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Romantic Storytelling & Wedding Videography by 50nFifty Productions

[Advertorial] Wedding videography is one of the key elements to have at your wedding. Having your wedding moments are captured in motion on camera is wonderful as you get to keepsake those precious memories forever. Your wedding video can serve as a beautiful reminder of the love that you both share, as well as the promise and commitment you both made to each other on this very special day. Having this beautiful reminder that you can always remincise on, will help you tide through any future trials and tribulations in future marriage life! 50nfifty 1 50nFifty Productions is a team of professional wedding photographers and videographers. They are brilliant at capturing and retelling your romantic love story. As passionate storytellers, 50nFifty Productions take the approach to capture tender moments and distinctive shots in a style that resembles the couple’s personality as they tell your story. Founded by Cino Chee, principal photographer and videographer, 50nFifty comprises of a team of young and hungry crew of dedicated artists. Having been in the wedding industry since 2008, Cino has not only built up a team of diverse backgrounds in film, advertising and fashion, he has also crafted up a unique skill, style and approach of using photos and videos to craft a true love story in the most beautiful way.

Cino, founder of 50nFifty Productions | Photo credits: 50nFifty

We first met up with Cino and Lawrence to get to know each other better. Nearer to the wedding date, we met up again to discuss further about the wedding details. Through conversation, Cino wanted to get to know us and our love story. We shared how we met, fell in love and how we got to this very day of getting tying the knot! We casually shared about our activities, interests and hobbies. Cino’s outgoing and energetic personality hit off very well with us, and he had a way of making conversations together very enjoyable. We were very excited to have 50nFifty take charge of the wedding videography for our solemnization and dinner reception at Tanjong Beach Club, and the videos they crafted were so beautiful. Watch our solemnization and wedding video by 50nFifty below! 

My Favourites by 50nFifty

Talented Storytellers

50nFifty 4 Cino‚Äôs unique approach of storytelling is very much trending in wedding photography and videography, as the story adds more meaning and impact as you unravel them. 50nFifty’s¬†carefully crafted angles and concepts, footages of tender loving moments and clear sound audio all tie up together to create a wonderful piece of art.

It’s all about You

50nFifty 7 50nFifty placed a lot of focus on us. Their couple centric approach made the journey with them a very personalized experience. The beauty of having the video tailored to the your love story, style and personality would ensure that your video is special uniquely yours. To find out more about our thoughts, feelings and excitement, 50nFifty¬†took us through a list of questions about our love story relationship, wedding. From our answers, they crafted up several keywords that were the focuses of our wedding. For our wedding, the keywords were ‚Äúgrand, solemnization, relaxed, scenery, people‚ÄĚ, all of which very spot on! 50nFifty 1 We wanted to focus on our beach solemnization as us exchanging our vows was one of the most significant and meaningful moments of our wedding day. It was nice to know that 50nFifty¬†knew that! We wanted our wedding to be classy and elegant, so grand was a great way to sum it up. We absolutely love the outdoors and the beach, and the scenery and sunset gave us was a beautiful backdrop for our romance. At the same time, we wanted our wedding to have fun and relaxed vibes. The open concept and buffet setting allowed our guests to roam freely and catch up with each other. 50nFifty 2 The most important part of our wedding was getting to celebrate it with the people we loved. We were also very eager to see how the entire wedding would come together after months of hard work coordinating with many vendors. The keywords that the 50nFifty team came up with aligned both our understanding on the meaning that we wanted behind our wedding. Through this, they strived for our wedding video to represent those elements. Giving us an idea on what to expect for our wedding made us really excited! 50nFifty also embedded the energetic personalities and vibes that we both have! Watch our solemnization SDE video below!


A Fun and Personable Experience

50nFifty 8 It was a great experience working with 50nFifty throughout. Cino is a very cool personality and fun to converse with. The entire journey with them was fun, heartwarming and personable. The open conversations we had with Cino and Kedy were very similar to that we would have with close friends, with plenty of laughter and jokes! 50nFifty 6

A Unique Approach

50nFifty 3 The experience with 50nFifty was a unique one. Not only were they focused on crafting up a beautiful wedding video for us, they were eager to know us better on a personal level so they could tailor certain elements for our video. It was a very nice feeling to have, and felt like we were having our friends who knew us well, cover our wedding for us. 50nFifty is a team of professionals, but their earnest approach makes you feel close and comfortable with them. If you are in search of a talented team of storytellers to cover your wedding, be sure to reach out to 50nFifty! They have great experience and creativity to share through your wedding photos and videos. Best yet, they are a one-stop for both your wedding photography and videography so that would save you loads of time and effort having to coordinate with many parties. Check out their portfolio here and contact them here.

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