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A Luxurious & Personalized Bridal Spa at Ikeda Spa Prestige

[Advertorial] Wedding preparations are hectic and can get stressful, especially as the big day draws near. Couples have to constantly remind themselves to not get sucked into the stresses of it all and learn to relax and enjoy themselves! After all, it’s a once in a lifetime affair. And when it comes to unwinding, nothing could beat a relaxing day at the spa. Having a spa date prior to the wedding is also a great way to calm nerves together and bond as a couple. We were definitely up for it! And with that, I began my search for a great spa.

The First Traditional Japanese Spa in Singapore

Ikeda Spa 1 Ikeda Spa 2 Ikeda Spa stood out for being the 1st traditional Japanese spa in Singapore, and also for being well known as one of the best spas in Singapore! I’ve always been intrigued by Japanese spa and have wanted to give it a try for the longest time – the onsen (hot spring) and communal baths are famous! At Ikeda Spa, you can enjoy both of these! ikeda spa 13 Photo Credits: SG Now Ikeda Spa incorporates the Japanese art of healing into their restorative massage and beauty therapies. Having won the Best Destination Spa for their Weekend Getaway to Japan Package, by Women’s Weekly in 2014, there was no doubt we wanted to head to Japan! Ikeda Spa 8 Furthermore, Ikeda Spa looks so luxurious and fitting for a wedding spa. Blissful Brides has also recommended Ikeda Spa for having the “Best Top-to-Toe Bridal Spa Programme” in 2012!

Award-Winning Treatments & Services

Ikeda Spa 11Ikeda Spa 7 Award-winning in nature, Ikeda Spa has snagged several awards for their treatments and services. Their  Geisha Organic Facial won “Outstanding Traditional Therapy” in Women’s Weekly in 2011, and their Prestige Zen Candle Therapy Massage was voted as the “Best Tension Relieving Massage” in Elle’s Beauty Treat List in 2016. I was beyond excited to give these a try! When writing to Ikeda Spa to request for availability, Jasmine was so helpful to recommend their latest Couple’s Hanami Retreat Package, which included the following:

  • Lavender Body Scrub
  • Champagne Rose Bath in a private couple onsen
  • Zen Candle Sakura Passion Massage
  • Geisha Organic Facial
  • Usage of VIP suite

Brides want to look their best on the wedding day. In an attempt to achieve that, I have been trying to get better hours of sleep. But amidst rushing through the workload, that has been tough to keep to. A facial was definitely in need to get me that glow I wanted! In addition, the stress from work and wedding preparations did accumulate quite a bit of tension in my neck and shoulders. A relieving massage could do the trick. With their recommendation, it was like Ikeda Spa knew exactly what I was going through, and provided the perfect remedy for brides-to-be. I was really excited! 

Traditional Serenity in the Heart of Town

Ikeda Spa 3 Ikeda Spa has two convenient locations at Clarke Quay and Bukit Timah of different styles. Their Prestige outlet at Clarke Quay is modern and spacious whereas their shophouse outlet at Bukit Timah is cosy and comfortable. As we stepped into Ikeda Spa’s Prestige outlet, we were immediately greeted by welcoming smiles. We stepped into their sandals and the walkway slowly introduced a beautiful setting of wooden furnishing with peach blossoms – very traditionally Japanese! The soft and gentle lighting in the spa was very comforting, especially when we are constantly facing off with harsh lighting from our mobile devices and computers. As we were seated on comfortable sofas drinking hot tea, our therapists came to get to know us a little more i.e. health conditions, preferred pressure etc. I was very impressed when they asked us which parts of our body they wanted us to avoid or focus more on! Most massage parlours will just go with the default, but I really appreciated that Ikeda Spa went the extra mile, especially since I am really  ticklish in some areas haha! When it came to choosing salts for our onsen soak, we were spoilt with options! With 8 salts to choose from, we asked for their recommendation, and choose Rose for a relaxing experience. They also have other salts for anti-fatigue, to fight against stress and anxiety, and salts for moisturizing or to promote better blood circulation. Their salts do seem to tackle our real life problems! ikeda spa 14 Photo Credits: SG Now After our tea, we were guided to the Asahi Room, their VIP suite to change into our Yukatas – so cute! The lavish room provided a really posh setting for our spa.

A Luxurious & Personalized Japanese Spa Experience

Couple’s Hanami Retreat Package

Lavender Body Scrub (20min)

Ikeda Spa 5 Ikeda Spa 4 After changing into our Yukatas, we kickstarted the spa session with a full body scrub. It was sensational, the feeling of getting scrubbed from tip to toe. My therapist used a really rich scrub that was soothing yet exfoliated our dead skin cells very easily. It was great to do this at the start to prep our skin, making it more receptive to soaking up the minerals in the Onsen.

Champagne Onsen Rose Bath (30min)

Ikeda Spa Hinoki Onsen Next, after showering off the scrub, we got to enjoy our very own private Onsen (hot spring) bath. I am a huge fan of hot baths, and the warmth of the onsen waters was comforting. As we soaked in it, we were sweating out the toxins in our body. It was very enriching! Our therapists also kindly left two glasses of cold water on the side for us to drink to ensure that we were left replenished.

Zen Candle Sakura Passion Massage (60min)

Ikeda Spa Zen Candle Massage Voted as the  “Best Tension Relieving Massage” by Elle Magazine earlier this year, I cannot simply describe this with words alone,  but I’ll try! I’ve done plenty of massages before, but this one was exceptional. The Ikeda Spa zen candle heated up the massage oil, making it warm to the touch and gave me a very calming feeling. Later I found out that it’s packed with vitamins, emollients and antioxidants, which are great for the skin. You can also find rich shea, cocca butter, jojoba, almond and essential oils in the candle which are richly moisturizing. My therapist was really skilled in knowing which areas to relieve me of anxiety – my neck, shoulders and upper back were really tensed before, but after the massage felt more relaxed. The broad Swedish strokes were great at loosening out the knots I had in my muscles. At many points she made me so relaxed that I was trying hard to not fall asleep! The heat and massage combination is great for relaxation, blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.

Geisha Organic Facial (90min)

ikeda spa 16 Photo Credits: The Honeycombers Jasmine recommended the Geisha Organic Facial for me, as featured in Women’s Weekly Outstanding Traditional Therapy in 2014! I was eager to find out what was so special about this facial, and I was not disappointed at all. The scrubs and facial mask used was organic – made of red bean and rice grain. The facial left my face feeling refreshed, smooth and supple – every bride’s dream!


My Favourites by Ikeda Spa

3-in-1: Massage + Soak Off +  Facial

ikeda spa 15 Photo Credits: Ikeda Spa I love one-stop shops, great for time and cost savings, especially so for busy brides! At Ikeda Spa, you can enjoy massages from skilled therapists, warm soak offs in comforting Onsen waters and facials from their gentle beauticians – all under one roof, to rejuvenate your body for the big day!

Warm Hospitality & Tailored Treatments in an Exquisite and Refreshing environment

ikeda spa 16 Photo Credits: Aesthetics and Beauty Look forward to personalized treatments by the helpful staff of Ikeda Spa! They seek to understand your needs and recommend a suitable treatment for you from their extensive suite of services.  For me, I was exhausted from the hectic schedules of planning, so they aimed to relief me of tension and get me to relax. Their head massage is incredible as you can sense all worries get lifted from you. Their facials can also be tailored to your skin type, whether you have sensitive skin or dry skin that needs hydrating.

Incredible Facilities and Good Range of Products

ikeda spa 12 Photo Credits: SG Now Ikeda Spa’s facilities are amazing. Whether it was the heated toilet bowl, the warm hot bed, the onsen soak tub, their facilities are new age, modern and gave me a taste of royalty. They also have many in house products available for you to pamper yourself with at home.  Altogether, the experience at Ikeda Spa was beyond enjoyable. It left me with a pampered feeling and a great mood! I’m ready for the big day! If you’re looking to rejuvenate yourself prior to your wedding day, I would highly recommend you give Ikeda Spa’s Couple’s Hanami Retreat Package a try! Click here to enjoy a special promotion for it! Give them a call at +65 222 8080 or email them at to find out more.  Stay tuned to more of Ikeda Spa’s promotions hereTo place an appointment, click here. Check out Channel U’s feature on Ikeda Spa! 

Ikeda Spa is The Wedding Vow’s exclusive spa partner for Matthew & Jocelyn’s wedding. TWV would like to thank and give photo credits to Ikeda Spa for this article.

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