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10 Reasons to Consider a Romantic Wedding at Sea

If you are planning a wedding and can’t decide yet of which wedding theme you would want to have, take a cue from the latest trend of merging the wedding ceremony with a boating trip or cruise. San Diego is a popular wedding destination for this, and a boat wedding San Diego will make the occasion even more special and memorable. In this article, we curated 10 reasons why you must consider having a wedding at sea – besides the apparent reason that it is indeed romantic.

1. Forget about trying to choose a creative wedding theme


Getting married on a boat means you can go with a distinctly nautical theme. Do not be discouraged if you still want a more formal touch as you can always make a nautically themed wedding look classic and elegant. It is all about changing the right color scheme and materials essential in making your dream wedding happen.

2. Your guest list will not be too overwhelming

Sometimes, choosing who to invite on your wedding can be hard especially if you want almost everyone in your life to be there. However, a wedding at sea means you can limit your criteria, your list, and even your budget. With this concept, your guest list will be manageable. Instead of trying to provide basics for a large group of people, you can focus on giving a small group of those closest to you a luxurious intimate experience. 

3. Boat weddings can save money

The average American wedding costs about $35,000. A wedding at sea is more economical. As someone who is getting married, you would probably want to be able to save money and still have a great wedding reception. Weddings can be expensive and being wise about where and how you splurge is vital throughout your wedding process.

4. Enjoy a beautiful view

Celebrate your love for one another under a beautiful horizon with a dramatic view of a city skyline. A boat tour is a great way to get married. On a San Diego harbor tour, you can savor natural beauty as you exchange vows.

san diego bay

5. Guests get a treat

When you get married on a harbor cruise, your guests get to enjoy this exceptional experience – not many couples do this! A boating trip is an exciting adventure; an outing at sea adds to the magic of an already joyful celebration.

6. Wedding planning is easier

A boat tour of San Diego Bay as a venue for your wedding makes everything easier. Professional wedding planners who specialize in boat weddings help you handle essential details such as photography, music and entertainment, and food and dining arrangements. It is a total package if you want a wedding with a smooth flow and organization.

7. Nature provides for the show

Whether you choose a day or night wedding, nature provides an extraordinary backdrop to your festive day. You and your guests can enjoy the gentle lapping of waves and savor the purity of sunrise or sunset at sea.

8. Relish a bold, unique ceremony

A cruise trip is common mostly on honeymoons or family and friends travel trip, but getting married on a boat is out of the ordinary. Such an event is dramatic and exciting, and your guests will not soon forget it just as much.

9. You get dazzling wedding photography


A boat wedding is romantic – we still need to include the obvious on the list beacuse it is indeed romantic. If you have one in San Diego Bay, your wedding photos will not look posed or dull. Instead, they will capture the drama and passion of the day. Imagine the ocean and sky as a backdrop, with the San Diego skyline in the distance. Yes, Romantic.

10. Treat your guests to an uninterrupted celebration

Many wedding events interrupt the festivities. Guests have to travel as best they can—possibly through heavy traffic—from the site of the ceremony to reception. A boat wedding, however, means your ceremony slips seamlessly into a celebration.

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There are many great reasons to consider having a wedding during a boat tour of San Diego Bay. Experienced professionals can take care of all the details, leaving you to enjoy this special day without much stress and hassle.

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