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Top 10 Most Romantic Wedding Videos in India

Record every moment as it unfolds with the most skilled and experienced professionals to produce the most exquisite wedding video. Preserve not only the memories but the emotions as well. As may time pass by, everything may perish, but a good reminisce of that special day will always be precious to your grand family in the future. I hope you can get great inspirations for your wedding video, as watch these spectacular sets of the Top 10 Most Romantic Wedding Videos in India.

Top 10 Most Romantic Wedding Videos in India

10. Alia & Sameer Wedding by Amit Video Vision, for fun and meaningful video

What makes this video on the list is because they did an excellent job in crafting the video to makes it more “solid” in delivering the message of the wedding. Apart from that, they are able to share the spotlight with everyone that has a special part in the wedding as well, to the family members, closest friends and also the guests. They also had a humorous side in the romantic theme of the wedding which makes it more interesting.

Amid Video Vision
22/19, Munshi Ram Sethi Marg, West Patel Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110008, India
91 98119 07332

9. Nikita & Rohan Wedding by Jodi Clickers, for a candid cinematography

A well candid videography that is composed without staging any of the events. The impressive craftsman of the editors, producers, and cameraman are truly one-of-a-kind. Every emotion, reaction, and expression shown in the clips is all captured at its purest. All of the subjects are taped at their natural state, which makes the product more precious for the future previews. These amazing characteristics of the product will manifest the emotions towards the viewers.

Jodi Clickers
E 514, E Wing, Crystal Plaza, Opp. Infinity Mall, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400053, India
91 22 4004 3344
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8. Anjana and Siddarth Wedding by CuspConcepts, for non-narrative all natural videography

The non-narrative style of the product is quite odd, but it yields a perfect emotional transfer to the viewers through its infrasound background music playing along with the candid romantic tapes that focus on the lovers alone. The background music might not be that romantic but it projects a fun and loving couples in the video. Upon watching the tape you can feel the devotion they have for each other, that’s the amazing thing about infrasound music’s they can manipulate brainwaves to produce an emotional state. This is one smart wedding cinematography.

VHBCS Layout, Kirloskar Colony, Basaveshwar Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560079, India
91 98867 52924
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7. Vidushi & Geet Wedding by Khachakk Studios, for romantic and detailed videography

Producing a well-composed strategy in making a wedding cinematography is their style. But this move of them is quite effective to make the viewer’s feel the emotions being expressed in the video. The clips that made the product more expressive are the interviews that conducted detailing the lovers love story from every point of view. The way they compacted and disperse the information’s about the lovers make it more easy to understand. This way It can easily catch the viewer’s attention. The details are subconsciously crawling in your sensation, and it’s wonderful.

Khachakk Studios
11/84, Chopasni Housing Board Jodhpur City, Rajasthan, India
91 78779 88893

6. Deepti & Anthony ShowReel by Tamarind Weddings, for emulous and one-of-a-kind videography

If you are searching for modernist wedding cinematographers better have Tamarind Weddings on your side. Their style in crafting this video is quite unique, by filling the videography with wonderful and amazing effects, it makes more artistic and mind bending. Despite of the modern effect they kept the details of the wedding in a well-documented manner making it more romantic. Their jaw-dropping editing skills are pleasant they’re like making a movie production especially for you. They spice-up the video by manifesting emotions through the help of a well-timed release of a high definition audio with effects.

Tamarind Weddings
Bhavani, Lal Salam Road, Vytila Kochi, India
91 90209 10909
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5. Nishant & Eesha Wedding by 3 Winks Films & Photography, for gently romantic videography

Approach your wedding videography with a gentle and romantic presentation of your love. This way, viewers can savor and feel the romantic beats and lovable moments as it unfolds. The way they document the wedding is very calm yet amazing, by personally narrating every detail while clips of a romantic and emotional scene are playing gives the outcome of a really heart-touching and goose bumping feeling. If you want a calm and gentle piece of wedding cinematography to inspire it with this video.

3 Winks and Films Photography
102, Priya, Gulmohar Road, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400058, India
91 98208 10060

4. Marc & Sukhi Wedding by DotDusk Studios, for high-class candid cinematography

Have a higher expectation with DotDusk Studio on your side. When you want a high-class candid cinematography they are the one who can give it to you. The high-quality candid takes they offer can be witnessed in the video. They craft wedding videography to near perfection. They pull out subjects natural emotions out of the clips and bring it towards the viewer’s so even they can feel the vibe of the wedding it while watching. And they do it without staging any scenes. The style and elegance of their candid shots are one-of-a-kind.

P-12 1st Floor, Rajouri Garden Extension, Near Tagore Garden Metro Station, New Delhi, Delhi 110027, India
91 88025 50027
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3. Jaya & Sunil by Sharik Verma, for fine candid wedding documentation

Broadcast your wedding in a well-detailed manner. From gathering information to delivering it in the wedding videos they put a great amount of attention to the quality of the delivery. They make pure and natural by capturing real emotions in artistic candid shots. In addition to that, they mix it with accurate details of the wedding event. Even the items and resources being used in the wedding becomes a subject including souvenirs, meals and the flowers. They put it all in the wedding video to make it as detailed as possible. The way they craft the wedding video will make you will that you’re part of the wedding as well.

Sharik Verma
Neb Sarai, Block J, Saket, New Delhi, Delhi 110017, India
91 96509 93571
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2. Divyanka & Vivek Wedding Trailer by The Wedding Story, for a wedding documented to perfection

Produced with a very sophisticated photo journalistic approach, the flow of the information within the wedding trailer is smooth. It will bring you the exciting sensation for the wedding. The smooth flow of the details in the show will make the viewers understand the intensity of the lover’s romance. One of the things that make this mood leap from the subjects to the viewers is that the subjects show their natural emotions during their interviews.

The Wedding Story
241, Laxmi Plaza, Laxmi Industrial Estate, Off New Link Road, Andheri (west) Mumbai, India
91 9903368904 / 9820546656 / 9820037027
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1. Priyam & Sanuj Wedding Highlight by Doodle Studio, for romantically inspiring cinematography

They begin the wedding documentary with inspiring comments which is very interesting. Just peeking at the intro will give you the goose bumps. It makes you feel it’s worth watching. The content truly interesting and overflowing with elegance. They present grandness in their candid clips, the displays of natural and intense emotions in their candid takes manifest the perfection in their crafted wedding cinematography.

Doodle Studio
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Ayesha & Ralph Wedding by Aether Visual Storytelling, for a well-delivered videography

This bonus shot is very interesting. The audio they used is very romantic it will make you feel the love they represent. Some pause for important candid speeches creates a romantic sensation to viewers and it also put the natural emotions of the subjects in the film. It’s a video that’s deserved to keep as a remembrance when you’re missing your special day. It can cause a pensive mood for the future use.

Aether Visual Storytelling
946, Gasper Villa, E-3/24 Tivai Vaddo, Calangute, Goa 403516, India
91 95456 52520
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Vishakha & Frank’s Wedding by Lifeworks Studios, for abstract wedding video

This abstract creation will only appreciate by viewers with a great passion on artistic cinematography.  The unique construct of the video is one-of-a-kind. It has a deep meaning hidden in the clips that you can only understand by carefully watching the events captured in the wedding video. The style they apply to the message delivery in the video is very effective. They capture the wedding stage by stage, including the arrivals of the subjects in each destination. Short but it’s totally peculiar and meaningful.

Lifeworks Studios
Vasundhara, Sector 15, Vasundhara, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh 201012, India
91 99100 84360
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Sagar & Niyati Marriage by Studio Viscom, for music video-like presentation

Watching the wedding video is like watching a music video. It’s all romantic and natural, they able to do this without putting any speeches or adlibs. Yet the product is very meaningful and rich. One of the elements that make this kind of wedding video work is the romantic background music it plays. The background music plays a great role in making the wedding video much more romantic and meaningful along with candid clips of the wedding subjects playing with background music. It’s a truly entertaining wedding cinematography.

Studio Viscom
50/b Swastik Society, Navrangpura Ahmedabad, India
91 98256 89168
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Neha & Atul Wedding by AM Films, for romantic couple centered videography

 During the documentation of the wedding, you can see the passion through the subject’s actions and emotions. This kind of element of a wedding video is essential to make a very special masterpiece. The video is well centered at the couples stating their love to one another. In addition to that, the candid takes from the couples are very romantic and natural, that makes the loving sensation pass from the video to its viewers. You can see that the cinematographers have great timing and well-focused on the couples which is a must-have attitude of a great videographer.

AM Films
Manan Bungalow, Plot # 106, Street 2, Pallod Farms 2, Baner Road, Pune, Maharashtra 411045, India
91 99230 00877

Parthiban – Meena Wedding by Jaihind Photography, for simply romantic wedding video

A wedding video that can be appreciated without any music or sound. The meanings and message of the video can be seen by just watching the actions of the subjects. The simplicity of this video is what makes it elegant at the same time. Upon watching it with audio enhances the sensation it gives. The infrasound the sound produces makes it deep. Shaded by its simplicity but the content is all meaningful displaying true love.

Jaihind Photography
Tamil Nadu Madurai, India
91 90254 15000

Nachiket & Priyanka Wedding by Akshay Sansare Photography, for well-documented candid takes

Presented with a perfect candid shot, the wedding video is also well-documented. Contents of the interviews are well delivered. And the way they insert cuts and scenes produced a natural sensation to the viewers. They show a good adlib and random shots to make the wedding video more stylish.

Akshay Sansare Photography
701, Kohinoor Jasmine, E-2, Balgovindas Road, Dadar (W), Mumbai, Maharashtra 400028, India
91 96645 64664
Facebook | Instagram

I hope our list of Top 10 Most Romantic Wedding Videos in India gives you inspirations for your own wedding videography. Always remember that wedding videos are for keeping so have a high-quality one. Hire an artistic and passionate videographer. And keep it as natural as possible for the natural purity it will manifest for the coming years of reminiscing after the special event.
TWV would like to thank “Maharani Weddings” for our featured photo.

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