Looking for the perfect videographer to capture your beautiful wedding day memories? Here are our top picks for this year.

To help you budget for your wedding, we share the average cost of weddings in Singapore and the breakdown of each category – from banquet to photography.

While most of us panic at the idea of planning a wedding, our fuss-free guide will show you how to get it done in 30 days.

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Wedding Videography

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Weddding Videography Styles


Also known as documentary, the journalistic videography style focuses on unfolding every aspect of your wedding day from start to end. From the macro moments like exchanging your vows, to the details like your gown and decor, videographers using this style aims to capture them all and put them together in a fluid video. If you want to remember your wedding day like it was, the journalistic style is for you. Video by Iriswave.


Wedding cinematography is a rising trend and becoming very popular among couples. Like creating a movie or a film, video clips recorded is similar to that of the journalistic style, but special effects and editing are is used for a more intense, dramatic mood. Cinematic videos usually involves aerial or drone videography. If you want a wedding video with that wow effect, the cinematic style will suit you. Video by Ark Moments


The storytelling approach aims to share a deeper insight into the couple, and tell their love story from different perspectives. It usually incorporates testimonies or narration to shed some light into their relationship. The editing style can be similar to journalistic/cinematic, but the content will be slightly tweaked to focus on the couple rather than the day’s events. Video by 50nFifty


A concept shoot is a creative way to show your personalities in the relationship. It can incorporate an interview, a styled shoot, or behind the scenes, where the videographer gets to capture more lifestyle moments, and interactions between the couple. A concept shoot has room for much creativity and fun, there is no one way to do it. Video by Back Button Media


Similar to freestyle videography, artistic videography is not bounded by a particular format and has a strong aesthetic dimension to it. It is not common to find videographers who use this approach as it is requires a high level of creativity and a unique sense of style. If you are looking for a wedding video that stands out for being different, or quirky, this style might just be for you. Video by FreshfromKenneth


A trailer video is usually a summary or highlight video. It can be taken during your engagement or pre-wedding, and you can show it as a prelude to the guests before your wedding day. A trailer video is great for creating hype leading up to your celebration. Video by AllureWeddings

Featured Videography Package

Actual Day Wedding Videography

– 6 hours coverage starting from $2,799 (without SDE from $2,299)
– $200 for each additional hour
– Click here for their rate card.

Pre-wedding video
$2,100 – 4,500

– Includes 2-3 hour interview shoot
– 4-5 hour concept shoot with personalised set design with props

TWV Exclusive

Get $300 off for Actual-Day bookings (6-months in advance)
Get $100 pre-wed shoot coupled with AD package

Tips to your wedding videography
  • Budget
  • Style

First up, determine the budget you have on hand. On average, actual day wedding videography can cost you anywhere between $1,500 - $3,000 and upwards. The eventual cost depends on whether you want half-day (4 – 5 hours) or full-day (10 hours). Per hour rates on average range from $150 – $350. (Read our Cost of Weddings guide.)

Every videographer's service varies in cost and package inclusions. While it may be tempting to go for the cheaper ones, you want to make sure that the videos they make are of good quality and suit your wants. On the other hand, a more costly videographer does not necessarily mean superior work. When considering videographers, always focus on their portfolio, style, skill and reliability when factoring in the cost. 

Secondly, what videography style attracts you? Most wedding videographers are able to do the journalistic/documentary style, but if you want something more unique, you will want to shortlist based on the style you like. Get started by viewing the video style guide above, or the wedding videos here to see what you like. 

Keep in mind the following when researching for a videographer:
- Browse through their portfolio. It will give you an idea of the videographer's skills as well as preferred style. 
- Read any online reviews or testimonials to ensure that the service provided is reliable. 
- Read the "About" Page to find out what your videographer's personality and philosophy is like. 

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