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Top 10 Wedding Gown Designers in Indonesia

A wedding is one of the monumental events in a woman’s life that is why it is very important that the bride looks good in her wedding dress, to make her feel more confident and extra beautiful on her wedding day. In line with this, the wedding gown is one the biggest symbols in a wedding wherein choosing one is not an easy task as there are a lot of designs and styles to choose from. To help you, we prepared the list of the Top 10 Wedding Gown Designers in Indonesia.

Top 10 Wedding Gown Designers in Indonesia

10. AGVSTA by Bethania, for intricate and elegant designs

wedding gown designers - AGVSTA by Bethania - Bridestory
Photo via Bridestory

AGVSTA by Bethania makes sure that every request of the bride about the designing of the wedding gown will be noted to achieve the dream wedding gown of the bride. They have talented designers that know how to understand client’s desire of having a wedding dress that is a work of art.

Moreover, AGVSTA by Bethania is very meticulous when it comes to the details of every gown that they will work on. That is the reason why their customers immediately fell in love with their final output. They made it their mission to make their clients feel like a queen on their very special day.


AGVSTA by Bethania
Jl.Raflesia B1.5 Puspitaloka Bsd Sektor 3.3 Tangerang 15321


9. Prestige by Inar, for handmade Kebaya

wedding gown designers - Prestige by Inar - Facebook
Photo via Facebook

To ensure the precision of the dress, all of Inar’s kebayas are handmade up to the smallest details and is handled with outmost care. Since it opened in 2000, Prestige by Inar became popular not just in Jakarta but also in its neighboring countries. Aside from it, there are well-known local celebrities that wore Inar’s Kebaya. It is also featured on the cover of different magazines in Indonesia.


Prestige by Inar
Gedung Pinang Kav.5 PA, Pondok Indah, South Jakarta
+62217659292 | +08161161711
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8. Pauli’s Couture, for gowns with classic twist

wedding gown designers - Paulis Couture - Bridestory
Photo via Bridestory

When you want a wedding gown that has an elaborate design, Pauli’s Couture is the right one for you because. Their designer, Lisa, is very creative and imaginative of every wedding gown creation that she makes. She is always giving her best to meet every request of the client. In fact, they are also highly recommended by their former clients because of the customer experience that they received when they are coordinating with Pauli’s Couture. With a talented designer and courteous staff, Pauli’s Couture is really a must try wedding gown designer.


Pauli’s Couture


7. Veronika Vidyanita, for a customised wedding attire

wedding gown designers - Veronika Vidyanita - Bridestory
Photo via Bridestory

Veronika’s designing style leans on a classic and feminine look with an intricate use of lace. She listens carefully to her clients’ description of how their wedding gowns designs should look like. The bride should feel like she is the most beautiful girl in the world on her most special day. She satisfies her clients with her neatly made, one of a kind, and gorgeous wedding gown designs. Veronika Vidyanita is one of those designers who only wants to deliver results that are beyond customer’s expectations.


Veronika Vidyanita
Jl Pulolaut no 2 Bandung 40114


6. Imelda Kartini, for glamorous simplicity

wedding gown designers - Imelda Kartini - Brown Platform
Photo via Brown Platform

Imelda Kartini is one of the most renowned wedding gown designers in Indonesia. Her innovative bridal collection was featured on the second season of “Asia’s Next Top Model” and has been winning over fashionistas ever since. Her bridal gowns are edgy but are still romantic. With a powerful vision and determination to design luxurious wedding dress and gowns, she launched her fashion label in Jakarta last 2008.

Ever since, Imelda Kartini received numerous awards in fashion, both national and international. So if you want your husband to fall more deeply in love with you, and your guests to be awed by you on the most important moment of your life, Imelda Kartini’s dresses that are unique and rich with details is the right one for you. 


Imelda Kartini
Jl. Surya Wijaya Blok X No. 32C, Taman Ratu, West Jakarta


5. Tina Andrean, for European-inspired bridal look

wedding gown designers - Tina Andrean
Photo via Tina Andrean

If you want a European-inspired gown with elegant designs, Tina Andrean is the right choice. With her unique techniques on wedding gown designing, she is already being recognised internationally. In 1992, Tina was awarded as the best designer during that year’s Asian Fashion Festival. The stories of her clients are what inspired her the most, so when she is the one designing, she makes sure that she will be able to give the bride the wedding gown of her dreams. 

Furthermore, the stories of her clients are what inspired her the most, so when she is the one designing, she makes sure that she will be able to give the bride the wedding gown of her dreams. Aside from it, Tina Andrean’s wedding experience is quite unpleasant that is why she and her husband established a one-stop shop that will handle all the needed preparations for a client’s wedding. If you want someone who is reliable and experienced to handle your wedding preparations Tina Andrean is the right one for you.


Tina Andrean
Gandaria City UG Floor, UG-05A beside Tony Jakarta Selata
+02171647775 | +02129382630
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4. Anne Avantie, for exquisite Kebaya wedding dress

wedding gown designers - Anne Avantie - Facebook
Photo via Facebook

A kebaya is a long-sleeved dress that is worn traditionally by women of Indonesia, Brunei, Southern Thailand, Cambodia, Burma, and also the southern part of the Philippines. And because of her decades of experience, Anne Avantie is said as to be the most expensive Kebaya maker in Indonesia. Also, the Indonesian Museum Records named Anne Avantie as the pioneer in making contemporary Kebaya.

The most important thing for Anne Avantie when she is making a Kebaya dress is that it will be meaningful for the bride once that it will be worn on the wedding day. That is why she is always letting her imagination and passion when she is designing the kebaya dress, for it to be prestigious.


Anne Avantie
Jl. Kalimas Barat Blok A3/V Panggung Lor, Semarang
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3. Jeffry Tan, for an avant-garde bridal look

wedding gown designers - Jeffry Tan
Photo via Jeffry Tan

Jeffry Tan is awarded as the best fashion designer on 2002/2005 from France’s ESMOD School of Design. Since he started in the fashion industry, he had become Jakarta’s most well-known designers. He is an avant-garde designer. You won’t find simple designs on his collections, but you can be assured that his designs are sophisticated, modern and elaborate.

So if you want not just to look exquisite on your wedding day, then you must try choosing from his collections for you to look extraordinarily beautiful. Since he is always pouring his emotions whenever he is working, his designs and patterns are elaborate. In addition, his boutique in Cipete is giving his customers a chance to view how their wedding dresses are being made.


Jeffrey Tan
Jeffrey Tan Boutique Abdul Majid Raya No.40 Cipete South Jakarta
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2. Phangsanny Couture, for vintage-style wedding moment

wedding gown designers - Phangsanny Couture
Photo via Phangsanny Couture

If you are looking for a designer that uses a lot of lace, light transparent fabric, and hand sewn pearls, Phangsanny Couture is the right choice for you. Phangsanny can do gowns that are sophisticated, vintage, whimsical, and romantic. She is deeply attached to art so if you will have her as your designer, you can expect that the result will be a work of art. She is also a perfectionist because she only wants to achieve flawlessness in every aspect of the gown, from the pattern of the dress, and to the tiniest bit of lace details. 

Moreover, Phangsanny also wants to make sure that the bride will wear a gown that suits and represents her personality that is why she takes notes of the details and preferences of every bride that will avail her wedding gowns. To make sure that her customers will walk down the aisle with a creation that is one-of-a-kind, there is only a limited number on her order list every month. 


Phangsanny Couture
Jakarta 32 Gading Raya Avenue Kelapa Gading Bali @ Kanomayasa
Kanomayasa Ubud, Tegallalang-Ubud, Bali
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1. Albert Yanuar, for Feminine and Intricate Designs

wedding gown designers - Albert Yunar - Instagram
Photo via Instagram

Albert Yanuar believes that fashion is a combination of business and arts, that is why he is very meticulous with details. He wants to make sure that the embroidery and the style of the wedding gown will flatter the bride’s body. Fulfilling his customers’ needs regarding the fashion of their wedding gown is his biggest concern as he wants his clients to feel glamorous but still comfortable. 

Last 2014, in EMOD Jakarta Fashion Show, he presented a line that is inspired by the ridges of the human fingers, evident on the squiggly lines on the dress’ embroidery. Another collection of his was inspired by wings, making the bride who will wear it looks like a woman who has wings. You could choose a gown on the different collections of Albert, but if you have a concept on what your wedding dress should look like, Albert is willing to design the customised wedding dress just to fulfill your needs of having the perfect wedding dress to look spectacular on your most special day.


Albert Yanuar
Jl. Gading Indah Raya Kav 8 Blok A No. 9, Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta |
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Facebook | Instagram


From classic, vintage, to modern, there are plenty of wedding gowns to choose from. With that, we hope that our list for The Top 10 Wedding Gown Designers in Indonesia helped you achieve that dream wedding gown of yours. 

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