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Top 10 Wedding Photographers in Indonesia

Photographs remind us of our fond memories of special occasions that we spent together with our loved ones. In every occasion, like weddings, it is necessary to have a reliable photographer to capture cheerful memories that will be treasured forever. For you to enjoy your wedding to the fullest, we would suggest that you hire a photographer that will immortalize your wonderful and memorable wedding moments through photographs.Wedding photography is an art, and capturing extraordinary photographs of your wedding moments is what these wedding photographers in Indonesia are capable of. Check our list of Top 10 Wedding Photographers in Indonesia to make your wedding experience exceptional!

Top 10 Wedding Photographers in Indonesia

10. Gusde Photography, for treasured wedding memories

wedding photographers indonesia - Gusde Photography - OneThreeOneFour
Photo via Gusde Photography

Because of the memories that they hold, Gusde Photography believes that photographs are priceless treasures. That is why their main goal when they are shooting wedding photographs is to capture the perfect picture that portrays the real moments of the wedding. Gusde Photography is founded by Gusde, Adiwarna, and Mario. They are proud members of Fearless Photographers and have received numerous awards because of their mastery of their craft. You will surely love their style because they focus on capturing smiles on the face of every guest. They do this because they want the image to have a deep and meaningful message every time that you will look on it.


Gusde Photography
Jalan Patih Nambi, Perum Taman Sepa Nambi II/12, Denpasar-Bali, Indonesia 80115
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9. THEUPPERMOST, for unique and colorful wedding photos

wedding photographers indonesia - THEUPPERMOST

Wedding photographs and themes made by THEUPPERMOST is indeed a work of art. By using amazing landscapes and unique environments to shoot photographs, they can produce a colorful and calming effect in a photo. THEUPPERMOST is supported by three award winning photographers: Sigit, Tito, and Jeff. Using their artistic and passionate approach to photography, they are receiving countless awards and recognitions throughout the year. Their experiences and achievements in shooting wedding photographs are the reasons why you should check them out when you are planning to get yourself a wedding photographer.


Bintaro Puspita IV | A7 Bumi Bintaro Permai, Jakarta Selatan Jakarta, Indonesia 12330
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8. Reza Prabowo Photography, for picture perfect wedding photographs

wedding photographers indonesia - Reza Prabowo Photography
Photo via Reza Prabowo Photography

Reza Prabowo Photography’s goal on every photograph that they take is to capture only the best moment that represents the emotions and personality of the couple. They know how to take perfect shots in a perfect moment! Reza Prabowo Photography is composed of talented, passionate, and skilled individuals that produce and shoot extraordinary wedding photos. Trust us, they can deliver quality natural wedding photographs, enough to make your wedding unforgettable!


Reza Prabowo Photography
Istana Pasar Baru, Lt. 3 No 3-12D, Jl. Pintu Air Raya, Jakarta Pusat
Jl. Depokan I, No. 200, Kotagede, Yogyakarta
+6282253888662 | +6282243888662
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7. Dominik Photography Bali, for casual and natural captures

wedding photographers indonesia - Dominik Photography Bali - Bali Wedding Photo
Photo via Bali Wedding Photo

Dominik Photography is a multi-awarded photography provider in Indonesia. They can capture photos for casual, natural, and emotional weddings or pre-wedding occasions. If you like your wedding photographs to be set on the beach, grass field, or flower beds, Dominik can help you with that.

Moreover, Dominik was born in Austria and started covering weddings back in 2003 and then turned his passion for photography into a serious career. Australian publications have featured some of Dominik’s photographs, they are Australian Bridal Magazine, Bridal Options, Holiday for Couples, and others. With all these achievements, you can tell that he is capable of making your wedding photographs look impressive.


Dominik Photography
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6. Kairos Works, for elegant and glamorous photographs

wedding photographers indonesia - Kairos Works
Photo via Kairos Works

If you are looking for elegant, simple, and bright-themed wedding photographs, Kairos Works can arrange that for you. They specialize in capturing candid wedding shots in a bright environment. Kairos Works value each photograph they take.  You will certainly love their dedication in making your wedding shots look very lively, detailed, and glamourous.


Kairos Works
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5. Thepotomoto Photography, for deeper and meaningful shots

wedding photographers indonesia - Thepotomoto Photography
Photo via Thepotomoto Photography

Thepotomoto Photography style has a range of different themes, from elegant black and white to well-lit environment and astounding landscapes. They can capture any kind of emotion with their camera as they believe that capturing the sincerity and the happiness of the couple will give deeper meaning on the photograph. They are providing excellent wedding photography for five years and their greatest ambition is to make you laugh and cry as you are relieving the memorable moments of your wedding day through a photograph.


Thepotomoto Photography
Taman Manggis Permai Blok J No.6 Tole Iskandar Depok, West Java, Indonesia 16412
+62813 15377979 | +6281299111980 | +0217700221 | +081315377979
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4. Fusia Pictures, for simple yet appealing wedding moments

wedding photographers indonesia - Fusia Pictures
Photo via Fusia Pictures

Simple things are attractive to the eyes, and it is the specialty of Fusia Pictures. They are known for capturing simple yet appealing wedding photographs that are set in bright and calming landscapes. Fusia Pictures are full of passionate and creative people that value the importance of taking wedding shots exquisitely. They can absolutely provide you satisfaction with their interesting style of capturing wedding pictures.

Fusia Pictures
Taman Cendana Golf Jalan Kamboja Golf 8, Lippo Karawaci
+6281212198143 | +6281361358198
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3. Terralogical Photography, for candid and vivid wedding shots

wedding photographers indonesia - Terralogical Photography - OneThreeOneFour
Photo via Terralogical Photography

Terralogical Photography is for couples who want to capture natural and sincere moments. You will surely fall in love with their photographs as they have an excellent style of capturing the couple’s feelings for each other. Also, Terralogical Photography is composed of young, creative, and award-winning Bali photographers who love telling stories through images. Let this team capture your genuine wedding moments!


Terralogical Photography
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2. Diktatphotography, for wedding photographs that show emotions

wedding photographers indonesia - Diktatphotography
Photo via Diktatphotography

Looking for a photographer that specialises in capturing photos that are set in natural surroundings? Diktatphotography is the right choice. Aside from having the expertise of choosing the right landscape to be the background of the photos, the photographers of Diktatphotography also have the ability to capture emotions and the connections between people.

Diktatphotography was founded by Diktat who started focusing on photography professionally in 2010. Along with Kadek who became his partner in 2015, they started working together to take striking wedding photographs that will capture priceless memories. Diktatphotography is a perfect choice if you are looking for a photographer who can capture splendid emotional wedding photographs in a bright environment.


Jln. Pasekan Gg. Batu Sepih, Batu Bulan Gianvar, Bali, Indonesia
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1. Bali Pixtura, for stunning weddings shots and landscapes

wedding photographers indonesia - Bali Pixtura - OneThreeOneFour
Photo via Bali Pixtura

If you are looking for a photographer that has the expertise of capturing stunning shots of the wedding by incorporating the amazing landscapes of Bali, Bali Pixtura is the right choice for you. It was founded by Bayu and Ivony way back in 2012. They believe that every couple is unique that is why they are always working on details. They capture and retouch each photograph one by one to assure the satisfaction of the newly-weds. Do also note that Bali Pixtura has the capability to make your wedding photographs impressive!


Bali Pixtura
Jalan Tukad Balian Gg.43 No.6 Renon, Denpansar Selatan – Bali 80226, Indonesia
+6282388113573 | +6281246668555
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All of the photographers mentioned in our list of Top 10 Wedding Photographers in Indonesia can absolutely make your wedding photographs and experience memorable, unique, and extraordinary!

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