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Capture The Magic of Your Wedding with Gusmank Photography

Every day with your loved ones can be special, but some days are worth remembering for a lifetime. For those occasions, you need a wedding photographer that can capture raw emotions with style. Turn those authentic moments into beautifully crafted images by choosing the right studio for the job. If you are looking for the best wedding photography in Bali, we have curated a list on why you should choose Gusmank Photography for your dream wedding in Bali.

7 Reasons to Choose Gusmank Photography for your Dream Wedding in Bali

1. Beautifully-crafted images that tell a story

Born and raised in warm and spiritual Bali, the founder and main man Gusmank has been honing his craft for over 10 years. Having shot weddings, engagements, honeymoons, and even travels, he describes his work as a combination of fine art photography and photojournalism and has always paid attention to visual storytelling. So much so that by 2016, he earned the title of Fujifilm X-Photographer for his work in wedding photography. From all these, expect beautifully-crafted images on your wedding day, while also keeping the moments authentic. 

Alongside Gusmank is his lovely girlfriend, Angendari, who works as a graphic designer and manages their website. Shooting photos on par with the service, quality, and results that Gusmank provide is associate photographer Eka. We have done shoots with both Gusmank and Eka, and we have to say that we are really impressed with the quality and the consistency of both photographers!

2. Knows the perfect spots for all your shots

MJ at Hoshinoya, Bali

While you and your partner can dress up and look picture-perfect, you also need a place that can be just as photogenic. Thankfully, Gusmank has travelled all around Bali and knows which are the best spots for the most postcard-worthy shots. The Indonesian paradise has absolutely everything, from hills and mountains to coastlines and beaches to rice terraces and waterfalls. And it is really nice how Gusmank would go out of his way to bring out the best in every spot! We also love how they included the seaside town of Sanur for more laidback couples and Mount Batur with its black volcanic rocks for those adventurous.  

Tegalalang, Ubud
Mount Batur

What’s great is that there is even a list of wedding venues handpicked by Gusmank. If you have not figured out yet where exactly to have your special day, these spots are sure to display the colourful and deeply spiritual culture of Bali. From the elegant cliff-top chapel of Uluwatu to the tropical wonderland that is Ubud, Gusmank Photography would know the best angles and times to make every couple shine in any of these venues.


3. A photographer who grows with you and your family

From your engagement to the wedding to the blossoming of your family, Gusmank Photography offer photography packages that grow with you and your loved ones. Having planned and shot hundreds of surprise proposals, engagements, weddings, and honeymoons since 2015, the studio has been a part of many budding relationships, capturing stunning shots of those once-in-a-lifetime moments without ruining the authenticity. 

When love has grown and matured, you can create timeless photos with your growing family. We actually had two family photoshoots in Bali with Gusmank Photography! The first one was like a maternity photoshoot when our baby boy was still inside Joce’s belly. We loved the photos so much that we knew we had to come back for more. And now, as a family of four! 


MJ and Baby Ally at Hoshinoya Bali in April 2022



MJ and babies at Mandapa in October 2022 – now a family of four!

4. Smooth and easy personalised process

The best thing about Gusmank was how incredibly easy he was to work with. No need to worry if it is your first time posing in front of a camera as Gusmank would direct you on everything you have to do. All you have to do is enjoy yourselves! Gusmank is also really friendly, which definitely helps in putting everyone at ease for the most comfortable shoot. 

As for weddings, Gusmank Photography guarantees that your wedding will be truly unique. So before the big day, the first step is for Gusmank to get to know you as a couple, from your love story to your dream wedding. Guiding you through every step of the way, Gusmank will choose the right location based on your and your partner’s personalities (though of course, you are free to suggest your preferred locations), and make sure that your wedding photographs would turn out to be everything you have ever dreamed of. 

Eka, the associate photographer from Gusmank Photography, was also a gem and a friendly person to work with. Shooting with him at Mandapa, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve in Ubud was a breeze as he knew when the mesmerising soft sun rays will shine upon various parts of the resorts, as well as the various spots for the best photos.

5. Commemorate your love in a fine art album 

While digital technology continues to evolve, physical prints stay as special as ever. These pieces can even be handed down as heirlooms, especially when secured inside a beautifully crafted fine art album. Handmade from the soft linen fabric cover to the gold foil calligraphy, these albums are made with premium materials, last a lifetime, and come in two different sizes. The large album can hold up to 200 photos perfect for your wedding, while the mini can hold up to 100 for those engagement and family shoots. Moreover, you get a clamshell box to protect your album and thumb drive (if you included it in your package) from any spills and stains.

6. Featured everywhere with raving reviews

If everything we mentioned did not make you sure yet about Gusmank Photography, then we will let the clients speak for themselves. With over 150 positive reviews, the studio comes out with five stars for both Google and Facebook. That’s not all! They are featured in multiple blogs like Junebug Weddings, How They Asked, The Wedding Notebook, and more. Yours truly has even featured them as one of the best wedding photographers in Bali. To top it off, they made it all the way to print publications like epicure and Hello Bali from feature to cover.

7. Learn from the master himself

If you loved Gusmank’s photos as much as we did, then you are in luck. Having photographed hundreds of couples and families for over a decade, Gusmank has held a strong dedication to education while running the full-time photography business. He has gone all around Indonesia talking about wedding photography and the industry in his mentoring sessions and photography workshops. From Jakarta to Yogyakarta to Banjarmasin to Makassar, he has been looking to bring out another great talent into the world. So if you are looking to get photography pointers from Gusmank himself, perhaps enrolling in his workshops would be a great idea.

Be it for your wedding, honeymoon, or family photoshoot, we’d recommend Gusmank Photography in a heartbeat. We absolutely love his photography style and the way he takes care of all his clients – so much so that we cannot wait to work with him again for the 3rd time! 

Check out Gusmank Photography > 
Address: Jl. Kutat Lestari VI No.16, Sanur Kauh, Denpasar Selatan, Kota Denpasar, Bali 80227
Contact: +62 812-3738-4361


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