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Top 10 Wedding Photographers in Australia

Photos are an exclusive collection of memories that are treasured for an infinite time. Capturing the most beautiful moments on special celebrations is a must, particularly on wedding events. Having the best photographer in your wedding day is really important. A professional photographer can capture every single moment during your wedding day. When it comes to creative photography, Australia is one of the countries that is known and tops the list of wedding photographers all over the world. We listed our  Top 10 Wedding Photographers in Australia to help you in finding the best photographer in the country.

Top 10 Wedding Photographers in Australia

10. Jerry Ghionis Photography, for a sentimental wedding photography

Photo via jerryghionisphotography

Jerry Ghionis is an award-winning photographer that has been recognized internationally. He is regarded as one of the top five best wedding photographers in the world. His passion for photography leads him to create powerful and compelling love stories of the couples. The scope of his photography has a wide diversity that gives the couple distinct identities. All of the wedding ceremonies they cover are always their best shot.

Jerry Ghionis Photography
P.O. Box 23176 Docklands, Victoria Australia 8012
613 8587 7155
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9. Damien Milan Photography, for wedding images full of romantic intimacy

Photo via Damien Milan

If you want to have majestic wedding photos, then Damien Milan Photography would be the best choice. Couples praised them for their excellent works that perfectly captures the magical wedding celebration. They make friendly conversations with their customers and provide them with their utmost service by transforming their moments into a majestic one.

Damien Milan Photography
4/1 Gowrie St, Sydney NSW 2042, Australia
 61 424 226 132
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8. T-ONE IMAGE, for an artistic and romantic wedding photography

Photo via La Bride

T-ONE IMAGE precisely captures the candid and stolen shots during the wedding celebrations which makes them one of the best wedding photographers in Australia. They believe that precious memories should be treasured for a long time through artistic images that mirror your ideal day. All of the shots they make are the very unique and more artistic shots. They also offer an affordable wedding videography for the complete wedding package. As they take a photo and create a coverage during your wedding day, they ensure to capture those smiles and beautiful reaction of anyone who is present on your wedding day.

205 Victoria Parade, Collingwood VIC 3066, Australia
03-8529 9698
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7. Van Middleton Photography, for an objective photography

Photo via junebugweddings

Van Middleton Photography specializes in splendidly documenting each cherished moment because the photographer is a wedding photojournalist. Their creations highlight the natural and simplicity of marriage. They also have an immense talent for multicultural wedding photographs, won several awards and have been featured in a bunch of magazines and on bridal websites. All of their photos are very natural and shows the natural shots of every wedding couple.

Van Middleton Photography
Currumbin QLD, Australia
61 416 723 477
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6. Nicola Lemmon Photography, for impressive and splendid sketches

Photo via nicolalemmon

The wedding images at Nicola Lemmon Photography perfectly complements the brilliant ideas of the clients. They accompany them along their journey to the wedding day and expresses the couple’s memorable moments through their beautiful visual arts. Their high-quality wedding albums is a great appreciation of the significance of marriage. Nicola Lemmon Photography expresses all of the verbals during the wedding through their photos and shots.

Nicola Lemmon Photography
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
61 406 058 908
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5. The Beautiful Collective, for magnificently crafted photography

Photo via canberraweddingdirectory

The dynamic photography of The Beautiful Collective conveys the romantic and unique love stories of the couples. The eternal passion for giving their clients various narrative photos is greatly known in the wedding industry. They mostly receive positive appraisals for their significant and authentic production that touches the hearts of the couples.

The Beautiful Collective
9 Harley St Alexandria NSW, Australia
61 412 492 192
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4. Todd Hunter Mcgaw Photography, for an award-winning photography

Photo via toddhuntermcgaw

Todd Hunter Mcgaw Photography has the most excellent photographers that have been awarded of three QLD Wedding Photographer of the Year. The pictures are full of lively ambiance that is combined with classic and elegant style. Customers complimented their works through their humorous approach and incredible wedding packages. All of their shots are natural and they don’t add weird filters on the photos.

Todd Hunter Mcgaw Photography
22 Gracemere St, Newmarket QLD 4051, Australia
61 402 440 176
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3. Free The Bird,  for a photography full of real and spontaneous emotions

Photo via nouba

The creation of Free The Bird focuses on the raw emotions of-of the couples. Their productions are very personal and serene. They believe that it is more important to showcase the values of a married couple such as sincerity and integrity that is why most of their compilations are designed with simplicity. The images have its self-identities which highlight the essence of marriage that will be treasured for an infinite time.

Free The Bird
1/1 Kipling St, Cremorne VIC 3121, Australia
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2. Nicholas Purcell Studio, for earthly creation

Photo via yolancris

Explore the beauty of nature with the Nicholas Purcell Studio. Their works have been featured in various international magazines. Nicholas Purcell is an excellent photographer that enhances the artistry on wedding celebrations. He has a different perspective on photography and prefers to take the wedding pictorials to the places captures the magical elements of nature.

Nicholas Purcell Studio
Adelaide SA, Australia
61 408 008 818

1. Inlighten Photography, for a timeless wedding photography

Photo via Easy Weddings

Inlighten Photography has been receiving recognition in the wedding industry for their 15 years of experience. They go beyond the typical visualizations and give their clients a memorable experience by capturing the best moments of the couple. They also cover the whole journey of any lovers which including the proposal, engagement, and wedding. One of their best accommodations is the custom package that allows the clients to have personalized photographs.

Inlighten Photography
3/535 Crown St, Surry Hills NSW 2010, Australia
61 2 9550 0332
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Luke Simon Photography, for a bizarre wedding photography

Photo via chateautanunda

Luke Simon Photography has one of the longest experience in wedding photography as they have been capturing wedding celebrations for more than a decade now. They offer Truthfulness which is a  5 to 8 minute Wedding Documentary Film that is only available at their service. The entire journey to your wedding will be included in the videography.l They are also capable of taking wedding photographs at various destinations.

Luke Simon Photography
7 Salisbury Cres, Colonel Light Gardens SA 5041, Australia
61 8 8357 2399

Jason Tey Photography, for a photography that’ll impeccably capture the promise of eternity

Photo via Easy Weddings

Jason Tey values the marriage as a sacred commitment for a lifetime. He will take every photo in your special day and transform it into the most meaningful moment in your life. Their projects are very personal and it caters to the desires and goals of the clients. If you want to have a very stylish and fabulous wedding photography then it is the perfect place.

Jason Tey Photography
53/6 Hampton St, Burswood WA 6100, Australia
61 430 441 155
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Sujon Photography, for an outstanding wedding photography

Photo via Sujon Photography

Weddings are documented with genuineness and class at Sujon Photography. Their creations are full of aesthetic and style. The incredible partnership of the two main photographers that are undeniably talented has been giving their clients an excellent work. Their wedding photographs are very photojournalistic with the ability to embellish the beauty of marriage.  

Sujon Photography
4/4 Steven Court, Mordialloc VIC 3188, Australia
61 3 9588 1448
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Milk & Honey Photography, for exceptionally beautiful candid wedding photos

Photo via borrowedandblue

With over 25 years of experience, they have established a name in the wedding industry and have their profession became known to the society. It has gained them several awards from both State and National levels. Their clients have been praising them for the friendly accommodations and their hard work that brought to them to the tower of success.

Milk & Honey Photography
182/184 Old Canterbury Rd, Summer Hill NSW 2130, Australia
61 2 9799 9475

Sophie Granger Photography, for wedding images that will last for an infinite time

Photo via ripplesmilsonspoint

Sophie Granger Photography has been in the wedding industry for over 15 years now. Their experiences are one of their points of pride and what sets them apart from others. They capture everything from the wedding day until the wedding day including the preparations and walking down the aisle. They make sure that every memorable moment will be treasured forever.

Sophie Granger Photography
Po Box 478, Artrarmon, Sydney, Australia
61 413 256 490
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Your wedding will not be complete without a brilliant photographer that will capture every remarkable scene in your very special day. Australia would be the perfect destination to explore exquisite wedding photographers and have them be at your service. Hope that our list of Top 10 Wedding Photographers in Australia helped you in searching for the finest wedding photographers in the country and have a marvelous wedding celebration ahead.  

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