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Amorita Resort brings you a Tranquil, Tropical Hideaway in Bohol, Philippines

Bohol, Philippines is a tropical island paradise acclaimed for its rich history and vast natural treasures — unique geological wonders, a thriving marine ecology in shimmering blue waters, world-class diving spots, pristine white sand, and lush tracts of greenery and unique wildlife that fuels a growing ecotourism trade. A two-hour ferry or a 20-minute flight takes you from the hustle and bustle of Cebu to Tagbilaran City in Bohol, and from there a quick city ride brings you to the vibrant, beach party central that is Alona Beach. Successfully integrating key elements of the rich landscape to create a distinct modern island ambience, Amorita Resort sits atop a limestone cliff providing visitors not just easy access and a picturesque view of the milelong beach but also creates a tropical sanctuary to enjoy quiet downtime in serene privacy and tranquility, perfectly bookended by a picturesque sunrise and sunset as you begin and end your day. Read on to find out why Amorita Resort is the idyllic wedding resort venue and perfect jump-off point for a marine adventure for couples.

1. Host a serene, cliffside wedding with a stunning sunset backdrop.

Imagine exchanging vows at the resort’s stylish cliff deck with a spectacular saffron and magenta colored sunset as a fitting backdrop to mark your happily ever after. Or having your reception poolside at the island ridge framed under a clear blue sky as guests look down to an amazing view of the Bohol Sea. You could even choose to have a very intimate ceremony held in your own private beach cove surrounded by turquoise waters and powder white sand.

The 5-hectare property is a wedding photographer’s dream as each of the three breathtaking wedding venues have their own unique, picturesque vistas that are perfectly complemented with the hotel’s tropical modern aesthetic, infusing the occasion with a sense of style and distinct flair. The event is even made more special by having an in-house wedding planning team assist you with all the event preparations, from the big fundamentals like wedding themes and accents down to the finer points like floral and sitting arrangements, plates and cutleries and even rearrangement of the property’s impeccably curated pieces of furniture.

2. Enjoy a tropical getaway in calming seclusion on the perfect location along Alona Beach.

Bohol is one of the most spectacular destinations in the Philippines and Alona Beach is the perfect jump-off point to start and end any island-hopping cruise or heritage tour around the enchanting island. Or if a lazy, care-free saunter by the beach is more of your thing as a couple, then wine and dine on a variety of great restaurant choices right on the strip – from Greek to Swiss, Italian, Thai or native delicacies, there is definitely something here to satisfy a food craving. Amorita Resort sits at the quiet end of 1.5 kilometer shoreline, striking the perfect balance between exclusivity and proximity to the white-sand beach allowing you easy access to local hotspots and the option to retire in a quiet, peaceful sanctuary pampered in luxury and a world-class service, the hotel is a recent winner of the 2017 CondĂ© Nast Johansen Excellence Award for Best in Service.

The resort has two infinity pools with stunning cliff-side views of the Bohol Sea, and the cliff deck lounge is the best spot to be in Panglao at sundown where you and your partner can take in the stunning change of hues at sunset, as you sit back and enjoy unlimited signature cocktails – all on the house . It’s tropical island living at it’s best.

3. Live in a luxurious pool villa with a majestic seaside view

Gracefully perched above the beach’s powdery sand and translucent waters, the boutique hotel exudes a low key, laid back charm while combining top-notch hotel standards with a gentle, intuitive hospitality that is certainly world-class. Inside, 16 luxury plunge pool villas gracefully dot the compound in exceptionally manicured grounds and exquisitely complemented by stylish, cleanly designed buildings housing equally elegant guest rooms. Each grand villa has its own plunge pool and the room design is a lesson in modern, quality aesthetic enhanced by generous space – quite ideal for couples who pack anticipating an extended vacation.

We stayed in one of the resort’s cozy garden villas and the sizable room accommodation really feels like your home away from home, with ample space to move around and thoughtful, modern interiors that radiate not just a relaxing vibe but also underscores a refreshing feel. Having your own private plunge pool within easy is such a treat especially coming from a day tour or an afternoon of basking under the hot sun. One caveat is that the entire room setup and design really make it hard to go outside once you’ve soaked in the mood of the villa’s calm interiors, more so after indulging on the yummy sweets or the hotel staff lavishly prepares as a daily treat.

4. Sip exquisite wine while savoring delectable paella in a Spanish bar with a modern twist

Completing the boutique travel experience, the resort is also home to two of Bohol’s finest restaurants. The first one, Saffron, features an all-day menu that emphasizes freshness, clarity of ingredients, and local availability in its thoughtful reinterpretation of Boholano heritage cuisine, alongside a wide range of Continental and Filipino food favorites.

On the upper level, neo-cultural experience takes center stage in Tomar!, a Spanish restaurant that seeks to blend innovation and tradition, with a cuisine that looks back at the classic Spanish cuisine staples such as tapas, paellas, and pintxos and gives it both a local and modern touch. The cutting-edge culinary experience is reflected not just in the actual dishes but in the interiors and atmosphere of the venue itself. The tapas bar also is home to a rich wine and whiskey selection carefully curated from around the globe – perfect for a nightcap with your bridesmaids or groomsmen.

5. An array of romantic adventures to pursue in exotic paradise

Bohol is blessed with magnificent natural wonders and coupled with its rich history, you can go on days just touring the countless sights and scenery of this fascinating place, both on sea and in land.

See dolphins up close in their natural habitat

If there’s one must-have adventure to experience in Bohol, it is to see dolphins thrive and swim up close in their natural habitat. During our stay, Pamilacan Island Dolphin and Whale Watching Tours (PIDWWT), a premiere eco-tour agency arranged for us a visit to nearby islands with dolphin watching right at the top of the list. Call time for these tours is usually 5:30 am so we had the always helpful staff of Amorita Resort prepare a nice breakfast basket for us to take on the boat ride. It takes about an hour to get to the ideal spot but seeing the dolphins swim and somersault in their natural habitat is really a sight to behold, a nice precursor to the marvelous sights of the rest of the island tour.

Have an adventure and spend a lazy day at the resort

Amorita offers a multitude of activities for couples to take part in, from water-sport opportunities like kayaking to paddle boarding, to taking classes in a PADI diving school on-site to a complete wellness experience with complimentary yoga sessions every Tuesday and Saturday mornings.

For the sea-loving pair, a snorkel expedition at the marine sanctuary just off the resort’s private beach cove should do the trick. In the afternoon, take a lazy stroll or bike around the beautiful gardens, or simply read a book while sipping cocktails on a beach hammock near the cliff edge.

Take a magical day tour to see Bohol’s natural wonders

Back on land, there’s also plenty to explore including a visit to the surreal Chocolate Hills or a visit to virgin nature reserves that serve as home to a unique selection of wildlife including the endearing Tarsier. If you have plans on taking a countryside tour of Bohol, it’s best to leave early, as most tours start around 8 am to be able to cover a lot of places. Based on experience, it really makes a huge difference to have a local guide tell you about the compelling history and side stories of the natural attractions, so Roel from PIDWWT graciously walked us through the interesting sights and important landmarks of the island.

Kayaking along the river for a nighttime firefly watching tour


Firefly watching in Bohol has been gaining in popularity in recent years and the options are diverse: there is the usual group firefly watching tour by boat, fireflies kayaking and a floating restaurant. For a romantic adventure, couples can take a late afternoon kayak to enjoy the peace and serenity of the river and adjacent mangrove forests while waiting to see fireflies up close at night time.

A relaxing couple’s massage at Sea Tree Spa

After a tour of the island, cap your day with a soothing couple’s massage at Amorita Resort’s Sea Tree Spa, and try the exclusive range of treatments available from the center, from authentic Filipino massage therapies to rejuvenating Asian healing rituals.

Bohol is a secret travel gem for any couple who wants to explore exotic tropical locations far away from the dense tourist crowd and usual destinations. It’s conveniently adjacent to a known international travel hub and just an hour’s flight away from Manila making it an easy getaway destination. From Singapore, a routinary 5-hour journey by airplane and ferry opens up an entire world of delightful natural wonders and sea adventures that’s easily one of the most magical places to be in the world. Amorita Resort is the perfect bookend for these romantic sojourns as it offers you a nice, tranquil, lavish space to come home to and relax at the end of every outdoor adventure. The picturesque sunset and ideal location, a level of accommodation that gives you a sense of personalized luxury, plus an award-winning service and hospitality make this an ideal wedding and honeymoon venue for couples to check out.

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