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    5 Reasons to Fly Scoot for your Honeymoon

    Scoot, since its launch in 2012, has disrupted our budget air-travel industry with its low-cost long-haul flights, funky fun attitude, and great services. When it comes to jet-setting around the region, Scoot is always our preferred choice. In this issue, we share the reasons to Scoot off to your next honeymoon destination! 5 Reasons to Fly Scoot for your Honeymoon Adventure 1. Long-haul flights at just a fraction of the price With Scoot, you can easily jetset off to 63 destinations across 17 countries with just a few clicks on your keyboard. In fact, Scoot is one of the rare budget airlines that has spread its wings to long-haul destinations…

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    How to Plan your Honeymoon in the Philippines

    Over the past few years the Philippines have been making a name for itself as one of the best romantic destinations in the world. Couples from all over the world endure the long trip there, so they can enjoy its stunning beaches and tropical atmosphere. This has resulted in a huge boost to the tourism industry in the country, primarily the hotel business – with luxury hotels popping up on many of the islands there. It’s hard to believe that only a few years ago you could hardly find a place with running water and stable electricity, and now there’s already a Shangri-La resort in most of the popular islands.…

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    Our Guide on Cheap Airfares & Easy Travel Planning – 12 Skyscanner Hacks every Honeymooner needs to know

    Every couple is unique. For your honeymoon, whether you are a beach lover, nature-enthusiast, history buff, or a thrill-seeker, there is definitely a suitable destination for you out there. However, as unique as each couple is, we find that two challenges are constant – cost and convenience. Most, if not all, couples are looking for cost-savings. The wedding banquet alone would have cost a bomb and the frills like flowers and invitations all add to the expense list. In addition, planning the entire celebration may have resulted in spending sleepless nights to organize your vendors, guest list, itinerary, menus and more. As dreamy as weddings may seem, it is a huge workload in the…

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    How to Plan your Honeymoon in 10 Simple Steps – The Complete Guide

    Now that wedding preparations are underway, it’s time to get started on your honeymoon planning (how exciting!!). Here is the complete 10-step guide that tells you everything you need to know on putting together the perfect honeymoon. 1. Plan a budget. What type of honeymoon would you both want to have? This will be the humble beginnings of your honeymoon. First, determine how much money you can spend on your honeymoon. This will help you narrow down your choices. What type of honeymoon would you both best enjoy? Are you both looking for a romantic honeymoon (i.e. Paris, Greece), an adventurous one (i.e. South Africa, Europe) or a relaxing one…