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Picturesque Wedding Photoshoot at Crimson Resort & Spa, Cebu Philippines

For your wedding photoshoot, finding a great location is key. A well chosen location can offer a beautiful landscape to your photos, which will enhance your photoshoot theme, look and feel very well. As we were blessed with several photo and video shoots for our wedding, we wanted to conceptualize each shoot to make each unique and stand out. The location of your shoot is key to bringing out your shoot’s theme.  As nature-lovers, we love both greenery and the open sea, and wanted to find a location as such! Greenery adds a vibrant touch of colour to photos, and the sea makes for a tranquil and majestic backdrop.

Shutterfairy 2 Shutterfairy 7 Photo Credits: Shutterfairy

Having decided on having a destination shoot in Cebu, Philippines, we were on the search for this special location that encompassed the two elements. Initially, it seemed like it might be a challenge to find that magical place, but when we found Crimson Resort & Spa in Mactan Cityit was the one! It was a perfect blend of both greenery and the sea waters. At Crimson Resort & Spa, we could enjoy the best of both worlds! Furthermore, the resort had very high rating scores on, along with many blogpost reviews complimenting their good service! We were excited to be heading to a beautiful place for a good stay. 

Crimson Resort & Spa 40

A Perfect Blend of Soft Greenery and Seaside Tranquility

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Crimson Resort & Spa – A luxurious beachfront resort with villas nested in vibrant floral and fauna. There are beachfront villas facing the serene sea, posing a breathtaking view. With open courtyards, palm trees and waves in the background – it makes for a picturesque backdrop in any photoshoot!

When we arrived at Crimson Resort & Spa, apart from being greeted by beautiful decor, we were also warmly greeted by the resort staff. Everyone we passed by had a smile to their faces, and it brought an instant lift to our moods. It was a beautiful setting, topped off with a charming and heartwarming nature. We were in for a relaxing, luxurious and enjoyable stay! I recall reaching Crimson Resort & Spa after a tiring overnight flight. All I was looking forward was hitting the sheets, but check in for hotels are usually at 12-2pm. However, the receptionist was so kind to find an available room for us to check in early at 9am. I appreciated it so much!

Crimson Resort & Spa 37 Crimson Resort & Spa 36

We had the Deluxe Garden Villa, and the golf cart drove us to the doorstep of our villa – Crimson’s service was impeccable! The most exciting moments of any hotel stay is checking out your room for the first time. Needless to say, Crimson did not disappoint. Their deluxe garden villa was exquisitely decorated with wood craftsmanship and the spacious king sized bed was laced with smooth sheets and soft pillows. 

The bathroom was huge! Has a soaking tub, a standing rainshower, a long dressing table and even a flat screen TV. Soaking in the tub while watching a show… that’s the life we all dream of. Also, with so much room, I would have no problems changing into my gowns here!


I felt pampered just looking at our room. It felt like we were here on our honeymoon!

Photo Worthy Spots

Shutterfairy3 Photo Credits: Shutterfairy

You will be happy to know that photo-worthy spots in Crimson Resort and Spa are aplenty – you get beautiful backdrops along their villa pathways, their luscious gardens, the open courtyard or the beach. Emet, area manager of Crimson Resort & Spa was really welcoming to take time out of this busy schedule to give us a tour and recommend photo worthy spots in the resort. We were spoilt for choice!

Shutterfairy 3 Photo Credits: Shutterfairy

My Favorites by Crimson Resort & Spa

Breathtaking Beauty

Shutterfairy 4Shutterfairy 5

Photo Credits: Shutterfairy

For a wedding photoshoot, beauty definitely has to be in the cards, and Crimson Resort & Spa has beauty written all over the resort. During our stay, we also discovered a subtle inner beauty to the place – the friendless and warmth the resort staff brought to us was an incredible feeling. They have excellent customer service and they go the extra mile to make sure you are well taken care of.

A Relaxing Environment

Despite it being a place popular with many guests, the resort is very spacious and has a calming serenity to it when you walk along the garden villas, or along their private beach. It makes for a perfect honeymoon destination!

Crimson Resort & Spa 42Crimson Resort & Spa 32 Crimson Resort & Spa 31

Gorgeous Wedding Venues

At Crimson Resort & Spa, they have beautiful spots for your wedding day. They have an intimate courtyard setting that faces the open sea that makes for a perfect spot to say “I Do”. Their trees offer good shade for a hot and sunny day.

Crimson Resort & Spa 34 Shutterfairy 6

Crimson Resort & Spa also has two ballrooms where you can have your wedding reception at!

Crimson Resort & Spa 50 crimson 1

A Suite of Great Amenities

If you are like me and enjoy a digital detox, Crimson Resort & Spa is the best place to have yours. Their suite of amenities will keep you relaxed and occupied. Whether it’s lounging on the beach day beds with a panoramic view of the ocean, swimming in the gorgeous infinity pool, or suntanning on the beach, you can be assured of a relaxing time.

If you’re a foodie, you will be ecstatic to know that the food served at Movenpick Restaurants are of exceptional taste. You will get to feast on a wide selection of International cuisine for your buffet breakfast, have a delicious dinner at Azure Beach Club, and unwind with the sea breeze at the Bar that floats over the sea.

Crimson Resort & Spa 46

At the Sports Bar,  you can enjoy darts, pool and chess while watching sports matches on the screens. If you are feeling sporty, feel free to play badminton and table tennis in their event hall.

Crimson Resort & Spa 47 Crimson Resort & Spa 48

Crimson Resort & Spa also plans for day trips out for snorkeling, diving and more… and you get to enjoy a free shuttle out to the malls as well. Active kids can enjoy their time at the playground too!

For guests looking to pamper themselves, you have the Aum Spa & Wellness Center at your service.

Crimson Resort & Spa 38 Crimson Resort & Spa 39

Heartwarming Service

The stay at Crimson Resort & Spa was a wonderful way to kickstart off our adventures in the Philippines. The heartwarming service they give to their guests is truly touching! In addition, as our shoot had to be during the golden hours of morning sunrise, we started our makeup and hairstyling at 5am! That meant waking up at 4am. As we would not be able to make the buffet, the staff at Crimson Resort & Spa were really nice to pack breakfast for us and deliver it to our room!

Crimson Resort & Spa 28 

Thank you Crimson Resort & Spa for the amazing stay and kind hospitality given to us! We enjoyed it thoroughly and will definitely be back! :) It was overall a wonderful and relaxing stay for us. If you are looking for a beautiful place to unwind at, I highly recommend Crimson Resort & SpaIt makes for a perfect honeymoon or anniversary destination.

Crimson Hotel
Crimson Resort & Spa
Seascapes Resort Town, Mactan Island Lapu Lapu City, Cebu 6015, Philippines (+63 32) 401 9999 / 239 3900 Facebook Page | Instagram
Photoshoot by Shutterfairy
Makeup & Hairstyling by Erika Diaz
Location by Crimson Resort & Spa

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