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How to Plan your Honeymoon in 10 Simple Steps – The Complete Guide

Now that wedding preparations are underway, it’s time to get started on your honeymoon planning (how exciting!!). Here is the complete 10-step guide that tells you everything you need to know on putting together the perfect honeymoon.

1. Plan a budget. What type of honeymoon would you both want to have?

This will be the humble beginnings of your honeymoon. First, determine how much money you can spend on your honeymoon. This will help you narrow down your choices. What type of honeymoon would you both best enjoy? Are you both looking for a romantic honeymoon (i.e. Paris, Greece), an adventurous one (i.e. South Africa, Europe) or a relaxing one (i.e. Maldives, Boracay)? Determining the theme of your honeymoon will easily narrow down your destination choices for you.

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2. Decide where you want to go – Got a destination in mind?

Based on your budget and honeymoon theme, it’s time to narrow down your destination choices. If you have a destination already in mind, all the better!

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3. How long do you want your honeymoon to be?

Think about how long a trip you would want. I would usually recommend having a honeymoon of at least a week long. A week gives you adequate time for travel, relaxation and fun activities.

4. When do you plan to travel? Find out when’s the best time to travel for your destination.

Do you have travel dates in mind? Depending on your destination, find out when is the best time to travel. Refer to our honeymoon destination guides here to find out the best times to travel to each destination.

5. Research travel costs. Or find a travel agent.

Start researching on costs of your flights, accommodation and activities. You can consider all-in honeymoon packages from Club Med, or find a suitable travel agent to help you put together your trip of a lifetime. It is very convenient and saves you a load of time.

6. Book your Plane tickets

When it comes to plane tickets, always book early. Having a time window also allows you to camp for promotions. Check out Google Flights to find when is the low travel season for cheaper flight rates. Sign up for price watches on Expedia or Skyscanner – these flight aggregator sites are the best for good deals.

7. Book your Accommodation

When it comes to finding accommodation, use booking sites like, (for south east asia) and Expedia to find good deals. Hotels usually put up last minute deals on these sites to clear their rooms, so keep an eye out for them. For accommodation, the prices don’t fluctuate as much as flight tickets. Generally prices are high during travel season (due to the increased demand), so avoid those periods if you are flexible.

8. Find out what’s there to do – Plan an itinerary and book activities

Check out our honeymoon destination guides here. They will show you the adventures you must experience in each country. Plan up a rough itinerary

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9. Don’t forget Insurance

I cannot emphasize how important travel insurance is. It not only compensates lost luggages but even more important – medical expenses incurred during your travel. I once almost went without travel insurance. I fell down, got my knee injured and had to go to a hospital to get consultation and scans – which amounted up to approximately S$1000. Thankfully, I got my travel insurance from HL Assurance for just $18, and I managed to get reimbursed for my medical expenses. I highly recommend them for great and efficient service. They offer one of the most reasonable rates in town.

10. Pack up and it’s time to go!

Get your packing list here, gather your things and it’s time to fly! If you are jet setting off right after your wedding, be sure to have someone help you with returning of your gowns as well as settle all your outstanding payments. Enjoy your beautiful honeymoon together! It is the first adventure that you both will have as a married couple, so be sure to have tons of fun and leave all worries back home.

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