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Top Wedding Venues in Indonesia to Suit your Wedding Theme

Everyone has a dream place for their wedding. Now, if you belong to the engaged couples who are planning to have their wedding in Indonesia, there’s no doubt that you achieve your dream as there are a lot of wedding venues waiting for you! And to lessen your time for researching a bunch of beautiful locations in Indonesia, we’ve compiled a list of Indonesia’s Top Wedding Venues and sorted them by wedding themes for you to pick from. With this list, we are sure that you’ll be able to pick the perfect venue for your dream wedding!

Top Wedding Venues in Indonesia to Suit your Wedding Theme

1. Garden Wedding Venues

Wedding Venues Indonesia - Bali Mandira Beach Resort and Spa - Bali Mandira Villas
Bali Mandira Beach Resort and Spa │ Photo Credits to Bali Mandira Villas

2. Beach Wedding Venues

Wedding Venues Indonesia - AYANA Resort and Spa Bali  - Bali for Two
AYANA Resort and Spa Bali │ Photo Credits to Bali for Two

3. Seaview / Sunset Wedding Venues

Wedding Venues Indonesia - Uluwatu Surf Villas - Heavenly Bali Wedding
Uluwatu Surf Villas │ Photo Credits to Heavenly Bali Wedding

4. Waterfront Wedding Venues

Wedding Venues Indonesia - Anantara Seminyak Resort and Spa - The Marriage
Anantara Seminyak Resort and Spa │ Photo Credits to The Marriage

5. Marina / Yacht Wedding Venues

Wedding Venues Indonesia - Classiku Bali Wedding  - TripCanvas
Classiku Bali Wedding │ Photo Credits to TripCanvas

6. Poolside Wedding Venues

Wedding Venues Indonesia - Bulgari - TripCanvas
Bulgari │ Photo Credits to TripCanvas

7. Skyline Wedding Venues

Wedding Venues Indonesia - Selong Selo Residences Lombok  - Lombok and Girls
Selong Selo Residences Lombok │ Photo Credits to Lombok and Girls

In the air, rooftop, panoramic views, hilltop

8. Classy and Romantic

Wedding Venues Indonesia - The Diamond Bali Chapel - TripCanvas
The Diamond Bali Chapel │ Photo Credits to TripCanvas

a. Chapel Weddings

b. Chic and Intimate

c. Fairytale

d. Colonial / Bungalow

9. Unique Wedding Venues

Wedding venues Indonesia - Heritage Museum Bank Indonesia - Diskodirumah
Heritage Museum Bank Indonesia │ Photo Credits to Diskodirumah

Historical Venus /Art /museum

Victorian Style

Rustic / Vintage

Cultural / Traditional 

10. Quirky & Fun Wedding Venues

Wedding Venues Indonesia - BIDP - TripCanvas
BIDP │ Photo Credits to TripCanvas

Animal / Nature

Aquarium / Underwater

11. Classic Wedding Venues

Wedding Venues Indonesia - Ritz-Carlton Jakarta - Bridestory
Ritz-Carlton Jakarta │ Photo Credits to Bridestory

Hotel / Clubhouse

12. Boutique Hotels

Wedding Venues Indonesia - Tugu Malang Hotel - Pinterest
Tugu Malang Hotel │ Photo Credits to Pinterest

13. Restaurant Wedding Venues

Wedding Venues Indonesia - Angke Restaurant - Angke
Angke Restaurant │ Photo Credits to Angke

Chinese Restaurants

Malay Restaurants

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