.

2. Nestle in the Ocean View Pool Villa with complete privacy

Amatara Wellness Resort PhuketJust a stone’s throw away from the infinity pool, we found our hidden Ocean View Pool Villa encompassed by towering birds of paradise plants. The generous space is artfully designed and beautifully furnished. It is embellished with traditional fine art pieces, complementary delectable healthy treats, and an opulent bathtub with a view of the sea. We did not hold back our squeals.

Amatara Wellness Resort Phuket, Thailand

To enhance this intimate honeymoon, we were treated to a personal outdoor pool with a view of the bay and complete privacy. After lunchtime, Ryan wasted no time plunging into the pool while I basked under the afternoon sun on the sunbeds. All these elements embody the laid-back, luxury environment which perfectly set the tone for our new wellness routine.

Every morning, after a restful slumber, we awoke to be greeted by the dreamy morning sunbeams. Feeling nothing but refreshed and excited to experience the day. Especially breakfast.

3. Indulge in soul-nourishing cuisine at The Retreat

“We Are What We Eat”—the pathway to optimal health starts from within. The Retreat opens exclusively for Pool Villa and Retreat guests for breakfast, spoiling us with a healthy buffet spread alongside a plethora of beverages, ranging from raw juice blends and superfood smoothies, to herbal teas and coffees. All meticulously prepared with utmost consideration for freshness and optimal nutrition.

Amatara Wellness Resort
Source: Amatara Wellness Resort

Before we feasted by the pool over the Andaman Sea, Ryan’s ultimate morning beverage was The Retreat’s golden Turmeric shot. That antioxidant powerhouse always awakened his palate. Do try this sweet-pungent, earthy concoction to gear you up for a day of stimulating activities. However, be sure not to spill the golden juice on your clothes, it is a stubborn stain to remove!

Wellness does not end with breakfast. For lunch, the intimate lounge serves extensive calorie-counted salads, soups and mains without compromising the burst of Thai flavours we had been looking forward to. Each portion is engineered to support you feeling lighter, more energized, and to reduce the toxic load on your body. We both opted for plant-based cuisine, so if you’re in for a vegetarian mission, here are our best orders:  

  1. Pumpkin Quinoa Risotto
  2. Organic Green Power Soup
  3. Thai Red Curry with Warm Soba
  4. Gluten-free banana oat pancakes
  5. Raw mango and lychee “cheeze” cake
  6. Chocolate Cake

4. Experience and learn authentic Thai cooking

Checking off the top item of my wellness travel agenda was attending an authentic Thai cooking class at The Restaurant, where we got to choose to cook the courses we had savoured earlier at The Retreat! Amatara wellness cuisine concept is deeply rooted in ancient traditions. Through the guidance of their very own Thai chefs, we discovered the foundations of using real, unrefined, free-range, whole-foods and cold pressed oils to create authentic Thai healing foods. However, the competitiveness in us caused the culinary class to transition into a culinary faceoff. In the end, we were both winners, albeit by split decision. The key takeaways for us were the inspiration to cook more consciously back home, and the enhanced awareness of how nourishing food can be when prepared in simple natural ways—without additives or refined sugars.

Amatara Wellness Resort
Source: Amatara Wellness Resort

5. Strengthen and seek mindfulness at Yoga Sala

Practicing mindfulness and yoga accompanied by a blanket of peaceful ocean waves in the morning was unforgettable at our Yoga Sala class. Given that we are both beginners, our private yoga instructor, Luna, conducted a yoga consultation to help us gain confidence and deepen our knowledge of how meditation and yoga goes hand-in-hand to strengthen our physical, emotional and mental health. Notably, I discovered that Observational Meditation is by far the most effective technique to cope with my restlessness and fleeting mind. By recognising, encapsulating and then releasing one thought at a time in my headspace, its associated anxiety and stress begin to fade away. This meditative practice left me with a clear, balanced, and positive mind. A practice I mean to continue.

The importance of Amatara’s private sessions was notable as they made each class less intimidating and more specifically motivating. It allowed for us to address all our questions and gave us the confidence to bring this practice off the holiday mat and back home into our daily living.

6. Plunge into the infinity edge pool

Swimming adventures for Ryan went beyond our private pool to this infinity edge pool! After our morning yoga, we hurried back to swap our activewear for swimwear. In just five minutes, we brisk-walked to the pool, took a deep breath, and plunge into the cooling water.

Amatara Wellness Resort
Source: Amatara Wellness Resort

The calm flats of the 55-meter infinity pool overlooking the secluded bay is yet another reason numerous patrons still sojourn in Amatara. If taking a dip is not your cup of tea to relax, simply order a wee dram by the poolside sun beds and immerse yourselves in a good read.

7. Recharge & find your inner peace at spa treatments

To conclude our days packed with diverse treatments, we pampered ourselves with the heavenly, signature Amatara Massage and anti-aging facial massage at twilight. Needless to say, this is the most comfortable way to recover from muscular stiffness and tension.

Not forgetting our memories of Amatara’s, and the world’s first, Thai Hammam treatment. It was a uniquely sensational experience.

Amatara Wellness Resort
Source: Amatara Wellness Resort                                                       

Amatara’s Thai Hammam honours the bathing traditions of Morocco and Turkey while adding the gentle touch of healing Thai spa therapy, and uses only 100% natural products. We underwent a marathon of cleansing stages, including: rain-showers, a steam-room, a sauna, internally heated stone beds (as depicted above), ice showers, deep body exfoliation, thermal mud therapy, and salt cave relaxation. This 105 minute journey began with a bang to our senses during the dramatic alternation of hot to cold temperatures: from fire to ice. This combination of discomfort and excitement baffled and heightened our senses in new ways. Once we reached the exfoliation stage our bodies were conditioned to relax, and by the time we concluded in the salt room our bodies had been reborn while our minds drifted in a complete state of bliss. This experience will be etched in our minds for many years to come. It remains as a story that we regale others with and an experience we thoroughly recommend trying—at least once.

It is a rejuvenating, circulatory stimulant and detoxifying treatment that promises renewing, skin-softening and healing. Do note that Hammam is not recommended for

  • Individuals sensitive to high heat
  • Skin infection, broken skin or sun burns
  • Women having their period
Amatara Wellness Resort
Source: Amatara Wellness Resort

In case you need more reasons

In case you were looking for a third or fourth opinion: Amatara Wellness Resort has recently, and unsurprisingly, won four international hospitality awards for its dedicated world-class service and its paragon of a Luxury Spa. As the first and finest luxury spa in Phuket, the resort offers all-inclusive, personalised programs and wellness treatments that can be customized to align with your goals.

Furthermore, and almost needless to say, the Amatara staff deliver the highest level of hospitality. From the instance we arrived Amatara to our last day of this retreat, their warmth and attentiveness to our needs enhanced our experience and exceeded our expectations. They made us feel cared for and comfortable throughout our stay. In case they (you) are reading this, we pass on our sincerest thanks!

Final thought

Rewarding your hard work with a regular restful vacation is good, but the holistic healing of Amatara will revitalise your mind, body and soul. We cannot wait to go back.


Embark your first restorative retreat at Amatara Wellness Resort right here!

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