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Heartfelt & Cinematic Wedding Videography by My Revery Films

[Advertorial] A picture alone can say a thousand words. Imagine what would happen if you could press play and have the entire moment be unravelled! Wedding videography is one of the best ways to tell your love story as every second of your romantic moments are captured in full motion. As we headed to Boracay, Philippines for our shoots, we were in search for a team that could tell beautiful novels – and that was when we found My Revery Films.

A Captivating Discovery

My Revery Films 2

A team of dreamers, storytellers, adventurers and friends – the stories that My Revery Films tells through their lens are so beautifully crafted. The films they created not only reflected the personalities of couples but captured scenic beauty wonderfully… their work is nothing short of captivating! Delighted by the discovery, I reached out to ask My Revery Films if they could work on our pre-wedding video. I was thrilled when they said they were available for a shoot in Boracay! The entire journey with them was an exhilarating one, and our pre-wedding video by them was a visual daydream that I could not stop re-watching over and over.

Telling Love Stories with a Touch of Creativity 

When in Boracay, Cecil suggested to catch up over dinner the night before to discuss the pre-wedding video. It was a really fun chat as we got to know each other more as he shared his ideas for the shoot. Cecil’s great at brainstorming, conceptualizing and directing wedding films. He has tons of creative ideas on how to make your production more WOW! He’s constantly inspired and seeking to make his work standout. Whether using props like smoke bombs / sparklers, or filming on a sail boat or cliff, though tricky and more coordination is needed, Cecil is able to think it up and make it happen like magic!

My Favourites by My Revery Films

Talented & Versatile Works  

On top of interesting ideas, My Revery Films‘s portfolio is filled with beauty covered from many angles. With striking and interesting concepts, their films perfectly capture all the pretty details of weddings and romance! Watch this glamorous video of Ryan and Amanda’s elegant all white wedding by My Revery Films, as featured on The Wedding Scoop! 

Check out this floral fantasy by My Revery Films!

The Exciting Adventure

We had two shoot sessions with My Revery Films. The first session was a full day one alongside Love Train Studios – a wedding photography team that they frequently work together with! It was awesome that both teams were very familiar with each other. The atmosphere was very cheery as we had plenty of fun conversations and laughs.

Our day started off amidst the luscious greenery at Mandala Spa & Resort Villas and ended off with the sunset at the beautiful rock and pebble beach near Nami Resorts. When nightfall came, they brought out the sparklers too!

Like that wasn’t enough, Cecil got us a sailboat for our second session and brought us to a nearby (secret) island where we took amazing shots on the cliff! It was a breath taking experience.

You saw the beautiful overhead scenes in the video? It’s all thanks to this trusty drone and Miki’s expertise in flying it. Honestly, flying a drone is not easy as it was really windy where we were, and there’s always a chance of it falling into the ocean, but Miki had it covered! We were so lucky to have the spectacular scenery in our wedding video!

A Wealth of Experience

My Revery Films 3

Cecil directed us as Miki captured the footages for the wedding video. From the way they direct and film, along with their ability to incorporate and execute their creative ideas into the shooting, you know that you are in safe hands. With their many years of experience in wedding videography, Cecil and Miki has many tricks up their sleeve to add a touch of romance into the scenes – whether it was using a plastic bottle / glass piece /torch / spot light. I was fascinated! Also, they captured our scenes from many various angles, even if that meant climbing onto the tallest rock on the cliff!

In addition, having been in the wedding industry for several years, Cecil has many contacts to help facilitate your shoot or wedding – whether for styling, florals or props. As we were flying into Boracay with limited luggage space and customs, he was so helpful to reach out to help with our props.

A Passionate and Dedicated Team

In the fast-paced industry of weddings, it is common to find vendors very sensitive to time, who rush to get the footages in order to cut short their hours spent. But not My Revery Films. Their main focus is to ensure that the work they create is brilliant and captivating, and hence they do not make time a limiting factor to their work. After all, time is needed to create and capture the good moments perfectly.

I really enjoyed working with My Revery Films, as they do not mind spending their precious time to ensure that the couple is relaxed and enjoying each moment. Initially when reaching out to them, we had arranged for a 6-hour shoot, but they ended up extending our shoot just so that our production can be even more beautiful. I was really touched to know that they placed so much time and effort into our wedding.

Cecil also shared that when their team is booked for a shoot, rather than limit the shoot to a couple of hours, they usually free up the entire day to ensure that they have enough time to capture good footage. The passion and dedication they show to their artwork is really inspiring and you can tell that they enjoy every moment of their job! It’s always a pleasure to work with a generous and visionary team! The entire experience was so fruitful for us. As a couple, we were not only blessed with our moments featured in a stunning wedding video, but we got to enjoy an exciting adventure thanks to My Revery Films! When we screened their video on our wedding day, our loved ones were all full of praises for the team behind this production.

Thank you Cecil, Miki & E-Jay, for the amazing video that you worked up for us. It’s beautiful and we are very thankful for the fun times you gave us at Boracay. Keep up the adventurous spirit! If you’re heading to the Philippines for a destination shoot or wedding, be sure to contact My Revery Films. You will get a stunning wedding video and a fun adventure with them! They too travel out of the country for weddings, so feel free drop them a message at

TWV would like to thank and give photo credits to Love Train Studios for the featured image at the top of this post. 

My Revery Films Logo
My Revery Films
Facebook | Instagram | Vimeo 
Videography by My Revery Films
Photography by Love Train Studios
Makeup by May Jasmin
Props by The Happy Little Hands
Gowns & Suits by The Louvre Bridal, Singapore
Locations: Mandala Spa & Resort Villas, Nami Resorts & Boracay Beach

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