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Stunning Wedding Photography & Photoshoots by Simplifai Studios

[Advertorial] Your wedding photos serve up beautiful and precious memories of the biggest moments of your lives together. Getting married is one of the biggest milestones you both take as a couple. With your wedding photos, you will be able to relive each wonderful moment as if it was only yesterday. As your wedding photos are especially meaningful, it is important to find an experienced and professional wedding photographer for your big day. It is also key to find one whose work you like and appreciate!

Beautiful Moments Frozen in Time

Simplifai 2 Featured on Her World Brides, Simplifai’s artistic captures drew me in. It was impossible to not fall in love with his works. His photos delicately brings out the beauty and emotions of each scene captured and frozen in time. Whether it was moments of love, happiness, smiles, laughter or even tears of joy, the essence of each photo was captivating. Simplifai 3 With 8 years of experience in the wedding industry, Simplifai Studios brings you a one-stop for all your wedding photography and videography needs. Headed by Fai, Simplifai Studios comprises of a team of passionate young talents that include photographers, videographers, designers and editors. Using your wedding day moments, together they can create a masterpiece that will last for generations to come. SimplifaiSimplifai 5 For my beach wedding held at Tanjong Beach Club, I was very excited to have Simplifai capture moments and translate them into the most beautiful memories I have of my wedding day.

My Favourites by Simplifai

Stunning Captures & Intricate Detailing

Simplifai 8
A beautiful black and white capture of a couple’s rings

Fai was our photographer for our beach solemnization and wedding dinner. The photos he captured were stunningly beautiful and each brimmed with blissful romance. All the photos filled with radiant colours and happy vibes. I loved how he captured the intricate details and precious moments in my wedding.

Tossing the floral bouquet to the single ladies!
Our beautiful wedding arch, thanks to Fabulation
Tranquility by the sea at Tanjong Beach Club

Experience & Talented

Fai has great technique when it comes to documenting moments. On your wedding day, each moment zooms by in a flash. Once passed, these moments will not repeat themselves. The challenge with shooting on the wedding day is that you are not able to hit rewind. Hence, it takes someone with experience to predict which moments are going to happen and to be in a ready spot to take it from a good angle. He also needs to ensure that the settings are in place for the shot he is about to take.

Exchanging our vows…
Saying I Do <3
Putting the rings on our fingers
Hugging each other happily :)
Lighting our unity candles. Was so afraid the wind was going to blow them out!
Receiving holy communion
Our first prayer together…
Singing the marriage certificate with our dads
Walking down the aisle as husband and wife!

These moments of my solemnization zoomed past in a flash that I could hardly remember the details. Thankfully Fai captured them all down for us! The final collection presented 300+ photos from my wedding day. It was a holistic capture of my wedding day. The collection was charmingly presented in an online album that was also mobile responsive, making it very easy to share with friends and view on the go. Fai’s photos are also very artistic in nature. He shoots from various angles and frames each photo perfectly. We had many group photos taken that day too!

Featuring the Bridal Party
With all our Ultimate frisbee friends :)

Efficient & Flexible Service

Apart from Fai’s reliable experience and talented works, I really appreciated Simplifai’s efficiency in their service. Simplifai 7 When I woke up the morning after my wedding, I could not stop thinking about my wedding day. Each moment was vivid, but as the days passed, I longed for the photos to see what I missed out on my wedding day. Knowing how eager I was to see them, Fai expedited the editing process and sent us the final collection of our photos when we were still on our honeymoon in Maldives, which was just a week from our wedding! I was pleasantly surprised at how efficient and capable his team was to have such a short lead-time, as the selection and editing process can take months to complete. Click here to see my full wedding album by Fai! On top of that, Fai was very flexible in accommodating to my requests. I asked if he was able to capture more details of my wedding such as the flowers, the decorations and styling… as I did not want them to go to waste in a day after such lengthy planning and costly preparation. On the wedding day, I hardly got a chance to observe the details elaborately. It was nice to have them in these photos that will last forever. Fai was more than happy to help! The intricate details of our wedding…


Though the work by Simplifai Studios has a trademark look and feel to them, Fai has opened up different filtering options on his websites to accommodate to couples who have stronger preferences in how they want their photos to look. If you want your photos to turn out a certain way, you can always let Fai know.

Simplifai 10
Beautiful editing skills
Simplifai 9
For different look and feel. Which is your favourite?

Friendly, Outgoing & Versatile

Getting to meet Fai was a blessing! He is a cheerful and friendly personality and I wished we had more time to chat on the wedding day itself. Smartly dressed in denim, Fai had to tolerate the sweltering heat during our beach solemnization but he was very dedicated to his captures the entire time.

Elegant table setting and styling by Fabulation

Also, Fai is great at taking a variety of shots – whether it was portrait shots, group photos, styling details or venue photos, he was great at adjusting the lighting and focus to ensure that they were beautifully captured.

A night shot of Tanjong Beach Club

Caters to both Intimate & Large Scale Weddings

Depending on your scale of your wedding, complexity of your venue as well as budget, unlike solo photographers, Simplifai Studios can easily assign several photographers to ensure that your wedding is fully covered. simplifai_0059 My wedding venue was at Tanjong Beach Club and the space was not as straightforward as a hotel ballroom. We had activity happening in various sections of the restaurant “cut off” from each other. A solo photographer can only be in one place at a time and his camera lens can only point to one focus at a time. As such, you might end up missing out some valuable portions of your wedding in your photos. However, Simplifai Studios was able to dedicate several photographers to our event to ensure that every moment was documented. Simplifai 6 If you are in search of a professional and experienced wedding photographer who is able to capture romantic photos of your wedding day, be sure to check out the work Simplifai Studios, for you can be assured of their wonderful service and friendly nature. Drop them a message here.

Simplifai Studios
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