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Popular Places to Buy Engagement Rings in Malaysia (2024)

Amidst the myriad choices that define the journey to ‘I do,’ none sparkles with as much significance as your engagement ring.  From classic solitaires to contemporary designs, here are the Popular Places to Buy Engagement Rings in Malaysia. In this article, we will unravel the enduring legacy of love that these rings so beautifully encapsulate.

Popular Places to Buy Engagement Rings in Malaysia

1. Diamond & Platinum 

Diamond & Platinum - Popular Places to Buy Engagement Rings in Malaysia (2024)
Best Engagement Rings in Malaysia – Diamond and Platinum

Elevating the standards of the diamond industry with impeccable craftsmanship and unrivalled pricing

Just like its name, Diamond & Platinum is the place to be if you are looking for exceptionally crafted diamond and platinum engagement rings in Malaysia. Back in the day, the jewellery industry was largely dominated by gold jewellery, and so with its humble beginnings in 1999, Diamond & Platinum has been committed to becoming the pioneer and leader in premium diamond and platinum jewellery and avant-garde bridal jewellery in both Malaysia and Brunei.

Aside from their huge collection of engagement rings, what sets Diamond& Platinum apart is the exceptional craftsmanship and quality control that go into creating each piece of jewellery. All of their jewellery goes through the highest and strictest quality control, ensuring that every piece is impeccable. Given that, it does not surprise us that they have received more than 3,000+ 5-star reviews. What’s even better is that they offer all this jewellery with unrivalled pricing, as they do everything in-house – from sourcing and designing up to manufacturing. 

Quality diamonds to celebrate your life’s special moments

With over 25 years of experience, Diamond & Platinum has accumulated ample expertise and possesses the ability to introduce Estrella Diamond, an exceptionally rare series of super ideal cut diamonds with maximum brilliance, fire, and scintillation. This dual-certified diamond series is reserved only for diamonds graded with the highest Ultimate 3-star rating by the Sarine Light Performance Report. With just 0.1% of the world’s finest diamond supply meeting this standard, Estrella Diamond stands as the crème de la crème of all diamonds. For value seekers, Diamond & Platinum also confidently offers one of the widest range of brilliance guaranteed quality GIA-certified diamonds in Malaysia and Brunei, which you can now customise online at the best prices.

Unparalleled customer service

Whether you prefer ready-made rings or bespoke creations, Diamond & Platinum offers it all. If you would like to make use of their free bespoke and customisation services, you may visit one of their 12 showrooms in the major cities of Malaysia and Brunei for expert consultation. They also offer free engraving, resizing, and lifetime cleaning for all rings, and that says something about their customer service. And of course, Diamond & Platinum is also a great place to get your wedding bands as they have a whole range of platinum, white gold, rose gold, and yellow gold wedding rings.

If you prefer to shop in the comfort of your home, then you may also take advantage of Diamond & Platinum’s online customer service. They provide a hassle-free and honest experience, delivering 10x magnification 360-degree diamond videos and talented specialists to answer any queries. Simply put, with Diamond & Platinum, you can get a consultation anytime and anywhere at your convenience.

Check out Diamond & Platinum >

2. DeGem – Engagement Rings in Malaysia

ring jewellery
Best Engagement Ring in Malaysia – DeGem

Established in 1980, DeGem is one of the region’s most up-market and stylish jewellers. They are focused on impeccable quality and innovative designs. The brand takes pride in its mine-to-consumer solutions—DeGem develops exclusive bestselling designs released monthly and caters to daily bespoke orders—by fully owning a skilled in-house jewellery factory and stone-cutting expertise. With their beautifully crafted and distinctive diamond jewellery, it is no surprise that they have been spotted on international celebrities such as Reese Witherspoon, Awkwafina, Idina Menzel and Janelle Monae.

In Malaysia, DeGem has the widest range of ready-stock quality GIA-certified diamonds and the rarest gemstones. They also distribute to exclusive branded diamonds such as the BrilliantC™ Diamond, and De Beers Forevermark Diamond. But among their beautiful collections, DeGem’s INFINITY® series of wedding bands is our favourite, which includes thoughtful designs that stack seamlessly next to your engagement ring.

Shattering expectations about diamond pricing

As a third-generation jeweller with a strong supply network direct from ethical miners and artisanal diamond cutters, coupled with economies of scale, DeGem can offer the first pick of raw materials at the best prices, straight to the customer. 

Moreover, since DeGem has been expanding its friendly omnichannel service in recent years, it is now easier to customise an engagement ring online or browse virtually to understand prices and qualities before visiting DeGem boutiques physically. 

The design experts 

Sales representatives in DeGem are knowledgeable in recommending ring designs that work for your unique style, love story and budget. You may even request an additional complimentary consultation with an expert jewellery designer for one-of-a-kind jewellery options. Also, every ring purchase at DeGem includes complimentary laser engraving, a one-time resizing service, and lifetime free cleaning at DeGem boutiques. 

Besides having a wide range of ready-to-wear signature designs, DeGem’s forte is in bespoke jewellery pieces crafted with technical mastery. Every ring is skillfully engineered for comfort that you can feel, made by DeGem’s master craftsmen who combine state-of-the-art technology and skilled handcrafting for unrivalled premium finishing. 

Check out DeGem >

3. Tailored Jewel

best engagement rings in malaysia
Popular Places to Buy Engagement Rings in Malaysia – Tailored Jewel

For exquisite engagement ring designs at fair prices. Trusted brand with a commitment to quality workmanship and service.

Established in 2012, Tailored Jewel proves that high-quality jewellery, impeccable craftsmanship and top-notch customer service. Their engagement rings are all attainable at a fair price point and should not cost you a fortune. In fact, all of them are in line with the company’s commitment to deliver quality workmanship and service at all times. 

Extensive range of ring selection – from timeless to premium designs 

Whether you want a classic wedding band or one that sparkles with a GIA-certified natural mined diamonds or IGI-certified lab grown diamond, you will definitely be spoilt for choices here. Tailored Jewel’s diamonds are all assessed to ensure they meet the highest standards of quality before setting them on the crown, ensuring that the rings look stunning at all times. And other than your usual diamond cut, couples looking for fancy cuts will have their preferences taken care of.  Every piece is meticulously designed and produced by a team of craftsmen in Hong Kong and Germany with more than 30 years of experience in making jewellery, which we are pretty sure will wow you at first sight.

Moreover, Tailored Jewel offers wedding bands produced with unique earth metals like titanium, steel, and tantalum. At the end of the day, Tailored Jewel’s top priority lies in understanding the wants and specifications of their clients. Be sure to check out their great Google reviews and Facebook reviews for more information.

Check out Tailored Jewel >

4. Eumayco Jewellery

best places to buy engagement rings
Best Engagement Rings Malaysia – Eumayco Jewellery

Renowned for their bespoke designs and fine workmanship, Eumayco Jewellery boasts talented designers and gemologists specialising in contemporary and resplendent wedding bands and engagement rings. Since 2009, the prominent jewellery store in Kuala Lumpur continuously creates new trends in unique fine jewellery. Be it the classic GIA-certified diamond rings or the latest trending gemstone rings featuring tourmaline, pink sapphire, or the classy tanzanite, Eumayco Jewellery can transform your dream wedding ring into reality.

Meticulously curating only the finest of diamonds and gemstones, Eumayco Jewellery ensures that each ring is of top-notch quality, an ideal representation of your love story meant to withstand the test of time. Offering custom design services, the team seeks to create unique, timeless pieces for their clients that suit both their preferences and personalities. 

Check out Eumayco Jewellery >

5.  Poh Kong

best engagement rings
Best Engagement Ring Malaysia – Poh Kong

Here’s one for individuals who want to stay traditional and classic. Established in 1976 with its first outlet in Petaling Jaya, Poh Kong continues to be at the forefront of the jewellery industry. Since then, Poh Kong has remained a leader in the jewellery industry. Thanks to its unwavering commitment to quality and innovation. In 2004, Poh Kong’s success was further reinforced when it became listed on Bursa Malaysia. Today, with over 100 retail outlets, Poh Kong is one of the largest jewellery chains in Malaysia. They offer a wide range of jewellery, gold ornaments, and precious and semi-precious stones. From beautiful pieces to simple designs, from exquisite collections to stunning bespoke works of art, there is always something available for any age, taste, and budget.

Home to Hemera™ – the world’s most brilliant diamond 

For those looking for a diamond proposal ring, Hemera™ is the perfect collection to check. Named after the goddess of daylight, Hemera™ features the most dazzling diamonds with 101 facets that offer outstanding illuminance – a huge step up from usual diamonds with only 51 facets. With its superior light performance, Hemera™ is the epitome of perfection befitting the most special person in your life. It is so special to the point that only 3-4 out of 10 skilled craftsmen are qualified to produce the Hemera™ diamonds, and all after rigorous training too! 

Extensive range of jewellery to suit every taste 

When it comes to gold jewellery to wear on your wedding day, the Happy Love collection is the way to go. This collection is inspired by the concept of fate, with each elegant piece infused with Oriental touches that reflect culture and tradition. The intricate designs feature romantic themes, such as Auspicious Roses and Perpetual Lovers, and also incorporate Western elements, making them a versatile match for traditional and modern wedding dresses alike. On top of that, Poh Kong offers the Love Collection, which is specifically designed for couples seeking a meaningful and lasting symbol of their love. These rings are the ultimate expression of commitment and devotion and are the perfect way to seal your love.

Whichever collection you pick, rest assured that Poh Kong has crafted every piece with exceptional attention to detail and quality. After all, the brand has been recognised for its commitment to exceptional customer experience, winning the CXP Best Customer Experience Awards in 2020, as well as many other local and international awards from prestigious organisations. That being said, you can also rely on them to provide fair, polite, courteous, responsive, responsible, and ethical customer service. 

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6. ZCOVA – Engagement Rings in Malaysia

Best Engagement Rings in Malaysia – ZCOVA

Dazzling brilliance at every angle 

ZCOVA has been the ultimate go-to place for customised diamond engagement rings and wedding rings in Singapore and Malaysia. Their exclusive LUMOS by ZCOVA Diamonds boasts supreme cut and brilliance, with dual certificates from esteemed institutions – GIA and Sarine – promising premium quality and an ‘Ultimate’ grade in light performance. With meticulous selection by their in-house GIA graduate gemologist, only the most remarkable diamonds find their way into their collection. Additionally, every piece of jewellery is carefully handled by craftsmen with over 40 years of expertise, ensuring the highest standards of quality and beauty.

Seamless customisation and stellar customer experience 

ZCOVA offers a wide range of customisable diamond engagement rings and wedding bands, providing a unique and personalised experience for every customer. When it comes to creating your dream engagement ring, ZCOVA allows you to be the designer. As a result, each piece is truly one-of-a-kind. The best part is, that the customisation process is seamless and free of charge, allowing you to tailor every aspect of the ring according to your preferences. From selecting the perfect diamond or gemstone to choosing the metal type and setting style, you have full creative control.

ZCOVA’s team of experienced Curators will guide you step-by-step through the process, ensuring that your vision is brought to life. They make sure that your buying experience is super easy and enjoyable by taking the time to understand your style, preferences, and budget, ensuring that the final result is a reflection of your unique love story. But that’s not all – ZCOVA goes the extra mile to ensure you get the piece that you want. They provide a complimentary 3D printed ring for you to try out the size and design on your own hand. Once you are completely happy with the design, they will proceed to handcraft the final design. 

Competitive rates you can rely on

ZCOVA takes pride in offering fair pricing by eliminating the middlemen, and guaranteeing competitive rates. Their virtual inventory lets you directly browse over 250,000 diamonds from global suppliers, securing the best value for your money. Featured in various reputable media publications such as NST, The Star, Oriental Daily, Luxe Society and more, ZCOVA has become a trusted name in the industry. 

Check out ZCOVA >

7. Grandqouver

rings on top of boxes
Best Engagement Ring in Malaysia – Grandqouver

Established during the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, Grandqouver is a Malaysian-grown jewellery brand that aims to make jewellery personalisation an affordable, seamless and enjoyable pursuit. If you are looking for an engagement ring in Malaysia, you will be spoiled for choice with the option of natural or lab-grown diamonds, as well as stunning coloured gemstones such as sapphires, emeralds, rubies and many more.

Bring your dream jewellery to reality

With Grandqouver, you have the freedom to dictate every aspect of your dream jewellery, from the choice of materials (silver, gold, or platinum) and gemstones to the design itself. You can strike the perfect balance between desirability and affordability, creating a piece that is uniquely yours. You can make your jewellery even more unique with the free engraving service that comes with every purchase. 

Personalised 1-to-1 service

Operating only on an appointment basis, Grandqouver strives to guide you in making the right decisions with your jewellery and ensure that your dream jewellery is tailored to your specifications and preferences. This makes the process of creating your dream piece a truly enjoyable and memorable experience. Grandqouver’s commitment to the highest level of craftsmanship and attention to detail guarantees that your dream jewellery will become a reality, all at a fraction of the price you might have to pay in retail jewellery stores (up to 50%-60% less!). With that, we are not surprised that Grandqouver has garnered an incredible 5-star rating on both Facebook and Google. This is a true testament to the quality of their high-quality rings and service.

If you are looking for your dream engagement ring, make sure to book an appointment with Grandqouver to visit their showroom in Sunway Geo Avenue first. Otherwise, you can also reach out to them via social media or WhatsApp.

Check out Grandqouver >

8. Brilliant Earth – Engagement Rings in Malaysia

popular places to buy engagement rings
Popular Places to Buy Engagement Rings in Malaysia – Brilliant Earth

When it comes to ethically sourced fine jewellery, Brilliant Earth is the way to go. Though their showrooms are mostly in the US, you may schedule a virtual appointment with their jewellery experts, so you can enjoy a personalised consultation right in the comfort of your home. Once you discover the ring that you love, Brilliant Earth’s international shipping service is reliable, with free FedEx shipping, free 30-day returns and resizes for all UK orders. You may also ask them to help design a piece of custom jewellery just for you!

100% recycled precious metals

The best part about choosing Brilliant Earth is that they use 100% recycled precious metals and conflict-free mined diamonds in crafting their jewellery pieces. you can wear them with peace of mind. And if you want to dazzle up your ring further, add some lab-created diamonds. These diamonds come either coloured or colourless. Whether you want one with a vivid yellow or intense pink diamond, we are sure that you’d find something you love!

Moreover, we like how the sustainability promise does not end in their products alone. From the iconic wooden boxes to the post-consumer recycled content for all the shipping packaging – Brilliant Earth is undeniably brilliant.

Check out Brilliant Earth >

9. Radiance Diamond

Radiance Diamond
Best Engagement Rings Malaysia – Radiance Diamond

Founded by husband and wife Ong Tiong Yee and Elizabeth Ong, Radiance Diamond has grown from being a small jewellery shop to having its marquee store in Bangsar. 40 years later, they are hailed as one of the most sought-after jewellers in Malaysia. The secret of their success lies not only in the quality of their products but also in the service that most of their clients laud them for.

Personalised service

Radiance Diamond emphasizes providing the best service and maintaining a trustworthy reputation for their clients. Each customer receives a personal service. They arrange local or international deliveries whenever necessary, and clients within Klang Valley are offered a chauffeur service for their purchases. One of their clients even confessed that Radiance Diamond’s collections made them experience “love at first sight.”

Aside from a wide selection of GIA Diamonds, Colour and Semi Precious Stones, Pearls, Burmese Jades and White and Yellow Gold Items, Radiance Diamond also specialises in custom-made jewellery. Their team of skilled craftsmen and highly trained quality control personnel make sure that each piece they produce is of outstanding value and nothing short of impeccable. 

Check out Radiance Diamond >

10. Habib Jewels – Engagement Rings in Malaysia

engagement rings in malaysia
Best Engagement Ring Malaysia – Habib Jewels

Habib Jewels was founded by Datuk Haji Habib Mohamed Abdul Latif. It has a colourful history in jewellery that dates back to 1958. In fact, Habib Jewels is also one of Malaysia’s top jewellers. They are known for their prestige collection that has good quality and world-class designs. We are sure that they can give you the perfect engagement ring that you are really dreaming about!

Check out Habib Jewels >

11. Wah Chan Gold and Jewellery

wedding rings in malaysia
Best Engagement Rings in Malaysia – Wah Chan Gold and Jewellery

Looking for a unique ring that will make you stand out from the rest? Wah Chan can help you with that. This jeweller has become a household name in Malaysia. Aside from building a good reputation in the industry of jewellery making, Wah Chan is also known as the third largest jeweller in Malaysia. Though they belong to the group of professional engravers, polishers, and more, do also note that upon checking their collections, you will also see some traditional and contemporary jewellery. Remember that engagement rings don’t always need to be luxurious, sometimes you just have to choose the unique one!

Check out Wah Chan Gold and Jewellery >

12. Love & Co. Malaysia

Love & Co. Malaysia
Best Engagement Ring in Malaysia – Love & Co. Malaysia

Love & Co. brings the romantic and indispensable quality of love through their collections. Every design they are making are with a touch of sophistication and contemporary elegance. As a matter of fact, their precise craftsmanship is what Love & Co uses to make every love story shine. Aside from breathtaking designs and high-quality materials, each of Love & Co’s collections has a story to tell. Yours might be next!

Check out Love & Co. Malaysia >

13. Tiffany & Co. Malaysia

Tiffany & Co. Malaysia
Popular Places to Buy Engagement Rings in Malaysia – Tiffany & Co. Malaysia

Tiffany & Co played an important role in millions of iDo’s and Yes. All branches around the world offer an extensive selection of jewellery, timepieces, sterling silver wear and accessories. Clients know how much effort they are putting into crafting every piece like an engagement ring. They have proven their excellent services so there’s no doubt that Tiffany & Co can help you create unforgettable memories.

Check out Tiffany & Co. Malaysia >

Conclusion: Engagement Rings in Malaysia

Finding the perfect engagement ring in Malaysia is an enchanting journey, marked by exquisite craftsmanship, timeless elegance, and boundless love. From dazzling diamonds to vibrant gemstones, we hope that our guide can help you choose the right ring of love for you.

All opinions remain writer’s own. For more information, kindly refer to our copyright & disclosure policy.

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