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10 Helpful Tips in Renovating or Remodeling your Dream House

When doing any renovation, it is important to take budget, safety, and the law into consideration. Doing so will ensure your project is done correctly and on time. Comparatively, not doing so may end up costing you lots of money. In the worst cases, not doing so can end up leaving someone injured or liable.

1. Accurate estimates

Using quality construction estimating software is the key to not ending up with a bloated project that drains your bank account. In fact, experienced renovators often report that expenses can exceed expectations by as much as 25 percent. Because renovations can often run into the thousands, you need to understand as accurately as possible what your project will cost if you want to complete everything and not leave some things unfinished.

2. Permits

Depending on your renovation project, you might need to obtain building permits to ensure the final project is safe and that it meets your local codes. In fact, many people mistakenly skip the process of applying for permits, thinking that doing so will save money. However, the result can involve extensive fines that end up costing more than the original application fee. Additionally, the city can order you to remove all improvements if you fail to get the permits.

3. Blueprints

In order to get the necessary permits, you will need blueprints that show inspectors exactly what is being done on your property. The blueprints also show exactly where on the property the construction or renovation will be done, ensuring that it leaves enough room for established setbacks.

4. Focus on future resale

If you have the option to select what types of renovation projects you want to complete, selecting ones that add to the resale value of your home make the most sense. For instance, the optimal renovation for future resale is to add a new kitchen. Following this, bathrooms and extra bedrooms often add value to your home. Finishing a basement can also add lucrative living space to your property.

5. Weather

Knowing what the weather will be like helps in ways that range from comfort to safety. For instance, if you are putting on a new roof, you will want to ensure the weather is above 40 degrees in order for the shingles to properly settle. Additionally, if you are pouring cement, you will want the weather to be warm enough for the cement to cure. In terms of moisture, knowing if you will receive precipitation can ensure there are no electrical hazards in outdoor construction. Finally, knowing what the weather will be like ensures there are no lost days of production.

6. DIY versus professional contractor

Many people have the expertise to frame a simple wall and hang sheetrock. However, many people will need to hire an electrician to install wiring. Other instances that will involve a professional contractor include adding a new roof or demolishing load-bearing walls. Because the work will have to pass inspection, you do not want to attempt something you are not qualified to do as it might likely fail inspection and delay progress.

7. Clearing the work area

Ensuring the work area is clear will involve moving out all furniture. Doing so allows workers to work without having to navigate your favorite couch. It also helps keep people safe when having to walk in a hazardous work zone.

8. Your little ones

Children and pets must be kept away from the work zone. This means that extra supervision should be afforded them when hammers are banging and saws are buzzing. They will experience too much curiosity to keep away.

9. Hiring tips

When hiring a contractor, you should ensure the contractor meets the following conditions.

– is insured as well as bonded and licensed
– has good online reviews
– has a portfolio of previous work
– has referrals

Doing the due diligence ahead of time will save you much wasted time and money.

10. Emotional stability

During the renovation, it is important to either get away during the renovation or have part of the house clean and organized. Doing so will ensure the stress of the mess does not overtake you. Because renovations can take weeks, having a clean and orderly sanctuary will ensure your emotions remain stable.

An important closing comment

When you begin your renovation, you will be full of energy and excitement. However, during the renovation, you might get what is known as the renovation blues. This happens when things take longer or look worse than they are. The blues also develop when renovations expose some nasty, underlying surprises. The best way to beat these blues is to plan properly and stick with the checklist. If you do, you will come out on the other side of your project happy, safe, and with money still in the bank.