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The Key to Capturing Emotions through Passionate Lenses, by Simple Clouds Films

In this issue, we share the secret sauce behind Simple Clouds Films. Featured as one of our Noteworthy Wedding Videographers this year, they specialise in filming wedding videos filled with emotions for your big day.”

Months of hard work and preparation lead to your wedding day – a single day filled with significant and overwhelming moments. Needless to say, you will want to hold your wedding day memories close to your heart for years to come. With professional wedding videography, you can relive these treasured moments over and over. Your wedding video will serve as a wonderful reminder of the love, happiness, and commitment that you both share in your marriage.

Featured as one of our Noteworthy Wedding Videographers this year, Simple Clouds Films is a wedding videographer team based in Singapore. They specialise in emotional, artistic, and timeless wedding videography. Their mission is to help couples like yourself capture meaningful memories of their wedding day in a pure, artistic, storytelling fashion. Their videos aim to encapsulate your wedding day emotions so that when you rewatch it even after 30 years, it will stir up the same beautiful feelings you felt that very day. Combining evocative storytelling with artistic angles, Simple Clouds Films creates a visual experience that is bound to touch your heartstrings. Read on to find out how they make this happen!

The Secret behind Simple Clouds Films – 5 Reasons that will make you Say I Do to their Wedding Videography

1. A strong focus on emotions

The roots of Simple Clouds Films began in nostalgia and familiarity when Dean discovered his father’s old digital camera after his father’s passing during his adolescent years. Looking through these photos sparked a sense of melancholy, but beyond that, inspired Dean to start snapping pictures of his own. He realised that each frame froze not only a memory but brings forth an expression that cannot be told in writing alone. Reminiscing the memories he shared with his father led him to start his own form of artistic expression, one that strongly hinges on stories and emotions.

Today, Simple Clouds Films stands on the foundation that every frame is an experience and each expression evokes a feeling. Together, they have the capability to tell a story. The team’s strong belief in that emotions play a huge role in our lives and relationships lead them to passionately capture them in their film and stills. Whether you are feeling joy, excitement, glee, awe, happiness, deep love or even nervous anticipation, the team strives to capture these flashes of emotions on camera. This leads them to create videos that trigger a deeper, heartfelt emotion when watching.

“Simple Clouds believes in emotions. Emotions that make every film a different feeling. Emotions that drive the passion within us. We do not treat our movies as work but as our passion.  Our decision in music, artistic angles, details, and pacing aim to create a visual experience that touches the hearts of many.”

2. Having you feel naturally at ease

For many couples like you and me, our only experience being in front of a camera is probably when taking selfies or vacation photos. We seldom get ourselves in front of a professional camera, which explains why we might feel nervous or intimidated when doing a shoot. I know prior to our wedding photo shoot, I felt butterflies in my stomach! But with professional wedding videographers like Simple Clouds Films, they understand how to make couples feel comfortable, at ease, and engaged with not the camera, but each other. With them, it might seem like the camera does not exist. After all, you need to feel comfortable to be laughing and kissing in front of the camera! That is how they are able to capture exuberant emotions and intimate moments in their photos.

The team believes that they are providing more than just a creative service, they are providing an experience and a friendship in the process. Their friendly vibes and warm gestures make it very easy for their couples to feel at ease and relaxed. In fact, many of Dean’s clients have become their friends after the wedding! Read their reviews here.

3. Adding a touch of artistic flair

Emotions though vital in creating a touching and memorable wedding video, making one of good production value requires more. With his experience, creative direction, and passion, Dean is able to add an artistic flair to your wedding video that is unique to his own style.

Simple Clouds Films aims to use artistic angles, seamless editing and carefully chosen music to create a visual experience that is not just a mere recording of your wedding day. Through watching their wedding videos, they want it to trigger emotions and feelings, which allows couples to reminisce their special day over and over. Their unique approach and style is something you will not find in other wedding videos.

4. Uniquely crafted to your preferences

With a million and one things to prepare for your wedding, it is inevitable that brides worry whether their preferences will be taken into consideration. As this special day is about both of you, you will want to create a wedding that reflects that. At Simple Clouds Films, their philosophy is to always place the couple first. While their unique style shines through in every video they create, it does not hinder them from finding a balance between their artistry and taking your preferences into consideration.

Prior to the shoot, the team will take time to get to know you both, and understand what you are looking for in your wedding video. Even if you do not have a concrete idea of what you may want, Simple Clouds Films will make suggestions that they think will suit both of you. Bringing forth the essence of your relationship and reflecting your personalities are what they aim to do in their work. They also take the extra mile to conceptualise out of the ordinary concepts so you will have a wedding video that is one of a kind. With Dean and his team, you can ease your mind knowing that your wedding videography will go smoothly.

5. Allowing you to thoroughly enjoy the experience (and it doesn’t have to cost a bomb!)

As we rush through our hectic lives, we sometimes let our best memories flash by unknowingly. As leading up to your wedding day might be a mad rush, slowing down and letting go on the day itself does take an effort. Being a worry-wart at heart, on our wedding day, I wished I did not spend too much time worrying about the details! But one thing that I knew really helped, was having reliable and experienced vendors that knew exactly what they were doing, leaving couples worry-free. When searching for wedding vendors, be sure to get someone that you not only can connect well with, but has a positive attitude and a goal of providing you with the best experience that they can offer. Simple Clouds Films strives to take care of every little detail, leaving you to let your hair down and enjoy yourself in the process.

For the quality and dedication you get from Simple Clouds Films, you will be happy to hear that they offer very reasonable rates! You can also customise your package according to your needs. Other add-ons include guest interviews, a documentary film, save-the-date trailer, a pre-wedding love shoot. The team is also open to any other ideas you may have. 

  • Deluxe package (8-hours) starts from $2,288
  • Premier package (8-hours) starts from $2,788 (includes SDE)

Going back to what’s important

Years after your wedding day, your wedding video and photos will allow you to relive the most beautiful memories of your special day. Be sure to choose a wedding videographer and photographer that can accurately capture these emotions with a timeless, artistic approach. At Simple Cloud Films, it is their mission to make every couples’ experience a positive and unforgettable one. Check out their past works here and learn more about their wedding packages here.

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