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Wedding in Bali, some important points to consider

Getting married in Bali can often be a difficult process for many couples. Destination weddings in a foreign country like Bali can often prove to throw up many hurdles like where will you have the reception, what area should you have the wedding, what will the ceremony be like, will it be raining and where will our guests stay after the big event?

To make things easier following are some really important points to note before you take the plunge, board the plane and get married in Bali.

Choosing the right Bali Wedding Planner

Probably the most important thing to consider especially if you want to get the whole thing organised by one person or one company. The problem soon arises once you do a search online for wedding planners and you are immediately inundated with loads of wedding planners. So, who should you choose and how do you know you’re making the right decision? We suggest hand picking 2 or 3 random wedding planners, contacting them and perhaps even meeting with them. For a lot of people, this can prove difficult being that you’re in another country. Remember you can always Skype them for the initial introduction. You should, after this meeting, get a better idea about the planners you will potentially be dealing with to coordinate your big day. If they are difficult to get in contact with and always seem to be unavailable this is a good sign of dangerous things to come. Best go with a team that’s responsive, reliable, on time and above all who can speak English. Also, have a good look at their portfolio of weddings they have orchestrated in the past and perhaps speak to a few of their previous clients.

Picking up the perfect wedding location


Again, another very important point to consider. Bali is so diverse with each area having its own distinct personality. For example; having a ceremony in Uluwatu is far different from having it in Canggu, Ubud or Seminyak. You really have to do your research on the main areas of Bali and then decide which would work best for you.

Perhaps consider these points

The area of Uluwatu is dramatic & is the ideal place for a cliff top wedding overlooking the ocean.


The area of Canggu or Seminyak is ideal for those that want a beach style wedding or perhaps Ubud for a wedding with rice fields as a backdrop.

Prepare your wedding budget


Just because you’re getting married in Bali this doesn’t mean that you’re going to be able to get a cheap wedding. Sure there are wedding planners that offer discounted wedding packages but if you’re looking to customise your wedding and maintain a certain degree of sophistication and style about it; then be prepared to spend. In some cases, it can get expensive. You just have to have it in your mind that just because Indonesia is a third world country, this does not necessarily carry over to your wedding.

Legal Documentation for your wedding in Bali


Make sure you speak to your consulate in your respective country about the necessary paperwork and official documents needed to make your wedding legal and binding. There are certain countries that will not recognise Bali’s wedding process, so make sure you have this fully worked out before deciding on this destination to tie the knot.

Your Bali wedding accommodation


Another huge point to consider. Where are all your guests going to stay? Also, where are you likely to have your honeymoon. After all, you are in Bali so it’s more than likely that the honeymoon will follow the ceremony. Most people tend to opt for the easy solution and that’s staying in a hotel or renting a couple of private Bali villas where groups of guests can stay all together in the privacy and sanctuary of your own private wedding villa. In fact, what’s common nowadays is to have the ceremony and function at the villa you intend to stay in. This makes things so much easier as everything is in one place. I would recommend discussing a few accommodation options with your wedding planner and let him or her come up with the solutions that best fit your budget and preferences.

The Weather

Bali has 2 distinct seasons; dry and rainy. The dry season is from March through to October and the wet is from November to February. Be aware of this as you should not opt for an outdoor style wedding during the rainy season.

These are just a few important points to take into account when planning your wedding in Bali. There are still so many other details to think about so do your research, planning and be aware that the best thing to do is to consult a professional Bali wedding organiser rather than you taking a do it yourself approach this big event.

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