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5 Reasons to Fly Scoot for your Honeymoon

Scoot, since its launch in 2012, has disrupted our budget air-travel industry with its low-cost long-haul flights, funky fun attitude, and great services. When it comes to jet-setting around the region, Scoot is always our preferred choice. In this issue, we share the reasons to Scoot off to your next honeymoon destination!

5 Reasons to Fly Scoot for your Honeymoon Adventure

1. Long-haul flights at just a fraction of the price

Scoot 1 - Financial Time
Scoot’s 787 Dreamliner

With Scoot, you can easily jetset off to 63 destinations across 17 countries with just a few clicks on your keyboard. In fact, Scoot is one of the rare budget airlines that has spread its wings to long-haul destinations as far as Athens in Greece, and Berlin in Germany! Plus, they fly directly to these destinations without a stopover, which is really impressive considering even some full-fledged airlines have a transit stop.

Last year, we excitedly boarded their inaugural flight to Athens. The flight took 11.5 hours and had us flying over 10,000 km. Despite the long distance, we enjoyed great comfort on their spacious Dreamliner 787 plane. We also pre-ordered meals which kept us happy and satisfied throughout. Best yet, our flight only cost less than S$700 for a return trip! Check out our travel adventure below in our vlog, and also in our Athens Travel Guide here.

2. Escape the ordinary with off-the-beaten-path destinations

Ampera Bridge in Palembang, Indonesia

Scoot has made it possible for you to escape the ordinary. I follow Scoot closely on Facebook and every other month, they are announcing new routes to destinations I never previously heard of! This June, they will be flying to Pekanbaru, said to be the Yosemite of Indonesia! Scoot also collaborates with travellers to produce content like the below, so you know what’s in store for you to do at these cool destinations. Watching the video alone made me want to go to Pekanbaru, what more adding the fact that you can Scoot there for just S$35* and you can get there in just 35 minutes!

Other off-the-beaten-path destinations that Scoot brings you to include Palembang in Indonesia, Kuching in Malaysia, and Nanchang in China. I bet most of you have not heard of these spots, but they have many gems awaiting your discovery. Taking the road less travelled is adventure are all about. It’s wonderful that not only Scoot is taking us there, but they are also opening up the tourism industry for the locals there.

Just see the impressive number of destinations you can fly to in China, Philippines, and Thailand!




3. Enjoy great comfort at great value

Scoot 3 - super_stretch - Economy Class
Economy Class – Stretch Seat

Scoot’s fleet of 787 Dreamliner aircraft is known for its spacious body, wide leg room and adjustable headrests – comforts previously unheard of in a budget carrier. Their plush seats are comfortable. Being sister companies with Singapore Airlines (SIA), the experience with Scoot does somewhat remind me of my flights with SIA. Scoot has also introduced upgrades like super seats (30% more legroom) and stretch sets (50% more legroom), as well as Scoot-in-Silence, an exclusive zone that is quiet and kids-free.

Meal, Entertainment & WiFi Upgrades
scoot 8 - vegetarian meal - epochtimes
Photo via Epochtimes

Onboard meals are also available via Scootcafe, and we suggest you preorder them before your flight. For in-flight entertainment, ScooTV allows you to binge watch over 100 movies and TV shows while flying. Simply use your own device to sign in and you can enjoy the service for just US$11 (~S$15). With these upgrades, flying with Scoot comes close to flying on a full-fledged airline! Scoot also has a Wifi service that allows you to stay connected throughout your journey even when 40,000 ft in mid-air.

Scoot 2 - Scootbiz - business class
Premium Economy

Scoot’s Premium Economy seating, ScootBiz, takes it one step further. With ScootBiz, you can enjoy

  • Full-leather seats that come with double-legroom (at least 38″ (96cm)) – they can recline further and their headrests and leg rests are fully adjustable for your comforts
  • 15kg carry-on + 30kg check-in
  • Welcome drink (+one additional alcoholic beverage) and meals
  • Arrive first + Board me first – this means you get priority check-in, boarding, and disembarkation
  • Stream ScooTV services on your devices
  • In-seat power for charging
  • Exclusive restroom for ScootBiz passengers only

Scoot 4 - Mood Lighting - Wanna Travel With Me

You may not know this, but Scoot uses quieter engines. The air in each aircraft is also clean, fresh and bacteria-free. Even the lighting in Scoot’s aircraft is customisable – if you are lucky you might see some rainbow mood lighting on your flight. Their overhead storage bins are also more spacious in comparison to other budget carriers.

4. Reach over 160 destinations with Value Alliance

The Scoot Family

Scoot’s merge with Tigerair in July 2017 has expanded Scoot’s vibrant crew, fleet, and destinations! This year, Scoot has partnered with 7 other airlines in Asia Pacific to bring you the world’s first pan-regional low-cost carrier alliance.

With Value Alliance, you can start reserving tickets to over 160 destinations from 17 hubs across Australia, North Asia, and SouthEast Asia! The alliance covers a third of the world and slightly more than half the world’s population. With so much progress that Scoot has undertaken to fly us to more destinations, it’s difficult not to root for them. It is no surprise that Scoot was named Asia Pacific’s Best Low-Cost Airline for 4 years in a row 2015 – 2018! 

5. A fun and friendly crew with Scootitude

The cabin crew on Scoot is fun, friendly and committed. On top of that, Scoot is known to pack a punch of Scootitude in whatever they do – whether it means expanding their network, improving their services or keeping you inspired and entertained. On their Facebook page, they often launch fun campaigns and contests that you will definitely want to stay tuned to. Exciting promotions like their Takeoff Tuesdays and 2-to-go also get you traveling at much cheaper a price! Lately, ScootInsiders got a 40% off surprise voucher in their inboxes! Believing that travel is about spontaneous discovery, connections, and fresh experiences, Scoot wants to bring that to you. Some of their flights had singing, dancing, even an Easter Egg hunt!

In my experience, I find that Scoot’s customer service is pretty great – they are responsive to comments, inquiries, and even refunds. My recent trip to Boracay was canceled due to the unfortunate closure of the island, but they processed all the refunds for me even before I got down to it. I also love the fact that their Facebook comments/replies are witty and funny, especially when they use GIFs! A Scoot experience is fun, entertaining and enjoyable. Best of all, their Scoot-friendly prices make it easy to just pack up and go! Their booking interface is also seamless and easy to use.


What are you waiting for? Scoot to your next honeymoon destination for an adventure! Book through Scoot’s mobile app for an even quicker on-the-go experience.

Book your flights on today!

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