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10 Best Engagement and Proposal Photographers in Bali (2024)

Taking photos of an engagement or proposal is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to capture the joy and excitement of marrying the person you love. But more importantly, they’ll help you to get to know your photographer and relax in front of the camera before the big day. You’ll also have total creative control over the venue, attire, and overall aesthetic that best suits you as a couple.¬†With an extensive list of proposal and engagement photographers in the industry, which then is the best in Bali? We introduce the 10 Best Engagement and Proposal Photographers in Bali, providing quality recommendations based on your budget and photoshoot needs.¬†

This article was last updated on 13 April 2023.

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10 Best Engagement and Proposal Photographers in Bali

1. Gusmank Photography

Gusmank Engagement and Proposal Photographer Bali

Unguarded, natural, and emotional images of a lifetime

Gusmank has over 10 years of expertise and offers a variety of Bali photographer services such as wedding photojournalism, pre-wedding or engagement, proposal, and travel photography. For that reason, you can trust that they will handle every step correctly, even if you have no idea where to begin. This photographer also has expertise in arranging and photographing over 50 surprise proposals in Bali, so the team will help you from selecting the best Bali surprise proposal venues until the big day. For the engagement package, this can be done at any time following the proposal to help you get used to being photographed or simply to capture moments from your everyday life. None is forced or staged. Just the two of you, the way you are!

If you’re worried about leaving everything to them, don’t be because they provide templates and tips for both proposal and engagement sessions. Check over these sample works and blogs for the ideal Bali surprise proposal. During the plan, they will assist you in getting the best light, location, and positioning. Your shots will turn out nicely as long as you have that ring in your pocket.

In addition to proposal locations, Gusmank also advises on where to hold your engagement for the best results. You can check through his photo collection of prior clients to get a sense of where you want your special event to take place. But if you’re still hesitant, Gusmank is constantly on the lookout for unique prewedding or engagement venues that will reflect you to make the photos appear authentic.

Timeless fine art albums

What makes Gusmank Photography stand out from other teams is that they offer fine art albums. Sure, the digital age has made everything easier, but there is something special about holding your photographs in your hands. In this regard, the fine art album is designed to survive even in this day and age of technology. It’s also made of delicate linen fabric to protect the printed pages within, and it comes in a clamshell box to keep your treasure safe. The thumb drive that carries the digital files is also attached to the box, so you won’t lose it.

Rates dependent on your requirements

Both Bali couple session packages are available in two-hour, half-day, and full-day schedules. It also provides session transportation, location, and wardrobe advice. There are also additional makeup and hairstyle artists on hand if you want to get everything done and skip the fuss. Simply contact them and explain your needs, and they will gladly estimate the rates.

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2. Terralogical 

Terralogical Engagement and Proposal Photographer Bali

Intimate moments flow without distractions

Terralogical Photography is your best choice if you’re looking for really spontaneous and genuine moments as well as having more specific concepts in mind. This team feels that being real and honest are the best components for a wonderful engagement portrait, thus they like to capture an intimate moment without interruptions. Even if this is your first photoshoot as a couple, don’t worry because they’re more than willing to give you a hint of guidance! And if you’re afraid that it’ll weaken the purpose of raw emotions, don’t be; their direction is so small that it won’t take your essence away.

To top it all off, we adore Terralogical’s use of both romantic and natural settings. The photographs on their website also have typically colder and grittier backgrounds. Overall, you can say that their images have amazing links and the right moments make the hairs on the back of your neck rise.

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3. AXIOO Bali

AXIOO Engagement and Proposal Photographer Bali

A versatile approach to engagement photography

The team at AXIOO Bali is without a doubt what we admire about it. They are a group of enthusiastic young photographers, videographers, designers, and others who collaborate to produce stunning masterpieces for your big day. Aside from that, we also enjoyed how adaptable their approach to engagement and proposal photography is. For example, they will first get to know your personality before coming up with a good concept for you and your sweetheart. You can be casual and easygoing, or you can be passionate and dramatic. So, when you pick Axioo, you’ll have limitless choices, and they’ll always be eager to explore new ideas with you.

Check out AXIOO Bali >

4. Gusde Photography

Gusde Engagement and Proposal Photographer Bali

Gusde Photography is a multi-award-winning team of wedding photographers you can rely on for engagement/proposal photos. They’re also members of Fearless Photographers, The International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP), and the Indonesian Wedding Photographers Guild (IndonesianWPG). With these achievements, you can be sure to receive only high-quality photos. And by multi-award-winning, we mean numerous awards that can be found on their website. Regardless, don’t be intimidated by this crew. After all, their approach is to establish a good relationship with their clients to capture authentic moments!

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5. GP-Bali Photography

GP Bali Engagement and Proposal Photographer Bali

What we like best about GP-Bali Photography are their excellent extra services. While these young photographers provide the highest quality engagement or proposal shots, the fact that they have a dedicated expert for makeup/hairdo and gown/suit rental is pretty fantastic. This also means that you don’t have to worry about your preparation needs and can just call them! Apart from that, we enjoyed how they make sure that each couple’s images are as unique as their story, so no photo templates are used.¬† And no matter where you choose to have your engagement photographs taken in Bali, they can take you to all of the most beautiful spots!

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6. Iluminen Engagement Photographer

Iluminen Engagement and Proposal Photographer Bali

Candid moments in the photographs

While we think that poses led by photographers produce excellent engagement photos, we also feel that maintaining raw experiences is just as important. Fortunately, we discovered this quirky photo team based in Bali and Jakarta, specializing in the simplicity of real emotions and spontaneous intimacy. Because they believe that your story is at the center of their pictures, they don’t just put couples in front of the camera!¬† They also prefer to interact with you to bring out your actual human nature and ooze out the real you. Natural reactions like stolen pecks on the cheek, surprising tickling attacks, or just a sniffing of sweet-smelling hair are mostly the concepts you can find in their gallery.

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7. Suta Rahady Engagement Photographer

Suta Rahady Engagement and Proposal Photographer Bali

Suta is a Bali-based professional engagement/proposal photographer whose work has been highlighted and trusted by Canon Indonesia, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands. You can also be sure that his photographs won’t disappoint. Aside from that, his technique blends documentary coverage with artistically crafted images, all while maintaining the authenticity of the moment. He’ll also engage with you and your love continuously for a genuine but spectacular outcome with personality. Overall, we feel Suta Rahady’s work would appeal to you if you want your engagement photos to be warmer and tied to Balinese culture.

Check out Suta Rahady >
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8. Danny Halim Productions

Danny Halim Engagement and Proposal Photographer Bali

Available to travel around the world

Danny Halim Productions is yet another fantastic photography team ready to capture your memorable and stunning pre-wedding photo session. They also provide a wealth of ideas and concepts to help you make the best shot possible. We also appreciate that you can specify your ideal location, and they will gladly serve you in different cities and countries! If you still want to have the photoshoot in Bali, they can service the surrounding areas and give you the highest quality artistic engagement/proposal photography and videos.

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9. Rudy Lin Photography

Rudy Lin Engagement and Proposal Photographer Bali

A perfect blend of natural portraits and storytelling photography 

What’s amazing about Rudy Lin Photography is that they use Bali’s magnificent scenery, beaches, cliffs, and other natural wonders to help couples select the best spot to propose. They are also a professional wedding photography team that uses a great combination of timeless and natural images to give you an emotional outcome in your photos. What’s more, they take a documentary style to proposal photography to tell the tale of your big day! And because they are a destination Bali wedding photography team, you can anticipate your images to have a spectacular touch in addition to the special story they convey.

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10. Snap Story Pictures Bali Engagement Photographer 

Snap Story Pictures Engagement and Proposal Photographers Bali

Engagement photos beyond poses

It’s not only about looking good in your engagement pictures; it’s also about capturing genuine moments. This is why Snap Story Pictures are so personal and focused on engaging with you rather than simply taking pictures! They are also an award-winning wedding and proposal photographer, so you can be confident that they are a team of visual explorers. What’s also great is that they won’t over-direct you because they constantly seek to capture beyond poses. But don’t worry, they’ll still be there to help you through anything. On that note, they are also fun and flexible. So if you want to include your engagement into a tale like an art documentary, this photographer will provide a picture-perfect photo with a splash of fun!

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We hope that our guide on the 10 Best Engagement and Proposal Photographers has helped you pick the best photographer in Bali for your photoshoot needs. Please also share this with your family and friends if you have found it useful!

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