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Our Guide on Cheap Airfares & Easy Travel Planning – 12 Skyscanner Hacks every Honeymooner needs to know

Every couple is unique.¬†For your honeymoon, whether you are a beach lover, nature-enthusiast, history buff, or a thrill-seeker, there is definitely a suitable destination¬†for you out there. However, as unique as each couple is, we find that two challenges are constant –¬†cost and convenience.¬†Most, if not all, couples are looking for cost-savings. The wedding banquet alone would have cost a bomb and the frills like flowers and invitations all add to the expense list. In addition, planning the entire celebration may have resulted in spending sleepless nights to organize your vendors, guest list, itinerary, menus and more.

As dreamy as weddings may seem, it is a huge workload in the background, and having to plan your honeymoon alongside it can be quite a challenge. As much as you want your honeymoon to be an incredible experience, you want the planning to be as hassle-free as possible. Here’s how you can do that.¬†

Skyscanner is no doubt our favourite go-to app when it comes to booking flights and planning trips. It is a leading global travel search engine and aggregator that can help you find the best fares for your trip. The reason why it can do that is because it has over 1200 travel partners in the database. Though it is almost impossible that you have not heard of Skyscanner, here are 11 hacks that you may not have known when using it. Read on to discover how you can take your honeymoon travel planning experience to the next level! 

12 Skyscanner Hacks every Honeymooner needs to know

1. You can have your very own travel planner

Skyscanner 1

Skyscanner’s latest innovation is something that literally blew our minds – the Skyscanner bot for Facebook messenger. Before we dive into the details, this bot can literally be your travel agent. Tell the bot where you want to go, from which location you are flying from. Even if you do not know your destination yet, this bot can help you figure it out.¬†

It will ping you destination suggestions, details on routes, round trip¬†costs, and timings. It even serves up tips like what is considered a “cheap” fare, when is the cheapest day of the week to fly, which month is to travel and how early to book. It is simply¬†brilliant.

Skyscanner is the first travel search engine to launch such an incredible feature. Though the app now doesn’t have the flexibility to converse full force like a human being, the current features already make it useful for virtual help, especially if you are on the go. Best of all, you do not need to download a separate app for this as the Facebook Messenger app is probably already in your phone!¬†

This bot is so useful that it is always in my messenger app. When wanderlust hits and I crave a spontaneous trip, it is right there to give me quick suggestions and useful information on the go!¬†For your honeymoon, be sure to give it a try – Launch the bot with and click “Get Started” to begin!¬†¬†

Launch the Skyscanner Bot now!

2. If that wasn’t enough… Skyscanner just launched a group chat travel bot on Skype!

And just this month, Skyscanner launched a group travel bot on the Skype platform – you can get the travel bot in a group conversation with your friends and colleagues when planning out a group trip. You can access the bot here.

‚ÄúSkyscanner is always looking to offer our users fresh, innovative and engaging new ways to search for their travel.” –¬†David Low,¬†Head of Bots and Conversational Search

3. No idea where to go just yet? Get the list of your cheapest destinations using ‘Everywhere”

If you have not decided on your honeymoon destination, use Skyscanner’s ‘Everywhere’ function to help you figure it out.

Simply enter the destination you are flying from and search flights to ‘everywhere’. Skyscanner will churn up a list of countries that you can travel to, sorted by price from low to high so you can pick out the destinations that fit your budget. We use this function all the time when we are craving a quick romantic getaway. Check out the full guide here.

We were shocked to find out that India is one of the cheapest destinations to fly to from Singapore! Looks like crossing the Taj Mahal off our bucket list is going to be a lot sooner than we expected. After clicking on India, Skyscanner also sorted the list of cities for us to fly into by price, so we knew at a glance which was the cheapest city to fly into! 

4. Find the cheapest days to fly

If you are a travel buff like we are, you would know that the key to cheap flights is to be flexible. However, even if we are flexible on our dates of travel, it can be a huge hassle to look through individual airline websites to find the cheapest tickets. We are all familiar with the headache of having a million tabs open in our browser.

Skyscanner solves that problem with their Cheapest month’ function, so you can easily find out when the cheapest dates of travel are. You can view the cheapest function in two ways – the calendar or chart function.¬†

We got tickets to Chennai, India from just S$133 per person! 

5. Discover magic with this flight comparison map

This map is magic. Sometimes, you can save a lot on airfare if you fly into another nearby airport. This map allows you to find the cheapest airport in land in at just one glance. Just state where you are flying from and which month you are departing. The green dots are the airports you can fly in cheaply, and Skyscanner automatically shows you which is the cheapest airport of all with a pop-up box. 

You can hover over the other dots to find out how much it costs to fly there. The red dots are +1 stops and if you prefer to have a transit stop for lower airfare, you can consider them! One of the best things about this map is you can connect the dots with a glance to see how far the airports are from one another.    

Click here for the magic flight comparison map!

6. Fly like a pro with search filters

Skyscanner is packed with useful filters that allow you to fly like a pro. Whether you want a stopover for a break or a direct flight, preferred times or duration to fly Рthe filters on the left panel help you to get exactly what you want. You can even highlight the airlines you fancy! 

Depending on your needs, you can also sort fare results by best, cheapest or fastest duration.  

7. Be automatically notified when your airfare gets cheaper

This is one of my favourite functions. We can’t possibly check the flights every day, but Skyscanner can help you do that. WithPrice Alerts you get automatically notified by email when the airfare gets lower or higher. This function is so helpful that I actually sign up for price alerts for all my ‘bucket list’ destinations! It’s free, convenient, and you can change your alerts or unsubscribe whenever you like with a touch of a button.¬†

8. Plan a combo moon easily with Skyscanner 

A combo moon is one of the latest honeymoon trends. Couples are no longer just choosing 1 destination to spend their honeymoon but a mix of several stops. You no longer have to limit yourself to only a beach honeymoon, a city break or an adventurous trip. You can have all 3 in your honeymoon. 

All you need to do is select ‘multi-city’¬†and enter your destinations. Skyscanner will find you the best bundle of flights to take. Hit ‘map’ to see the destinations geographically. Click here for the full guide on how to maximize this function.¬†

9. Travel tips and inspiration just for you

Skyscanner 17


I love the Skyscanner blog – they publish articles very regularly to share with you¬†flight deals, bargain holidays, cheapest destinations to go,¬†romantic places to travel to, things to do… They even tell you where are the best places to travel every month based on weather and peak periods! Talk about stirring up that wanderlust… here’s where you should go on holiday in September!¬†

10. Find out the best time to book

Skyscanner 19

When it comes to getting cheap airfares, apart from finding when are the cheapest dates to fly, another key is when to book. Some sources tell us to book on Tuesdays. Booking in advance may save you some extra dollars, but sometimes booking too far ahead may not necessarily result in the maximum cost savings. In short, it is almost impossible to really find

Booking in advance may save you some extra dollars, but sometimes booking too far ahead may not necessarily result in the maximum cost savings. In short, it is almost impossible to really find out for sure so we usually advise our readers to have a budget for their airfares. Once the flight falls within your budget, book it. 

But to make things even easier for you, Skyscanner has published a guide to show when is the best time to book your flights, for the top destinations from Singapore!

Skyscanner 20

After analysing three years of data, it was found that the best time to enjoy cheapest fares is on average 21-25 weeks prior. You can enjoy savings of up to 21-22% for certain destinations. It also turns out that prices don’t rise that quickly until about a month before you travel, so if you miss the 21-25 week window, you may still get a good price 2-8 weeks prior to your travel dates.¬†Check out the full guide here¬†and here.

11. Enjoy the online shopping of travel with no hidden fees

Skyscanner is literally like Lazada and Taobao, but for travel. You can get your flights, hotels, and cars all in this one app. Best of all, using the site is absolutely free. Skyscanner does all the ground work for you Рsifting through hundreds of airlines and travel agents so that you can get the best search results of the best value. Once you have decided on your flights, you will be directed to the airline or agent to complete your booking. There are no extra costs and no hidden fees*. 

*Sometimes due to information lags, there may be some unlikely discrepancies in pricing due to updated prices. But we use Skyscanner to search for all my flights nonetheless!

12. Book everything on the go

Skyscanner 23
Photo via Gum7apps

I love clearing my miscellaneous tasks on the go. It is so convenient because you can make use of transport time to check some errands off your to-do list. Download the Skyscanner mobile app to search and compare the cheapest flights, hotels, and car rentals in one place, anytime and anywhere. Be notified of best travel deals as soon as they are out. The interface of the app makes it very easy to use, and all your search history or information can be bookmarked within the app.

Download the Skyscanner Mobile App now!

We hope that sharing how we get cheap airfares and plan our travels with Skyscanner will help to make your honeymoon planning a lot easier! The best thing we love about Skyscanner that it is very straightforward and easy to use. We strongly urge you to try out these hacks for your honeymoon trip! If you need any help, feel free to drop us a note here.

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