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    12 Best DIY Wedding Decorations for Every Wedding Style

    DIY wedding decorations are the perfect ways to personalize a wedding. Leaving your personal touch on your decor makes you proud while expressing your dreams to perfection. DIY wedding decor is the way of creative brides. The best part is that its budget-friendly labour of love. The high point of homemade wedding decoration ideas is that there’s no limit to what you can achieve. Whether you have a large or small budget, opting for a rustic, casual, or chic wedding, there’s something for you. With this in mind, we’ve compiled twelve unique DIY wedding ideas on a budget to inspire you. Best DIY Wedding Decorations for Every Wedding Style 1.…

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    10 Helpful Tips in Renovating or Remodeling your Dream House

    When doing any renovation, it is important to take budget, safety, and the law into consideration. Doing so will ensure your project is done correctly and on time. Comparatively, not doing so may end up costing you lots of money. In the worst cases, not doing so can end up leaving someone injured or liable. 1. Accurate estimates Using quality construction estimating software is the key to not ending up with a bloated project that drains your bank account. In fact, experienced renovators often report that expenses can exceed expectations by as much as 25 percent. Because renovations can often run into the thousands, you need to understand as accurately…

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    Driver’s Guide to Buying a Car Insurance in Singapore

    In Singapore, if you own a car, car insurance is compulsory. But even if insurance weren’t made compulsory, we are sure you would want to insure your car against accidents and damages, given how much a vehicle can cost in Singapore – after all, Singapore is one of the most expensive places in the world to own a car.   There are many things to consider when it comes to buying motor insurance and this comprehensive guide will help you make an informed choice. Why do you need car insurance? Under the Motor Vehicles (Third-Party Risks & Compensation) Act, if you want to drive a vehicle on a public road in…

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    The Ultimate Checklist for New Mums-To-Be, Of All The Things To Prepare Before Your Confinement Nanny Arrives!

    Your delivery date is almost here and you have everything ready, from the nursery room to your confinement nanny… or so you think. Have you gathered all the materials and tools required for the upcoming month too? Your confinement lady will need them to ensure you enjoy a smooth postpartum period. Don’t worry if you haven’t gotten all the necessary items because it’s not as daunting as it sounds if you know what to look out for. Here is a checklist to help you get started! 1. For mothers: a) Maternity preparation These are items you will need for hospital use, such as clothing, tampons, and baby clothes. We suggest…

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    Spice Up Your Life with This Chilli Crab Recipe

    When you’re at a tze char stall, there’s nothing quite like seeing a glorious plate of chilli crab coming in your direction. Straight off the wok, you see the steam coming off its plate. The bright red, eggy sauce that’s wobbling away – tempting anyone who looks to lean in for a bite. And accompanying it on its journey, is a plate of golden, deep-fried mantous that you know – will never be enough to satisfy the cravings of your entire table. Placed down in the middle, both crab and mantous are welcomed with gasps and wows, which is followed by the sounds of flash and camera shutters. Well, who…

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    What Should I Look for When Buying A Diamond?

    Diamond is one of the precious stones in the earth. Investing in a diamond can be a tricky venture, and if you are not cautious or do your research well, you can pay more than you need to. That is why it’s crucial to have diamond purchasing basics before you dip into the market. So what are you supposed to be looking out for when buying a diamond? The 4Cs of Diamond Quality GIA’s 4Cs of diamond quality is so helpful when it comes to diamond buying expeditions. They will not only help to know the quality of diamonds but also understand the diamond’s price and value. The Cs includes:…

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    10 Reasons Why an Antique Engagement Rings Appeal To Luxury Customers

    When it comes to buying engagement rings, it’s a lifetime thing, which makes it essential that it should tinker your heart’s desire. The sheer number of options can overwhelm your soul. It will make you wonder whether you want an over-elaborative or straightforward style, this or that stone, one or too many in number, 3 carat or 5-carat diamond price, the right stone cut, and all sorts of dicey choices that are ‘in’ these days. Before you try to figure out answers to make a final choice, we would like to bring into the mind what good vintage engagement rings can do! We don’t intend to kid you about the…

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    10 Reasons to Consider a Romantic Wedding at Sea

    If you are planning a wedding and can’t decide yet of which wedding theme you would want to have, take a cue from the latest trend of merging the wedding ceremony with a boating trip or cruise. San Diego is a popular wedding destination for this, and a boat wedding San Diego will make the occasion even more special and memorable. In this article, we curated 10 reasons why you must consider having a wedding at sea – besides the apparent reason that it is indeed romantic. 1. Forget about trying to choose a creative wedding theme Getting married on a boat means you can go with a distinctly nautical…

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    7 Amazing Ways to Get Affordable Wedding Flowers for Any Budget

    Wedding Day would not be happily concluded without fresh & beautiful flowers and some creative arrangements by professional florists like Farm florist, honey combers, happy bunch, etc., whose services will undoubtedly add pops of colors to your big day. Flower bouquets, bundles, boutonnieres, corsages, altarpieces, and table centrepieces will add a large number of dollars to the all-out wedding bill. So, if you are planning for your special day’s flower arrangement and want to do wedding décor, check out below 7 amazing ways to get affordable wedding flowers for any budget. We hope these tips will make your day ravishing with an affordable budget plan. 1. Visit your local flower…

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    Wedding Video Editing Tips – Framing Your Shot

    In video editing, framing is all about the composition. It depends on how you frame when you’re composing a shot for one particular scene. It allows you to emphasise your thoughts, shows your emotions and how you convey other people’s feelings in the film  – especially for a wedding video. It’s something that adds weight to a shot and feels to a viewer, which is consequential to all filmmakers. Additionally, framing helps to draw attention to the subject from your viewer’s eyes by halting the other parts of the scene with something subjective. It gives context to your shots, gives a sense of depth and layers, and leads the eyes…

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    Top 4 Honeymoon Destinations That Won’t Cost You A Fortune

    Looking for the ultimate honeymoon getaway? Well don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We have compiled a list of delightful destinations that won’t cost you a fortune. Each destination offers a unique experience for lovers looking to spice things up and connect away from home. However, you won’t be able to relax and enjoy your honeymoon if you are feeling under the weather so make sure that you are ready and healthy enough for a wonderful getaway. Start implementing healthy tips into your lifestyle today. If you don’t know where to begin then check out Mommy Authority. This resource provides insightful information pertaining to overall physical and mental health. With…

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    Bride and Groom Makeover: Cosmetic procedures to help you look great on your wedding day

    Wedding planning is exciting yet stressful at the same time. There are a lot of things that you need to organize not only to ensure that your big day will be successful but also to meet the expectations of your family, close friends, and guests. Handling the stress and pressure for this significant commitment is not easy, but it doesn’t mean that there is no way to avoid having a couple of wrinkles. Here comes the cosmetic procedure. But don’t get too frantic, not all cosmetic procedure requires surgery! Yes, you have read it right. With the advanced technology and modern inventions, you can enhance your natural beauty with a…

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    Wedding in Bali, some important points to consider

    Getting married in Bali can often be a difficult process for many couples. Destination weddings in a foreign country like Bali can often prove to throw up many hurdles like where will you have the reception, what area should you have the wedding, what will the ceremony be like, will it be raining and where will our guests stay after the big event? To make things easier following are some really important points to note before you take the plunge, board the plane and get married in Bali. Choosing the right Bali Wedding Planner Probably the most important thing to consider especially if you want to get the whole thing…

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    How to Select the Best Wedding Photographer in Bangalore

    In Bangalore, and in any other state of India, a wedding is a sacred ceremony that has to be crafted by and for each couple. Indian wedding ceremonies are like a great holiday or a family event rather than a weekend getaway for a couple. They boast abundant and grant feast to keep all national traditions fresh with current flows. Colorful and fancy events also inspire the Indian pre-wedding rituals. But before the big day happens, the long and detailed procedure of planning takes place such as the choosing wedding organizer, videographer, makeup artist, wedding gown designer, and a plenty of others who help to organize that sacred day. Whether…

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    5D5N in the Dream Paradise of the Maldives for just under SGD1000

    5D5N in the Dream Paradise of the Maldives for just under SGD1000 The Maldives does hold the impression that it is an exorbitant tourist destination to be in, what with SGD1000 per night resort rooms at the overwater villas. That was my initial conception of the Maldives until I discovered that flights to the Maldives can go as low as SGD200. A quick search on Airbnb convinced me further that visiting the Maldives on a budget is actually possible when nights can go as low as SGD50! Can you believe it? Even with a budget of under SGD1000, I was still able to fulfill my dream of visiting an overwater…