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12 Best Stores for Engagement Rings in Sweden | Best of Lifestyle

Created for the moment of a lifetime, choosing a jeweller for engagement rings sometimes leaves us with a daunting task. Not only does it have to suit the taste of your bride- and groom-to-be, you’ll also need to find a jeweller that can suit your budget and requirements. On top of that, it’s also essential to ensure that the jewellers are providing quality stones, reliable certifications and sustainably sourced. With an extensive variety of stores for engagement rings available in the market, which then is the best store to get engagement rings in Sweden? In our Best of Lifestyle series, we have curated the latest 12 Best Stores to get Engagement Rings in Sweden, providing quality recommendations to suit your lifestyle and budget. For the ultimate guides, also check out our best engagement rings in the Netherlands and Ireland recommendations!

This article was last updated on 14 December 2022

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12 Best Stores for Engagement Rings in Sweden

1. James Allen

james allen - engagement ring

One of the biggest, trustworthy ecommerce bridal jewellery shop for bespoke diamond rings

Founded in 2006, James Allen has pioneered the way consumers shop for fine jewelry online. Their mission – to offer the highest quality conflict-free diamonds and the largest selection. Hence, they have over 200,000 diamonds, certified by one of the top grading laboratories: GIA, AGS, and IGI. James Allen has become the largest privately held online diamond and bridal jewelry retailer in the world.

Customising your very own unique engagement or wedding ring

What we absolutely love about James Allen is that you get to design your own engagement rings three ways – either starting with the ring setting, or commencing with the diamond of your choice, or a fancy gemstone of your choice. I highly recommend browsing through their website even if it is simply for inspiration; it’s a really well-thought-out website for rings.

They also feature wedding rings, as well as fine jewellery for gifts. Moreover, be sure to check out their comprehensive education centre. There’s tons of information readily available (some of which I knew before I proposed!).

Excellent customer service with 100% money back guarantee

What’s great about James Allen is that they have one of the best customer service standards for jewellery companies. This definitely helps with the fact that you are purchasing a ring online – spending at least four figures just with a click of a button! James Allen features 24/7 customer service, lifetime warranty, free shipping worldwide, and hassle-free returns with 100% money back guarantee within 30 days, no questions asked. Coupled with their excellent reviews, we find them trustworthy and reliable.

All the best with your proposal folks!

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Check out James Allen for your engagement ring >
James Allen | +1-412-314-9060
Facebook | Instagram

2. Brilliant Earth

Brilliant Earth - Best Rings

When it comes to ethically sourced fine jewellery, Brilliant Earth is definitely the way to go. Though their showrooms are mostly in the US, you may schedule a virtual appointment with their jewellery experts, so you can enjoy a personalised consultation right in the comfort of your home. Once you discover the ring that you love, Brilliant Earth’s international shipping service is really reliable, with free FedEx shipping, free 30 Day returns and resizes for all UK orders. You may also ask them to help design a piece of custom jewellery just for you!

The best part about choosing Brilliant Earth is that they use 100% recycled precious metals and conflict-free mined diamonds in crafting their jewellery pieces, so you can wear them with peace of mind. And if you want to dazzle up your ring further, add some lab-created diamonds which come either coloured or colourless. Whether you want one with a vivid yellow or intense pink diamond, we are so sure that you’d find something you love!

Moreover, we like how the sustainability promise does not end in their products alone. From the iconic wooden boxes to the post-consumer recycled content for all the shipping packaging – Brilliant Earth is undeniably brilliant.

Check out Brilliant Earth > 

3. Hanno


Hanno - engagement rings sweden

Hanno is founded and run by Sako Hanno, whose journey of making jewellery started at a young age by travelling around the world and working for many brands and artists. Hanno is now one of the most reputable jewellers in Stockholm, known for its unique, precious design as well as being one of the few jewellers in Europe who still use old stone-setting techniques and traditional equipment. 

It’s a great jewellery for those interested in custom-made rings. Putting customer journey in front of their every process, they in-house designers will try to make your imagination as reality as possible. To ensure that, they will provide a 3D design with a 360-degree video after taking your suggestion and only start working on the ring once you’re happy with the design. 

Creating fine jewellery, Hanno only works with 18K gold, rose, white, yellow and platinum. Their diamonds are F/G, SI, VS and VVS rated, and only use reliable sources.

Check out Hanno >
Locations: Artillerigatan 33, 114 45 Stockholm
Tel: 076-811 61 67
Facebook Instagram

4. Sandberg

Sandberg - engagement rings sweden

Known for its flagship store in Stockholm, Sandberg focuses on creating sustainable jewellery, using only 18K recycled gold, silver and ethically sourced diamonds. On top of that, they also ensure all their pieces are handmade in Sweden and minimise any environmental impact possible. 

Whether what you want is a delicate solitaire, a glistering pave eternity ring or an eye-catching halo ring, they have a large collection of sustainable jewellery and precious stones to choose from. If you’re too busy for an offline appointment, order your pieces online and have them delivered to your home with trusted delivery service.

Check out Sandberg >
Locations: Nybrogatan 9, 114 34 Stockholm
Tel: 08-679 90 20

5. A.P. Shaps

A.P. Shaps - engagement rings sweden

Located in the centre of Stockholm, A.P. Shaps is a family-owned and run company specialising in exclusive jewellery and conflict-free diamonds. Hand-making their pieces in-house, they’re known for offering some of the rarest diamonds in the world, and adding their creative, eye-catching design to the creation. 

A.P. Shaps bespoke design service is one of the best in the country. Upon an appointment, you’ll meet both their gemologists and designers to discuss your wishes and compare precious stones to make something that’s truly you. But even if they prefer to choose something from their presets, they have extensive choices of engagement rings that range between Signature, Classic, Icon, Halo, Tulip, Constant, and many more. In addition, you’ll also get a lifetime warranty and exclusive service for every piece you buy.

Check out A.P. Shaps >
Locations: Strandvägen 11, 114 56 Stockholm
Tel: 08-410 095 02
Facebook Instagram

6. Hargreaves

Hargreaves - engagement rings sweden

Run for just 5 years since 2017, Hargreaves Stockholm has quickly gained popularity for its designs that focus on Scandinavian heritage – clean Scandinavian lines, the smooth weight and the feel of solid precious metals are apparent on their every single piece. 

Founded around ethical sourcing, Hargreaves only uses recycled gold and carefully selected diamonds and gemstones with conflict-free Kimberley Process and GIA certification. However, they’re also known for their passion for rescuing antique diamonds, so visit their store in Stockholm and you might find something antique and beautiful you can add to your incoming engagement rings.

Check out Hargreaves >
Locations: Dalagatan 39, 113 23 Stockholm
Tel: 076-309 10 12
Facebook Instagram

7. Engelbert

Engelbert - engagement rings sweden

One of the most reputable fine jewellery brands in Sweden, Engelbert has been run with passion and care by the Engelbert family since Heribert Engelbert first opened his atelier in 1920 in Stockholm. Known for their exquisite solitaires design, Engelbert rings always feature rare white natural diamonds with clarity-grade VS, thoughtfully set in 18k yellow, white or rose gold to truly manifest a prime jewel. Besides that, The Absolutely Knot is also their significant collection, designed with its distinctive twisted silhouette the knots represent love and continuity. But whether you’re interested in their famous presets or make your own one-of-a-kind rings, a century of experience will be revealed in the details of the piece you order.

Check out Engelbert >
Locations: Birger Jarlsgatan 13, 111 45 Stockholm
Tel: 08-611 20 80

8. Caroline Hjerpe

Caroline Hjerpe - engagement rings sweden

Available in Stockholm and Malmo, a self-taught blacksmith Caroline Hjerpse founded the brand in 2014, leading her small team to create jewellery pieces that would last a lifetime. She’s known for her playful approach and creativity, which is shown on her jewellery pieces that are unique and one-of-a-kind. 

Putting sustainability in front, the brand only uses recycled materials and hand-picked, conflict-free precious stones. Their choices of metal include sterling silver and 18K solid gold, while the stones encompass recycled diamonds, antique diamonds and sapphires.

Check out Caroline Hjerpe >
Locations: Åsögatan 132, 116 24 Stockholm
Tel: 08-550 110 09

9. Magnani

Magnani - engagement rings sweden

Magnani’s story goes back to 1982, when Birgitta Nilsson created her first design in her newly-opened jewellery store in Stockholm. She’s now still active in the brand, along with her son Alexander Magnani who also runs the company. 

Unlike other jewellers, Magnani sells engagement rings and jewellery items at a more affordable price, using designs mostly made from recycled rubber that are supplemented with minerals and semiprecious stones and various handmade furnishings.

Check out Magnani >
Locations: Stora Nygatan 22, 111 27 Stockholm
Tel: 08-21 85 01


TIDAN - engagement rings sweden

Based in Magnus Ladulåsgatan, Stockholm is a made-to-order jewellery design house specialising in luxury jewellery and wedding rings. The founder, Benjamin Waye, is on a mission to make fine jewellery affordable – cutting the middlemen and using the shortest process possible. To make something that truly represents your ideas, they have in-house designers and artists producing sketches and 3D so that you can see the beauty of your rings before agreeing for the production. Using modern innovative technology, TIDAN also only uses fair-trade metals and sustainable materials including lab-grown diamonds.

Check out TIDAN >
Locations: Magnus Ladulåsgatan, 118 65 Stockholm
Tel: +46 827 84 88
Facebook Instagram


VANBRUUN - engagement rings sweden

Ordering engagement rings online might seem tricky, but it’s not the case with VANBRUUN. Established in the fall of 2013, VANBRUUN is known for its stunning prices and for having the Nordic region’s largest collection for exclusive jewellery and diamonds encompassing over 100,000 collections. Many praise their excellent customer service and their ability to make rings that surpasses their expectations, which is the reason why they maintain a 4.8-star rating on Google even after almost a decade on the market. Aside from offering reliable free shipping, they also offer free size adjustments.

Check out VANBRUUN >
Locations: Birger Jarlsgatan 10, 114 34 Stockholm
Tel: 033-400 60 70
Facebook Instagram

12. Gold Of Sweden

Gold Of Sweden - engagement rings sweden

One of the best sustainable jewellery brands in Sweden, Gold of Sweden only uses recycled gold, sustainably-sourced diamonds and lab-grown diamonds. Offering both bespoke and large collections, they allow you to try some of their rings, either through a free home loan or a visit to their system company Guldsmedjan in Borås. 

Check out Gold Of Sweden >
Locations: Allégatan 48, 503 37 Borås
Tel: 033-14 80 00
Facebook Instagram


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