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On a Budget: How to Plan a DIY Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

Did you know that you don’t have to get professional vendors for every part of your wedding… even the photography segment? If you’re on a tighter budget, and you’re ready for some fun, the option of going DIY for your wedding photoshoot seems like a winner. And even if you already have a professional shoot planned, having a DIY shoot to top it off is bound to invite some oohs and ahhs of envy from your guests. It’s easy to plan, super flexible, plus there’s no worry about feeling uncomfortable in front of the camera!  

Things you’ll need:


1. Cameras

This can include your DSLR, go-pro, holga, polaroids – if you have them, bring them! If you don’t have one, look to borrow / rent. Choose cameras with wider lenses, they are perfect for taking your own shots.  

2. Tripod stand and accessories

Though selfies are huge, you don’t want to restrict yourself to taking photos of each other. A tripod stand would make a handy photographer for you!  

3. Remote control

You can set your camera on timer mode, but nothing beats taking shots on burst mode! A go-pro can sync to your remote / mobile using bluetooth / wifi, so that works as a handy solution to incorporating more background in your shot.  

4. Your outfit, accessories and props

Choose a few outfits that you’re going to be wearing for the shoot. Also, no photoshoot is complete without props.  

5. Photobook Printer

You can get a vendor to do this for you! If you’re looking to have someone design up a pretty cover, check out freelancers on or! Check out Danny & Kathleen’s DIY Pre-Wedding Photoshoot here >>  

Start Planning:

  1. Think about the story that you want to tell through your photo album – I’m thinking about having a series of selfies for my wedding album!
  2. List down a list of locations that you will want to include in your shoot.
  3. Gather some inspiration for poses that you guys will want to strike! And… don’t forget to take tons of selfies!
  4. Pick the days and timeslots that you will want for your shoot!
  5. Pack and go! It’s time for your shoot! Have fun!

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