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12 Best DIY Wedding Decorations for Every Wedding Style

DIY wedding decorations are the perfect ways to personalize a wedding. Leaving your personal touch on your decor makes you proud while expressing your dreams to perfection. DIY wedding decor is the way of creative brides. The best part is that its budget-friendly labour of love.

The high point of homemade wedding decoration ideas is that there’s no limit to what you can achieve. Whether you have a large or small budget, opting for a rustic, casual, or chic wedding, there’s something for you. With this in mind, we’ve compiled twelve unique DIY wedding ideas on a budget to inspire you.

Best DIY Wedding Decorations for Every Wedding Style

1. Bride subscription box

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2. Tree stomp centrepieces

As far as rustic wedding decorations go, nature is its main source. So, create a rustic ambience by using well-cut tree stumps as centrepieces. You can cut them into flat slips and place your tea lights in the middle. This will make a beautiful combination of earth and sky tones.

3. Faux flowers

Faux flowers are some of the most heartfelt wedding DIY ideas. If you don’t care for real flowers, go faux with some cardboard, plastic, clothes, and scissor. Make them in your theme colours and top them off with some colourful ribbon. This will look perfect at a chic, modern, and minimalist wedding.

4. Signage

For vintage or traditional weddings, tap into nature and create strategic signage. Write on wide leaves for direction and drop cute quotes on boards. You can also announce who is getting married by leaving your initials and wedding date on sprayed or gold dust boards.

5. Unique place settings

Cut colourful card stocks into beautiful shapes for place settings. You can have them laser cut round the edges with words written in glitters. Give them an intricate and polished look with fashionable ribbons for casual weddings

6. Custom centrepieces

If you’re going for a coastal or garden-inspired ambience, create centrepieces with succulents. They’re a breath of fresh air and are the perfect height. Put the succulents in woven baskets or transparent bowls to give a more relaxed look.

7. Alternative tables’ style

Is a farm wedding your dream style? Ditch the proper tables and opt for barrels or liquor crates. For chairs, you can replace them with bales of hay. It will be a fun and laid-back atmosphere.

8. Paper or solar-powered lanterns

If you want to create a soothing and romantic ambience, try out the simple paper or solar-powered lanterns. They’re easy to create and budget-friendly if you’d rather buy. Put them at the tables, on posts, and in the lounge.

9. Creative guest book

Instead of a traditional guestbook, make it more fun by having guests sign off on a loved-up portrait. You can also have them sign off on mini wine bottles which will serve as wedding favours to them. This will keep the guests invested while having thorough fun.

10. Family style ambience

If the wedding is casual, set it in family style with Mylar, banners, and string lights. This is especially great for outdoor and backyard weddings. Write beautiful information on colourful banners and let the string lights shine around them. Excitement will be the order of the day.

11. Photo wall

Give your guest one more thing to smile about by including them in your wedding. Create a photo wall of your pictures with as many guests as you can. Pictures from way back will stir up pleasant memories and nostalgia. Let the guests take pictures with the wall as a backdrop. For more fun

12. Mismatched Mason jar centrepieces

The beauty of a mismatched Mason jar cannot be over-emphasized. They never go out of style and are suitable for about any wedding style. If you don’t have adequate jars at tout disposal, mix with vintage tins and fine China for that old-world polished charm.

A little creativity and determination are all it takes to perfect DIY wedding decorations. So if you’ve made up your mind to leave a personal touch, think of these inexpensive DIY wedding ideas!

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