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Destination Wedding

An intimate wedding

Some of you seeking a unique experience might be considering a destination wedding, why not? I personally find it exciting, a celebration and holiday in one! Cost-wise, considering the relatively high cost of weddings in Singapore, it may work itself out.

I would recommend it if you are planning to have an intimate ceremony (10-20 guests) for it would be really special. Logistically, it would also be easier to manage. More guests might work too, but make sure to check that the resort has sufficient accommodation. 

Picking a destination

When picking your destination, be sure to consider the date and season. If you are going for an outdoor ceremony, which many would want, make sure your wedding date is not during the rainy wet season. 

Also, consider the distance of travel to get to the place. In consideration of your guests, try to pick a destination that is not hours away, and a resort or location that is accessible from the airport. Do also offer to help your guests with the travel arrangements and bookings, as not everyone is savvy enough to do it on their own. 

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Keep it simple & fuss-free

My biggest advice for a destination wedding is to keep it simple. Keep the logistics streamlined so it is easier to manage. Planning a destination wedding can be straightfoward if you do not need the frills as most resorts have all-inclusive wedding packages. Fly in your own photography or videographer or easily hire a local crew. 

Tip: Consider doing your registeration of marriage and usual traditions back in Singapore. You can have the celebration overseas. This will ease much of the stress and workload. 

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