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Top 10 Nail Parlours for your Wedding Day in Singapore

Every bride wants everything to be perfect for her wedding day. This includes the little details like creases and folds of her gown, the colour of her eye makeup, the shape of her lipstick and, of course, her perfectly manicured and pedicured nails. Nail parlours are becoming a trend these days. We suggest that you hit one a few days before your big day. Not only will nail parlours help you make your fingers and toes look extra nice, they can also help you get some much-needed R and R(relaxation and recreation). Check out this list of the Top 10 Nail Parlours for your Wedding Day that we compiled for you!

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Top 10 Nail Parlours for your Wedding Day in Singapore

10. Nail Alcove, for a Cozy and Homely Vibe

(11) Nail Alcove
Photo Credit: Nail Alcove

Stepping in Nail Alcove feels like entering a relative’s house as the environment feels very warm and cozy. This¬†nail spa, located along Temple Street, is very much quaint and lovely. Photos and adorable trinkets are decorated all over the place. Check them out if you wish to have a relaxing time, or even when you are in a hurry, as they also offer an express manicure and pedicure service.

(11) Nail Alcove Logo
59 Temple Street, Singapore 058604
+65 9828 9499

9. Auum, for Personalized Treats and Services

(9) Auum
Photo Credit: Auum- The Honest Spa

Also known as The Honest Spa, Auum is known for their high standards when it comes to hygiene‚ÄĒ they only use disposable towels disinfected tools under UV light. What’s more is that they use products that are vegan and animal cruelty-free.¬†

(9) Auum Logo
#01-01 The Nomu, 20 Handy Road, Singapore 229236
+65 6463 9713


8. Lacquer & Spa, Your One-Stop Shop for Luxury Manicures, Facials and Reflexology Treatment

(8) Lacquer and Spa
Photo Credit: Lacquer and Spa

Found at the iconic Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Lacquer and Spa is a must-visit for any bride who wishes to relax and recharge. This luxurious nail, face and foot spa has a very modern and cosmopolitan vibe, just like the rest of the hotel. They offer various services including manicure, pedicure, facials and reflexology.

(8) Lacquer and Spa Logo
1 Bayfront Avenue, #B1-01/B1-02 Marina Bay Sands Hotel Coach Bay Singapore 018971
+65 6875 0161
Contact Form
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7. The Nail Artelier, for 3D Designs and Bespoke Nail Art

(7) The Nail Artelier
Photo Credit: The Nail Artelier

Can’t find the perfect nail colour or nail art that matches your wedding gown? Worry no more! The Nail Artelier, located along North Bridge Road, can help you with your dilemma as they specialize in creating customized¬†nail art designs, including the 3D style.

(7) The Nail Artelier Logo
666 North Bridge Road Singapore 188800 16 Jalan Masjid #01-06 Singapore 418941
+65 6298 8028 | +65 6636 2886

6. Kiyone + LIM, for Fun and Quirky Designs

(6) Kiyone + LIM 1
Photo Credit: Kiyone + Lim

Nestled along Orchard Central, Kiyone + LIM is the first nail spa under the popular Japanese store chain Less Is More (thus LIM). Upon entering, the first thing you would probably notice is how¬†cosy and nice the place is. Kawaii (Japanese term for “cute”) is probably the perfect word to describe Kiyone + LIM’s nail art designs. If you are into cartoon-inspired designs or funky patterns, you should definitely pay them a visit.

(6) Kiyone + LIM Logo
181 Orchard road, Orchard Central #02-21/23, Singapore 238896
+65 6834 3193

5. The Kuching Nail Spa, for a Charming Colonial Experience

(5) The Kutching Nail Spa 1
Photo Credit: The Kuching Nail Spa

Inspired by the timeless beauty and charm of Singapore’s Colonial Era, The Kuching Nail Spa is the best stop for you if you wish to have a quiet and relaxing afternoon. Decorated with black and white tiles, extravagant leather chairs and dark wood panels, this nail spa, found along Holland Avenue,¬†really radiates the vibe of its selected period. Aside from nail treatments, The Kuching Spa also offers other services including waxing and spa service. If you are an animal lover, you will surely love them as they donate 5% of their annual profit to an animal adoption charity.

(5) The Kutching Nail Spa Logo
211 Holland Ave #03-03 Holland Rd Shopping Centre
+65 6763 9868
Contact Form ‚Ēā Facebook

4. Nail’s D’vine, for a Royal¬†and Classy Time

(4) Nails Divine 1
Photo Credit: Nail’s D’vine

If you wish to have a lavish and pleasurable spa experience, we suggest that you visit Nail’s D’vine. Found in Dempsey Road, this Victorian-inspired nail spa takes pride in being the first family nail spa in Asia. It¬†does not only cater to the needs of women, it also offers services for men and children using high-quality products from top brands. The combination of their great service and extravagant decorations can easily make you feel like a queen for the day. Check them out for manicures, pedicures, and other spa treatments!

(4) Nails Divine Logo
26 Dempsey Road #01-03A
+65 6875 0161

3. Hands + Feet Studio, for A Contemporary and Quality Spa Experience

(3) Hands + Feet Studio 1
Photo Credit: Hands + Feet Studio

Hands + Feet Studio, located along Siglap Drive, is a must visit if you wish to unwind and relax after a tiring day. Owned by the lovely¬†Caryn, Hands + Feet Studio is a chic place that offers foot reflexology, shoulder massages, and both manicure and pedicure services. When it comes to manis and pedis, Hands + Feet Studio has a wide variety of nail polishes to choose from. What’s great is that you can even opt for an organic and vegan-friendly nail polish brand that does not stain and harm your nails.

(3) Hands + Feet Studio Logo
44 Siglap Drive Singapore 456169
+65 6448 7187

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2. Manicurious, One-Stop for Mani-Pedi, Coffee, and Shopping

Photo Credit: Manicurious

If your idea of a fun and relaxing day involves shopping for adorable knick-knacks, tasty pastries and yummy desserts plus a mani-pedi session, then Manicurious is perfect for you. Nestled along Beach Road, this nail salon slash cafe slash retail shop has a vintage-style interior, filled with lovely furniture, custom-made stools and luxurious blankets. They have a catalog of bright, vibrant, and colorful nail art styles that you will surely love.

41 Beach Road, Singapore 189680
+65 6333 9096
Facebook ‚Ēā Instagram

1. The Nail Social, for Luxurious Treatments 

Photo Credit: The Nail Social

Where else can you get your nails done while at the same time contribute and give back to society? The Nail Social, located in Haji Lane, has quite an endearing concept behind it. It is the only socially conscious nail salon in Singapore that offers job opportunities for single mothers and women with low income. Aside from that, this nail parlor only uses products that are non-toxic and organic. The Nail Social has a very relaxing ambiance. It is filled with soft comfy chairs and couches. Moreover, while getting your nails done, you can also be entertained with a personal iPad pre-loaded with movies, games, books and podcast. They also serve drinks and snacks!

42A Haji Lane (2nd Floor), Singapore 189235
+65 6717 3221
Contact Form ‚Ēā Facebook ‚Ēā Instagram

Whether you’re into the classy french tip or something that’s a little more colorful and vibrant, we are sure that the vendors we have mentioned above in our list of the¬†Top 10 Nail Parlours for your Wedding Day in Singapore is capable of making your nails look incredible and fascinating.

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