Raffles Bali - Dedicated Advertorial
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Raffles Bali: Your Private Oceanside and Tropical Paradise

Choosing our favourite luxury resort in Bali is no easy task, but Raffles Bali undeniably stands out as one of the finest. Just 30 minutes from the airport, yet it feels like entering a whole new world, Raffles Bali envelops guests in an atmosphere of unparalleled tranquillity. Perched atop a hill and spanning over 23 hectares, the resort offers sweeping vistas of the ocean and a secluded beach – your own private paradise. You can just stay in one of their luxurious villas, and truly, truly feel that you are home. In this article, we will share more about Raffles Bali and the top-tier experiences that await during your visit.


10 Top-Tier Experiences in the Heart of Raffles Bali

1. Live in your own majestic Ocean Front Two Bedroom Pool Villa Pool Villa

Raffles Bali - Ocean Front Two Bedroom Pool Villa Pool Villa

Discover the epitome of luxury at Raffles Bali’s Ocean Front Two Bedroom Pool Villa. We recently stayed at Villa 1, and it was such an amazing home away from home to live in. Imagine, an expansive 900 square metres of space, all filled with luxurious amenities that will make your every day in Bali feel like paradise. 

Within our villa, the living and dining area boasts expansive spaces adorned with opulent furnishings, providing ample room to unwind and relax. You will also find a spacious lounge bed, perfect for lounging while soaking in the breathtaking outdoor views. In the living room, the sound system was amazing, even played YouTube for our kids! There is also a small kitchen with an oven for reheating, a stove, and a big refrigerator. It is really like you are in your luxurious home away from home in Bali. Plus, indulge in a refreshing welcome with cold-pressed juices in vibrant glass bottles upon arrival at your villa’s very own bar. Cold pressed juices in colourful glass bottles like Guava with fresh lime juice & turmeric, Ginger with beetroot and hibiscus flowers, and more.

Meanwhile, the bathroom amenities exude luxury, offering a range of essentials from eye contour cream to sun cream and aloe vera lip balm. The villa also features a powder room, catering to the needs of larger families seeking convenience and comfort.

Despite all the luxuries inside the Ocean Front Two Bedroom Pool Villa, the true highlight is the one outdoors. With a view so awe-inspiring, it seems plucked from the pages of a picturesque postcard! Not to mention the pool, which offers a perfect vantage point to savour the mesmerising view in all its glory.

The awe-inspiring views from our private villa

2. Experience a surreal and private Secret Cave dinner 

Raffles Bali - Secret Cave dinner

Raffles Bali is renowned for curating unforgettable experiences, and one such gem is the private romantic dinner held within the confines of a Secret Cave. This extraordinary dining experience transcends the ordinary candlelight dinner, making it perfect for celebrating important occasions such as honeymoons, anniversaries, and birthdays –  just as we celebrated Joce’s birthday in this enchanting place. We walked through this hidden natural cavern while being guided only by flaming torches. Inside, the flickering candlelight casts enchanting patterns across the stone walls, accompanied by the melodious strains of traditional Balinese music. Really romantic! 

Inspired by the natural bounty of the earth, The Secret Cave features a set menu inspired by underground ingredients. During our visit, two servers took great care of us over our 5-course dinner centred on root vegetables – a fitting choice given the unique dinner setting

Raffles Bali - Secret Cave 5 course menu
5-course menu at The Secret Cave

From the menu, our favourites were the Bedugul Beetroot Variation, surprising me even as someone who typically is not fond of beetroot. Interestingly, the blend of flavours made it extremely palatable. Another highlight was the Plaga Heirloom Carrot, a divine concoction featuring goat cheese panna cotta and carrot, accompanied by house-smoked Tabanan free-range duck breast – truly exceptional. And let’s not forget the Potato Texture, a wagyu beef tenderloin main course that exceeded expectations, even for someone like me who does not typically prefer this cut. Served medium rare, it was a symphony of flavours, elevated further by the impeccable truffle jus. As the perfect finale to our dining experience, we were pleasantly surprised when they celebrated Joce’s birthday with a delightful Petit Fours dessert, capping off an evening of culinary bliss.

Raffles Bali - birthday surprises
Really grateful for all the birthday surprises

3. Journey through Indonesia at Rumari

Raffles Bali - Rumari

Another unique dining experience is at Rumari, a restaurant set between the sun and sea at the highest point of Bali. Renowned Chef Gaetan Biesuz curates a menu brimming with authentic and daring flavours, reimagining Southeast Asian cuisine with a modern and organic twist. It almost feels like you are taking a culinary journey through Indonesia! Guided by Chef Biesuz’ 80/20 philosophy, 80% of their ingredients are locally sourced from the bountiful archipelago, while the remaining 20% are thoughtfully imported to enhance the culinary offerings. Complementing this culinary adventure is an extensive wine collection boasting over 250 labels, a tribute to timeless classics and a celebration of the finest selections from independent winemakers worldwide.

One of my favourite meals was the dish representing Lombok, a Sea Bream with Pumpkin and Woku, which had crispy fish skin on top and was incredibly tasty and presented really well. The exquisite presentation of Rumari dishes set the stage for delightful conversations with friends, making every moment at Rumari a truly memorable dining experience.

Raffles Bali - exquisite presentation of Rumari dessert
Our sumptuous Indonesian fare at Rumari

4. Feast on an incredible breakfast selection

Raffles Bali - incredible breakfast selection

Breakfast at Raffles Bali was also something that we look forward to every morning. The breakfast selection had a great variety, especially the ala carte. What’s great is that they give small portions so you can try many different menu items. Start your day on a healthy note with Raffles Wellbeing Elixirs like the Mighty Green, brimming with green apple, celery stalk, and kale, or opt for The Antioxidant Powerhouse, bursting with lemon juice and carrot goodness.  They have lots of healthy options, and if you want to try a unique fruit, they can also peel some mangosteen just for you. Talk about amazing service! 

For those craving something savoury in the morning, explore the Artisanal Cheese selection featuring Emmental de Savoie, Brie, and Camembert, or indulge in the Klungkung Farm assortment boasting Tomme, Matahari, and Ibra blue cheeses. We also loved their 60-degree Celcius Organic Tabanan Duck Egg, a multigrain toast with avocado, gotukola and watercress, as well as their Jimbaran Bay Lobster Omelette. But if I had to choose a favourite, it would probably be their Nasi Uduk, a coconut-flavoured Jogja steamed pandan rice that is soooo fresh and heavenly. I had multiple portions of this!

Raffles Bali - Nasi Uduk
The mouthwatering Nasi Uduk

Even the kids got to enjoy delicious meals at Raffles Bali. Honestly, out of all the resorts and hotels we have been to, Raffles Bali probably offered some of the best meals for our children. Aaron had hot oatmeal porridge with flax seeds, Bedugul strawberry, caramelized banana, and caramelized jackfruit. For Ally, there was quinoa muesli with soya milk, Malang apple, dried rosella, goji berries, and Mengwi Farm stingless honey. Just looking at these ingredients shows how great dining, and staying in general, at Raffles Bali is.

Yummy and healthy breakfast for our little kids!

5. Watch the perfect sunsets at The Writers Bar

Raffles Bali - The Writers Bar

For some quality time with your loved one, cocktails during sunset at The Writer’s Bar is something you should not miss out on. Huge thanks to Ho Gan for crafting amazing cocktail recipes! The Bali Sling is a must-try here. Perched atop the resort, the bar’s terrace offers a front-row seat to nature’s grand spectacle, making it the ultimate private spot for clinking glasses and soaking in the beauty of a Bali sunset.

If you are in the mood for something more laid-back, you can also treat yourself to a delightful English Afternoon Tea at The Writers Bar, served alongside typical local treats on bespoke handmade china and Balinese dulang trays. The adjoining library, doubling as a gallery space for Balinese artworks and curated book collections, adds to the charm of the experience.

6. Unwind and relax in Bali’s healing getaway – Raffles Spa

Raffles Bali - Raffles Spa

The Raffles Spa offers a sanctuary for emotional well-being, drawing from traditional Balinese and Southeast Asian healing practices to create a truly transformative experience. While spa treatments can be enjoyed within the tranquil confines of the spa or the privacy of your villa, those seeking unparalleled seclusion will find solace in The Sanctuary, nestled amidst the serene jungle landscape. Here, the rustling of leaves and distant waves create an ambience of pure tranquility, further enhanced by the aromatic steam room that promotes post-treatment rejuvenation. Our 90-minute spa treatment was incredibly relaxing, with skilled therapists alleviating tension from recent competition strains.

Raffles Bali - MJ Raffles Spa
After spa

Or, for the ultimate relaxation, book a meditation session, and let Raffles Bali’s wellness practitioners guide you on this personal journey, with meditation offerings available at various scenic locations around the resort. There is Sunset and full moon yoga meditation at the beach, Tibetan singing bowl meditation at The Secret Cave, and more! 

7. Explore the huge, all-villa resort 

Raffles Bali - huge, all-villa resort

As showcased above, Raffles Bali offers an abundance of activities for guests to enjoy. With its expansive size, the resort promises delightful surprises waiting to be discovered at every turn. Fortunately, guests can easily navigate the vast grounds with the resort’s comfortable buggies, which we loved for their plush, cushy, and comfy seats. These buggies provided us with convenient transportation throughout Raffles Bali’s sprawling 23 hectares of space, so we got to explore every corner of the resort with ease and comfort. From the resort’s main pool, tennis courts, and so forth! 

Raffles Bali - buggy adventure
Ready to go on a buggy adventure through Raffles Bali
Raffles Bali - The resort’s main pool
The resort’s main pool

Raffles Bali also offers complimentary bicycles and biking gear for you to explore their vast space on your own pacing. But beware, while cruising downhill is a breeze, the real challenge lies in conquering the uphill terrain, making it an ideal workout for those seeking a bit of adventure. 

Raffles Bali - Mountain bikes
Mountain bikes to help you explore Raffles Bali

8. Support green and responsible luxury

Raffles Bali - Dedicated Advertorial

One aspect of Raffles Bali that we truly admire is its commitment to providing responsible luxury to guests. By prioritising the preservation of Balinese cultural and natural heritage and striving for a greener future, the resort has implemented a variety of initiatives. These range from cultivating their own produce (they even have a botanical guru whom you can talk to!) and sourcing local artisanal ceramics to implementing innovative carbon reduction methods and offering experiences that foster connections with the local community. This dedication reflects a continuous pursuit of harmony and balance while ensuring that guests enjoy an enriching and sustainable experience during their stay.

9. Be pampered by a Raffles Wellbeing Butler

Raffles Bali - Raffles Wellbeing Butler

While it is undeniable that Raffles Bali offers a paradise brimming with endless activities, what truly elevates your stay is their team of gracious Raffles Wellbeing Butlers, available 24/7 to curate your luxurious Bali experience. Anticipating every need, their Wellbeing Butlers ensure that you arrive as a guest, leave as a friend, and return as family. Our butler, Pinky, was truly wonderful. She went above and beyond to make our stay unforgettable! From promptly attending to our requests, such as providing a large water dispenser for our children, to orchestrating a surprise birthday celebration for Joce, complete with a stunning bouquet of roses (a thoughtful touch I have not even requested!), Pinky’s exceptional service exceeded all expectations.

Raffles Bali - surprise birthday bouqueting Butler
Joce with her surprise birthday bouquet

10. A picturesque setting for your Bali wedding

Raffles Bali - Bali wedding

Nestled along a stretch of immaculate sand, caressed by soft breezes and kissed by the azure waters of the Indian Ocean, Raffles Bali stands as the quintessential wedding destination. With their impeccable service and exquisite cuisine, we can only imagine how your special day would be! Probably as enchanting as the breathtaking surroundings. To know more about how you can celebrate your special day at Raffles Bali, click here.

With everything we have shared above, you will know that we truly loved our stay at Raffles Bali. Every experience was memorable, and you would know for sure that this is one of the top-tier resorts in Bali. From the unique dining experiences, the luxurious and expansive villas, the relaxing spa and meditation experiences, and the warm and hospitable staff – it truly feels like staying in a luxurious home away from home.

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