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5 Reasons to Shop for Your Furniture at Comfort Furniture

For those of you preparing for your new crib, you will know that furniture shopping can be time-consuming. It can also be an added challenge for homeowners who are seeking to create a particular home style, as you want to find pieces that not only fit your desired theme but also are functional and affordable at the same time. In addition to that, many hope to create a welcoming and cosy ambience to enjoy at home.

In today’s issue, we explore furniture shopping at Comfort Furniture. Dubbed as “the Chair & Table people”, the furniture store started out making chic chairs and tables for commercial establishments. Today, it has grown into a one-stop furniture store where you can get all the furniture you need to deck up your new crib. Let’s begin exploring to see what’s in store at Comfort Furniture!

1. A vast selection of trendy & affordable furniture

Photo from Comfort Furniture

As we stepped into Comfort Furniture’s 35,000 square ft showroom, we were immediately greeted by a huge variety of furniture. Their 4-storey store had everything that we had on the shopping list that day. You name it, and they probably have it – sofas of different textures, coffee tables of different shapes, dining tables made from different materials, dining chairs of any home style we could imagine… even office tables and chairs for those of you who need a home office. They also have bar tables and stools for those of you looking to create your own bar space at home! I felt excited just stepping into their store, and instantly realised why many of my friends told me to check out Comfort Furniture when they knew we were scouting for furniture.

With over 2,000 trendy designs to choose from, there will surely be furniture pieces that catch your eye. While browsing their furniture, some pieces that caught our attention was the Gallivant 2-seater sofa and the Prado 3-seater leather sofa. Plus, if you have a moodboard for your home, you can easily customise the sofa with your own fabric or colour choice!

We also liked their space-saving furniture from their smart solutions collection. I can see many Singaporeans getting them, for most of us live in HDB flats or apartments. For those of you who appreciate more unique and stand-out designs, Comfort Furniture also has its own original collection. The best part is, they come with an affordable price tag.

2. Accomplish the Scandinavian look

scandinavian look comfort design
Photo from Comfort Furniture

The Nordic wave has taken our homes by storm. Many of us millennials like to go for the Scandinavian home style because of its clean, minimalist look. The light hues and neutral shades also result in our smaller homes looking bigger and brighter! Some even say the Scandinavian trend can boost happiness as it creates a warm, calming and inviting atmosphere at home. More importantly, it inspires homeowners to reduce clutter (Marie Kondo approves!). Neat and simple, you can also easily elevate your Scandinavian interior design by adding pops of colour, a touch of greenery, or materials like wood or marble to make your design more unique.

Many of the furniture pieces at Comfort Furniture are perfect for creating a Scandinavian home. We created our own ‘Scandinavian themed’ mood board below with furniture from Comfort Furniture! Marrying minimalist design and function together, you get furniture that not only looks great but works well. As innovation is key, Comfort Furniture has even blended two styles into a Scan-dustrial collection, that features a more funky, hipster vibe.

Our Top Scandinavian Picks:

3. Many sofa designs for different home styles

comfort design
Photo from Comfort Furniture

For most homes, the sofa will be the centerpiece of your living room. I was very particular about finding the right sofa for the home, for it is the best spot in the house to be at. The couch is where you relax with your partner after a long day’s work, and also where you host your family and friends when they visit. You want it to be beautiful, comfortable and cosy. Luckily for us, when we visited Comfort Furniture, they had plenty of sofa options for us. We found 3 sofas that could fit popular home interior styles – minimalist, industrial and mid-century.


comfort furniture minimalist
Photo from Comfort Furniture

The minimalist style centers around warm functionality and focuses on a sleek, clean and neat appearance. Our sofa pick for this interior design is the Michigan 2.5–Seater Sofa.

comfort design Michigan 2.5–Seater Sofa

Our Sofa Pick

With its light grey fabric and matching rectangular pillows, this sofa has an understated elegance that complements the minimalist design well. Its sleek design and slight curves make it easy to match with any feature wall and coffee table. The light wood gives it an airy and unencumbered look, the perfect choice for minimalists.

Michigan 2.5–Seater Sofa


Photo from Comfort Furniture

The industrial-chic design is also growing in popularity for home interiors. Taking inspiration from the old and rustic and infusing it with the new, its charm lies in the raw and openness of the design. Our sofa pick for this home style is the Prado 3-Seater Full Leather Sofa.

comfort design Prado 3-Seater Sofa - Full Leather

Our Sofa Pick:

The rugged, yet somewhat polished exterior of this sofa brings out the character of Industrial-chic. Made with top grain aniline leather, its texture and colour give off an old and rustic vibe, yet its frame and bulk have a sense of masculine modernity to it.

Prado 3-Seater Sofa – Full Leather


Photo from Comfort Furniture

Mid-century is modern meets traditional, in a timeless way that we think will not go out of style. Making use of organic, clean curves and geometric shapes, the style comes across as sleek. Similar to Scandinavian design, it too focuses on function. It can be uplifted with more colour to create an eclectic vibe. Our sofa pick for this interior design is the Korito 3-seater sofa.

comfort design Korito 3-Seater Sofa

Our Sofa Pick

The tufting design on the backrest of this sofa corresponds to the organic curves and clean lines that mid-century design is known for. It offers comfortable lounging and comes with removable seat covers, making the washing needs convenient. It’s peg legs are also iconic of the mid-century movement. Simply add a couple of colourful pillows and a knitted throw blanket to make the look really pop!

Korito 3-Seater Sofa

4. Visit their 4-storey showroom or shop online

Though “traditional” shoppers like myself would like to see and test out the furniture in person, sometimes time constraints may lead us into the convenience of online shopping. I love that Comfort Furniture has both options for furniture shopping.

Their 4-storey showroom showcases their entire furniture collection for you to try and test it out in person, but in the event that you are short on time, their online e-commerce store makes it hassle-free for you to do your furniture shopping. Their showroom is quite crowded on weekends (it’s very popular!), so sometimes online shopping can be a breeze compared to fighting the crowds. You get free delivery with a $500 order. You can also hunt for bargain pieces in their Sale section!

5. Try out their in-house mattress, Baton Sleep

comfort design Baton Mattresses
Photo from Baton Sleep Mattress

As I mentioned earlier, Comfort Furniture is a one-stop furniture store, meaning you can get everything from your home from just one store. Personally, I always prefer shopping under-one-roof for convenience. Comfort Furniture also retails its in-house brand of mattresses – Baton Sleep. We featured Baton Sleep earlier in our article – Not sure where to your mattress? Here are 6 online stores with free trials, where we mentioned how impressed we are with their non-disturbance function (perfect for light sleepers)! Just see it for yourselves in the video below. It is amazing that no matter how much you jump on the bed, that Jenga just doesn’t seem to fall.

Baton Sleep has two mattress options for you, regular or hybrid. Both are pocketed spring-based mattresses. The regular ($780 for King-size) is combined with high-density foam and is more firm. The hybrid ($1,150) is an upscaled version of the regular. Instead of high-density foam, it uses pressure-relieving memory foam. Being thicker (28cm vs 23 cm), the Hybrid seems to be the more popular of the two. Though if you prefer your mattress firm, you might still pick the regular.

Baton Sleep is also CertiPUS-US certified, meaning it is free from harmful chemicals – very important because you are spending a third of your hours sleeping! We also like that the mattress cover is removable and washable.

Baton Sleep is approved by influencer Xiaxue and comes with a 30-night sleep trial, free delivery, and a 10-year warranty. It is also currently the only online mattress that you can test out in store! You get a $100 discount if you choose to get your bed frame here too.

Having been in the industry for over 40 years, Comfort Furniture surely knows furniture like the back of their hand. Furthermore, they constantly expand their product selection and have new designs to meet the needs and wants of new homeowners. Best of all, their furniture is priced affordably so you do not have to break the bank just to furnish your home beautifully. If you are looking for sleek design, comfort, and functionality in your furniture, be sure to check out Comfort Furniture!

Check out Comfort Furniture for your home furniture shopping>

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