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Top 10 Wedding Favour Shops in Australia

A wedding is a celebration that must be shared with family and friends and to convey your gratitude to them for congratulating you, a souvenir is given as a remembrance of the wonderful celebration. For some countries like Australia, it has become a tradition and a part of their culture. We listed the Top 10 Wedding Favour Shops in Australia that will cater to your desired themes, styles and designs.

Top 10 Wedding Favour Shops in Australia

10. Pink Frosting, for remarkable wedding items

Photo via pinkfrosting

They have one of the largest production of wedding supplies. It is a one-stop place and a cost-efficient shop that is very convenient for the customers. Their beautifully hand-crafted products gained appraisals from the customers causing them to continuously inquire to their services. The favours that they create are very adorable and they can make it match on your wedding theme!

Pink Frosting
76 Gladstone St, Fyshwick ACT 2609, Australia
61 2 5100 7567

9. Just Jars Australia, for magnificent jars and bottles

Photo via My Wedding Concierge

They provide the best cases for the candies and other wedding gifts. Their creations are based on various concepts which will give you an immense selection and will also satisfy your expectations. The products are mainly designed for those who want to give their guests a useful item and the jars and bottles are perfect for it. It will a great way to thank the guests with a valuable gift.

Just Jars Australia
Artarmon NSW, Australia

8. The Red Balloon Candy Artisans, for marvelous handcrafted candies

Photo via One Fine Day Wedding Fair

If you want to give your guests an artsy, well-designed and edible gifts, then The Red Balloon Candy Artisans is the perfect place. Candies are not commonly used as a wedding souvenir but it is loved by many and will absolutely bring delight to any occasion. Their high-quality products do not only focus on the visuals, it also enhances the flavors of each candy.  A box full of mixed flavors candies will be a great treat for them.

The Red Balloon Candy Artisans
5/3 King St, Prahran VIC 3181, Australia
 61 3 9525 2048
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7. Wedding Favours Australia, for a wonderful themed gifts

Photo via Wedding Favours Australia

Wedding Favours Australia will perfectly accommodate any desired concept of the customers. Everything about their styles and designs is based on the unique ideas of their clients. They exert effort and hard work in every item they make that’s why customers appraise them for their great services. Be it a personalized or non-personalized, you’ll surely have an admirable wedding gift.

Wedding Favours Australia
Moorebank NSW, Australia
61 1300 363 558

6. Plant a Memory Wedding Favors, for a meaningful and memorable remembrance

Photo via Plant a Memory Wedding Favors & Gifts

The souvenirs created from this shop are beautifully and elegantly presented. They specialize in giving the guest’s tree seedlings. This gift turned out to be a peculiar and special one because it could be planted, thus, signifying the treasured memories of the wedding celebration It is a thoughtful way to thank someone with all great sincerity.

1 888-315-7333

5. Favor Perfect, for a special and memorable souvenir

Photo via Favor Perfect

Favour Perfect offers an absolute beauty within their products. The items they produced are full aesthetic decorations. Their online shop has a user-friendly and a secured access that lets the customers browse and purchase their products. They have been gaining an exclusive recognition from the customers for the lovely experience they give to them through their beautifully crafted wedding gifts. The scope of their production does not only limit to one particular celebration, they assist all kinds of events which makes them very flexible in handling various themes.

Favor Perfect
Broome St, Maroubra NSW 2035, Australia
61 434 392 444

4. Sticky Candy/lollies, for an enticing and sweet wedding gift

Photo via Sticky

The shop creates the yummiest hand-made candies for wedding celebrations. They also let the customers customize their own desired style and choose from the wide selection of flavors for their desired taste  It is quite different and uncommon to have as a giveaway but it will be worth it once they tasted the delicious candies that melt in your mouth.

Sticky Candy
0/12-24 Playfair St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
 61 2 9252 3337
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3. Custom Favours, for miscellaneous and splendid items

Photo via Custom Favours

Custom Favours caters to all kinds of events. Supplying for a wedding event is one of their honorable services. They also provide a do-it-yourself product which is rare and it will definitely challenge your creativity. Through this opportunity, you can have your self-designed item be used as a souvenir. It will be a great experience to contribute something personal and special in your own weddings to make it more memorable.  

Caloundra West QLD, Australia
61 7 5325 1993
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2. Australian Favors, for adorable and lovable gifts

Photo via Australian Favors

This shop is very convenient for the soon-to-be-married couples because they provide all the wedding supplies needed for your special day. Each item is made with high-quality materials and excellent style. Customers also recommend them for their utmost customer service and friendly approach.  Most of their products are captivating enough to leave an impression on the guests.

Australian Favors
3A Fink Street, Preston VIC, Australia
61 3 8566 6712

1. Personalized Favours, for the perfect ideal memento

Photo via Personalized Favors

Personalised Favours is an online wedding shop that offers a wide range of customized and beautifully crafted items that will surely complement your brilliant ideas. They specialize in innovating new designs based on the preference of the customers. It doesn’t matter if you have a limited and tight budget, they will kindly accommodate you with their requests. The shop has also gained a lot of appraisals from their customers and they become one of the leading favour shops in Australia.

Unit 13, 13 Gibbens Rd, West Gosford NSW 2250, Australia
 61 1300 131 851
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The Wedding Emporium, for affordable and gorgeous gifts

Photo via Yorkshire Wedding Emporium

It is known as the Melbourne’s favorite online wedding shop destination that provides the best quality products. The creativity of their team is one of the best assets of the company. Their products are all handmade which makes it more special and meaningful. They have received several appraisals from their customers throughout the years because of the exquisite services they offer and wonderful products.

The Wedding Emporium
26 / 65-67 Tootal Road Dingley, Victoria, Australia
61 1300 790 570
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The Perfect Favour, for a variety of wedding souvenirs

Photo via Viitoare Mireasa

This online shop has everything you’ve been looking for. Their products range from chocolates to candles and other personalized items. With the tradition among the Europeans that almonds symbolize the bittersweetness of a marriage, they come up with an idea to use this tradition and add it to their specialties. They want to satisfy their customers with a delightful savory and thoughtful giveaways.  

The Perfect Favour
Greensborough VIC, Australia
61 1300 760 114
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Favours Plus, for exceptionally wonderful gifts

Photo via lolitasevadefiesta

Favour Plus is one of best manufacturers that produces a large collection of high-quality products available at low cost. It is a very convenient option for the couples who want to give their guests a cost-efficient and sensible gift. They offer practicality within their simple and classic favors. Each item has their own charm that captivates the customers with the beauty of elegance.

Favours Plus
2/4-8 Richmond Rd, Homebush West NSW 2140, Australia
61 2 8065 748

Wedding Sunglasses, for a very trendy and customized glasses

Photo via Elsy

Convey your gratitude to your guests by giving them a fashionable and funky sunglasses.It is a quite rare and different item but it will definitely be a joyful treat to the guests. Have it be personalized and mark your memories within the sunglasses to remind your guests of your gratitude to them for celebrating your most beautiful day.

Wedding Sunglasses
60 Ebony St, Kununurra, Western Australia.
08 9467 4326

Jem Promotional Products, for functional and creative items

Photo via JEM Promotional Products

They specialize in creating high-rated products that complement the ideas and goals of the customers. The manufacturing company focuses on items that support the promotion and advertisements of the company. They create different kinds of apparel for various and prioritize their customers with a handful care and utmost service. They can personalize different things for your wedding treats. Check out their website to know more about them.

Jem Promotional Products
P.O. Box 3367 Liverpool Westfield, NSW 2170, Australia
61 2 8205 1334

Australia has the most innovative and creative souvenirs that will give you the best and large selection of wedding favours. The leading shops in the country can assist you in any theme or concept that you desire in designing or choosing the right gift for your guests. In expressing your appreciation for your guests, it is best to give them the most prudent wedding gift. Hope that TWV has helped you in planning your wedding reception and may you have a remarkable celebration ahead.

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