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[Guest Post] Mastering the Knack of Getting Your Wedding Catering Right

Today’s guest posting is from OC Weddings, the wedding arm of Orange Clove Catering, a one-stop provider for soon-to-wed couples. They’ll be sharing with us their tips for your wedding reception or banquet’s catering. Crimson Romeo

What can be more important when it comes to making yourself and your guests a happy crowd at your wedding? Food catering happens to be an important catalyst to perfect your wedding.  

Tips you must know

1. Prepare your Guest List 

When it comes to the catering of food, you must first get your guest list straightened out – you will not want to be short of food or have too much leftovers. Customary, having leftovers is still way better than having shortage, because we do not want to short-change guests whom we specially invite. We usually give a 10-20% buffer for our food, but the rationing typically reduces with greater variety of food. In this case, After all, there is only so much one can eat!  

2. How much time you actually need

While hoteliers would advise a 1 to 1.5 years of pre-booking, under normal circumstances, you will only need a good 6 months to confirm your actual day catering. The 6 months will entail theme customization, menu selection and food tasting depending on the comprehensiveness of the package you have selected. If you do not have the luxury of time, Orange Clove is capable of executing wedding catering in as short as one week.  

3. Know how many Adults and Children

Knowing how many adults and children you are expecting will also help you determine the amount of alcohol to set aside. The quantity should be tapered accordingly if the service is in the day, as guests are less likely to drink.  

4. Decide on a Catering Style

Broadly, a wedding luncheon or dinner can be served from the following styles:

  • Chinese banquet
  • Western sit-down
  • Standing buffet
  • Sit-down buffet
  • Cocktail Reception
  • Cocktail Butler

5. The style usually follows the tone of the event set by the couple.

For example, do they prefer something casual outdoors or traditional complete with march-ins at a hotel? However, they must take into consideration the space they get to work with at their selected venue. If there are a large number of guests, a standing buffet or long table seating may be more advisable. We notice an increasing trend in outdoor weddings, where couples are taking the conventional weddings out to an offsite venue to enjoy more autonomy in deciding how the wedding turn out, especially with the theme and concept that differ from the bunch.  

6. What is the trend? 

In 2015, we see the demand for fusion cuisine going strong and as the 80s and 90s get hitched, we see an increased interest for western sit-down, modelled after the English. As with the western sit-down, it will not be uncommon to see catered live stations, where chefs are invited to spruce up the wedding with hot piping dishes. Do bear in mind that if you are catering for 100 guests, a 40% mark down is a comfortable number.   The focus in 2015 is also a paradigm shift from food quality, to showcasing novelty dishes. For an extra touch of local flavour, couples can consider engaging Orange Clove’s customizable live stations where traditional favours such as Chilli Crab, Laksa and Chicken Rice is rejuvenated through creative interpretation. One good example would be our signature chicken rice served with brown rice for your health conscious crowd.  

The Bottom Note

OC Weddings, the wedding arm of Orange Clove Catering has also been acting as a one-stop provider for soon-to-wed couples. Check out their wedding packages here. We are non-believer of “One Size Fits All”. Unlike many mainstream wedding caterers, we understand the pains of couples of having to coordinate with different vendors, and the limitation of time. Henceforth, besides catering, we supply anything from entertainment to wedding favours and décor, with our team of preferred partners. Let us be your runners, while you enjoy the limelight. Of course, to ‘wow’ your guests, you cannot do without good presentation – even down to the buffet lines, reception tables, solemnisation area and so on. To make it special, couples can customise by requesting for a certain theme that is meaningful to them. If you are marrying a pilot, why not have an aviation theme? Novelty is definitely something that will continue to be sought-after. OC Weddings is having a Grand Food Tasting Session on 15 March 2015. For more details, email them here.


About Orange Clove Weddings

OC Weddings, the wedding arm of award-winning Orange Clove Catering, strives to provide one-stop solution for its couples – anything from décor to props rental and entertainment services. Of course, their forte remains in catering. OC Weddings boasts nine sumptuous menus, four gorgeous thematic set-ups and two dessert offerings. Specialising in church and outdoor weddings, it is backed by a professional team of wedding consultants and a strong catering fleet. View catering menus here. Last year alone, its parent company, Orange Clove Catering has clinched several awards including HRM Asia Readers Choice, Best Corporate Caterer; Singapore Prestige Brand Award, Overall Winner (Promising Brands); and RAS Epicurean Star Award, Best Caterer. 

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