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Top 10 Wedding Photography and Videography Teams in Indonesia

Every couple spends a lot of time planning for their big day because they want it to be special. Are you one of them? If yes is your answer, you can now start documenting your way to that one blissful experience! With the best wedding photography and videography team, they will document all of your wedding moments, from wedding planning up to your grand celebration. We listed the Top 10 Wedding Photography and Videography Teams in Indonesia that will create your life long memory into a paradise that you can visit once in a while!

Top 10 Wedding Photography and Videography Teams in Indonesia

10. BaliHigh, for a sky-high wedding shoot

BaliHigh Aerial Media is a Bali based company that specialises in aerial photography and aerial cinematography using their Cinestar 8 heavy lift drone. Their drone can lift different kinds of high definition camera as per event and shooting style that produce images that will surely take their clients’ breath away. BaliHigh Aerial Media is the team you will want to have if you want to have detailed shots of your big day. They can capture images from above, wide ranges, and from different angles.


Jl. Raya Umulas 1, Kerobokan, Bali
+6281339025223 / +6281339025223
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9. ALVIN PHOTOGRAPHY, for classic wedding captures

Wedding Photography Videography - ALVIN PHOTOGRAPHY

This team started in 2009 with a vision of making people happy through their photography. ALVIN PHOTOGRAPHY centre in artistic photo shoots and offers pre-wedding coverage, wedding candid, wedding clip and photo studio.

No need to think of the clothes you will wear on the shooting day because this team offers that as well, together with the makeup, decoration, the location and an album package in any style you want. This is the photography team you are waiting for that is in for a creative and artistic wedding shoot that will both amaze and captivate you. If you are looking for unique style in classic and vintage wedding shoot, ALVIN PHOTOGRAPHY is the right one for you.


Jl. Anggajaya III Condong Catur, Yogyakarta
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8. KINEMA STUDIOS, for cinematic wedding shots

Wedding Photography Videography - KINEMA STUDIOS

KINEMA STUDIOS is a cinematography and photography company in Indonesia. The team started in 2011 and they specialise in romantic, cinematic, and with a naturalistic touch of wedding captures. They believe that true love exists and capturing those true love moments is their way of telling stories. Combining their own style in cinematography, you will receive your photos more creative and natural photos. Do also note that  KINEMA Studios can also give you a romantic and timeless theme of a wedding shoot!


Sunrise Garden Jl. Surya Nirmala blok O no. 17a. Kedoya, Jakarta Barat
+0215803789 | +082310198210
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7. TJANA PHOTOGRAPHY BALI, for traditional wedding ceremony

Wedding Photography Videography - TJANA PHOTOGRAPHY BALI

TJANA PHOTOGRAPHY BALI is a creative and award-winning photographer and videographer team based in Bali. They believe that photography is the only language that can understand the beauty of any moment. With their style of mixing conceptual art with story-telling, they could capture spectacular candid shots that are usually cannot be seen by others.

Furthermore, TJANA PHOTOGRAPHY BALI also offers packages of two photographers per session; you can also get your wedding photos saved on a flash drive or CD with an exclusive photo book. They offer coverage for engagement and wedding day, honeymoon, and other event documentaries. Whether traditional or artistic kind of shoot, they can give you that. They also accept projects from Bali and other South Pacific countries.


Segara Beach Point, Bali, Indonesia
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6. Rudy Lin Photography, for vibrant wedding shots

Wedding Photography Videography - Rudy Lin Photography
Photo via Rudy Lin Photography

Rudy Lin Photography is a Bali-based team that specialises in a story-telling style of wedding photography and videography. They offer pre-wedding shoot, wedding photos, and videos. You can also receive wedding photos both unedited and edited. They can also edit your videos in accordance to the style and song that you want.

Also, Rudy Lin Photography works received praises from their clients. They are saying that it is a team worth recommending to other couples, they are also very professional, and a responsive bunch of passionate artists to work with. So, if you are in for a vibrant and rich textures kind of photos this type of team is definitely a perfect match for you.


Rudy Lin Photography
Bali, Indonesia
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5. AB PHOTOGRAPHS, for couples who are in love with love

Wedding Photography Videography - AB Photographs
Photo via AB Photographs

AB PHOTOGRAPHS is the right one for you if you are looking for a team that focuses love in all of their works. They believe that love should not follow any trend because it has its own unique identity. AB PHOTOGRAPHS is a team of photographers and videographers based in Jakarta. They can capture happiness, joy, and tears, the way you look at your soon-to-be-partner or the way your family reacts. They can capture those moments and they can materialise all of it in photos and videos.

Moreover, their creative and pretty shots have been approved by their past clients. AB PHOTOGRAPHS centres love as the luxurious thing has been ever made, and they believe that it should be photographed to create long lasting memories to be seen for years.


Jl. Petogogan 2 no.363th floor, Kebayoran BaruJakarta Selatan
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4. Axioo, for fun-loving couple

Wedding Photography Videography - Axioo
Photo via Axioo

This team of wedding photographers and videographers are composed of young and passionate people who have a huge passion for photography. Love, life, and happiness are their inspiration when they are creating solid evidence of a beautiful and magical wedding day.

Axioo is definitely your wedding team if you are in search for a simple but meaningful fun-filled wedding shoots. They will provide you fresh and bright photos that will keep you in awe for a lifetime. They centre the magic of love and happiness as their standard motivation to create fantastic shots of the pre-wedding and up to the wedding day. Axioo capture every romantic quirk in your life to add to your romantic wedding plans to last for centuries!


Bali, Indonesia
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3. Snap Story Pictures, for picture-perfect love story

Wedding Photography Videography - Snap Story Pictures - OneThreeOneFour
Photo via OneThreeOneFour

Snap Story Pictures is originally a team of a husband and wife that has a team of artists, photographers and videographers. They won awards from different award giving bodies for their photos. And if you are in for a picturised memory of your love story, Snap Story Pictures is the right one for you.

Snap Story Pictures will serve you all the way and will give you state of the art pictures and videos. They can offer you the full album of your wedding in both edited and unedited versions. They can also capture moments from the pre-wedding and up to the wedding day, creating videos for that memorable time of your life. Whether landscape or detailed shots, their photos are well presented and classy. 


Snap Story Pictures
Bali, Indonesia
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2. FLIPMAX PHOTOGRAPHY, for couples who love simplicity

Wedding Photography Videography - FLIPMAX PHOTOGRAPHY - OneThreeOneFour
Photo via OneThreeOneFour

FLIPMAX PHOTOGRAPHY and Videography has a team composed of experienced and passionate photographers and videographers that could capture perfect images and footages with their in time and graceful shooting style. They offer pre-wedding and wedding day shoots, as well as wedding videos.

FLIPMAX PHOTOGRAPHY can give you what you want in a simple yet intimate wedding photo shoots. They can make simple photos that will surely captivate you in a glance, and they can also create videos that you can watch from time to time. FLIPMAX PHOTOGRAPHY is a team that works passionately behind their lenses; they are also keen to details. That is why they are able to produce beautiful shots both in photo and video. 


Jalan Tukad Pulet No. 9X, Denpasar-Bali, Indonesia 80225 |
+6287861165185 / +6287861165185
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1. PhotoFactory, for magazine-style wedding shots

Wedding Photography Videography - PhotoFactory
Photo via PhotoFactory

PhotoFactory is an Indonesia-based photography and videography team in Bali. If you are looking for a photography team that could produce photos that are magazine-style in quality, PhotoFactory is the right team for you. With their multi-award winning talents, they can give you the wedding souvenirs you want. They excel in extraordinary story-telling photo shoots and artistic videos that can capture your big day.

PhotoFactory offers wedding photo shoot and video shoot, as well as pre-wedding shoots in accordance to the style that you want. Their work is top notch amongst others and receives high praises from every client they have. Their services are only limited due to the availability of the dates, so if you want a magazine type wedding, book your dates as early as you can. Do also note that PhotoFactory specialises in capturing special moments that only the wedding day can bring!  


Jl. Jayagiri XI No. 8B, Denpasar 80234, Bali, Indonesia
+62361239967 | +6285100439681 | +628155753514
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Ricky & CO. Photography, for award-winning wedding shots

Wedding Photography Videography - Ricky & CO. Photography
Photo via Ricky & CO. Photography

Ricky and Co. Photography was built in 2013 by Ricky B. Salim and Nicovianto W.H. With their passion, talent, and award winning skills in photography and videography, their company is recognised as one of the best wedding photography and videography team in Bali. They won awards from different wedding photojournalist award giving bodies.

Also, their passion in wedding photography is what paves their way to be the best in the industry, covering hundreds of wedding every day. Combining both Ricky and Nico’s abilities, they can produce real artistic wedding photos that will give you and your partner a lifetime of memories to look at. Take note that they also offer different promo that is limited for first-time clients!


Ricky and Co. Photography
Jl. P. Kawe, No. 35, Denpasar, Bali
+62361220052 | +6281806926789


Dani Halim Productions, for creative wedding trend

Wedding Photography Videography - Dani Halim Productions
Photo via Dani Halim Productions

If you are looking for creative shots to commemorate your one-big-day, Danny Halim Productions is the right one for you. Danny Halim Production is one of the best wedding photography companies in Indonesia. They also operate in Bali and other countries and they can produce images that will reflect all the emotions of the love of your life, families and friends who witness the best and biggest moment of your life. You wouldn’t need to find gowns, dresses, and tux collection for your wedding because Dani Halim Production offers wedding stylist, make-up artist, and as well as other wedding and photography services.


Dani Halim Production
Jl. Cokroaminoto 200 Depansar‚ÄďBali, Indonesia |
+6285107080088 | +6281337000038
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We hope that our list of Top 10 Wedding Photography and Videography Teams in Indonesia helped you to make your dream wedding photo shoot come true! 

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