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    9 Best Handyman Services in Singapore for Home Fixing (2021 Guide)

    What was functioning great yesterday can be obsolete tomorrow. Unfortunately, not everything can be solved with a simple do-it-yourself fix especially in terms of home maintenance concerns. There will be a time that one may require assistance to do the heavy lifting or a professional fix to ensure that our home stays safe, secure, and functional. Whether you need assistance for renovation, repair, installation, improvement, and many more for the sake of your home– hiring a handyman in Singapore can definitely make your life easier. In Singapore, handyman services range from assembling furniture and fixing doors to repairing a leaking pipe to the installation of the heater. They can pretty…

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    8 Best Companies for Solar Panel in Singapore (2021)

    In sunny Singapore where climate is generally humid in most parts of the year, cooling technologies like AC units are a must for every home. But with AC units working throughout night and day, a surge in your electricity bills is not surprising. To cut back on the costs, you might want to consider installing solar panels. A lot of homeowners and businesses have seen huge energy savings with several solar panels in place. Are you considering this smart option too? If yes, you need the services of one of the best companies for solar panel in Singapore. Check them out below. Table of contents Best Companies for Solar Panel…

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    8 Best Property Agencies in Singapore (2021)

    Property agencies exist for two sides of a coin: people who want to sell their real estate property and buyers looking for a new home. For someone who’s looking to sell their property, a skilled and experienced property agency will make sure you’ll be able to sell your property at top dollar. Meanwhile, for someone who’s looking for properties to invest into, a trustworthy property agency will guide you through the process of looking for quality options, show you the projected benefits and downsides of investing in the property now, and finally, when you’ve already found the property you can’t let go, they’ll make sure you’ll be able to buy…

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    8 Best Electricians in Singapore (2021 Guide)

    Fire accidents are dangerous as they can cause the loss of life and property. Based on research, one of the top causes of house fires is faulty wiring or insulation. Households typically use multiple appliances, and overtime, wires can get damaged. Sometimes, we even plug-in a number of devices in one outlet which makes it run harder than usual into overload and causes it to short circuit. Thus, it is recommended that we invest in electrical services to make sure we achieve a hazard-free environment. It is also a good practice to get a periodic inspection on your internal wiring as well as regular maintenance and check-up of built-in appliances,…

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    10 Best Maid Agencies in Singapore with Scorecards (2021)

    Taking care of your children and an entire household can be quite taxing, especially for working parents. There are plenty of chores that seem to have not enough time to accomplish, and that’s where hiring a maid or helper might be a solution. A maid can also be very helpful if you have young children or elderly in the house. That said, hiring a reliable and dependable maid might pose a challenge. Selecting a good maid agency is the first step to hiring a maid in Singapore. Only the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) licensed maid agencies are allowed to act as middlemen, but there are over 4,000 maid agencies in…

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    14 Best Aircon Servicing Singapore Companies | Best of Home 2021

    With Singapore’s hot and humid weather, cooling down seems almost impossible without an aircon. But after buying a good air conditioner, you will want to ensure you maintain it properly so it does not spoil just after a few years of usage. Regular aircon servicing is important. It can extend the lifespan of your air-conditioner from a decade to 15 years or more, and it also ensures that the air you are breathing in is clean. Last but not least, it prevents clogging and damage to your air conditioner, the last thing you want is for your aircon to leak or blow hot air! We have done our research to bring…

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    10 Best Carpenters in Singapore for your Carpentry Needs (2021 Guide)

    Carpentry is one of the biggest elements of home renovations and you will definitely need a carpenter to help make your dream home happen. Whether you are intending to build a TV feature wall with a console, in-built cupboards for more storage space, a walk-in wardrobe to store your clothes, a platform bed, or even custom-made furniture, a carpenter is your solution. While you can also find an interior designer or renovation contractor as a one-stop renovation solution for your home, if you want to ensure that your in-built features well built and of good quality, you can find an experienced carpenter or a company with a speciality in carpentry.…

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    9 Best House Cleaning Services and Part Time Helper in Singapore (2021 Guide)

    Hiring a maid might not be for everyone. But if you run a busy schedule, especially for working parents, and do not wish to see your house in shambles, you can hire a home cleaning service to keep your house tidy and in good shape. House cleaning service in Singapore can be cost-effective as you can determine the hours and frequency you want the cleaning to be. You can also hire them on demand whenever your house needs more attention i.e. before hosting family and friends. Plus, if you are not satisfied with the home cleaning service, you can easily switch services. Here are the 9 best house cleaning services…

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    6 Most Trusted Property Defects Checking Companies in Singapore

    Even the most perfect-looking home may have its own set of defects that can easily slip past the untrained eye. That’s why many homeowners, even the most meticulous ones, opt to hire professional defect inspectors to do a comprehensive and detailed audit of their new home before moving in. Letting your home undergo a thorough defects checking process and reporting any faults promptly to HDB, your private contractor, or anyone who’s responsible, will allow you to fully benefit from your home’s Defect Liability Period. In this article, we’ve put together some of the well-known and most trusted property defects checking companies in Singapore to help you identify the weak spots…

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    Light Makers Singapore

    Lights SingaporeLight Makers SingaporeVisit Vendor About Since 1986, Light Makers continues to structure inventive and unique LED designs and solutions for its wide range of clients. They have been making dainty hotel chandeliers, pop-up stand lights, warm and romantic bedroom pendant lights, and other visually-arresting LED fixtures.  Highlights inventive and unique LED designs LED customisation service visually-arresting LED fixtures Great ratings and reviews online portfolio Previous Next “We urge to never underestimate the importance of lighting in interior design. The right kind of lighting can contribute greatly to the look and feel of any living space. Plan ahead and visit us at our showroom today.” – Light Makers Singapore Team…

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    9 Best & Affordable Plumbers in Singapore (2021 Guide)

    Buying your first home is an exciting milestone, but doing regular maintenance on your home is important to make sure things run smoothly in the house. Whether it is your air-conditioner or washing machine, you will want them to run smoothly. But what happens if you encounter a choked pipe, a leaky faucet or our toilet bowl does not flush as it should? I can relate to the dreaded feeling of having those inconveniences. In times like these, it is likely you will need a plumber in Singapore to help you solve the plumbing issue. Not to worry, for we have compiled a list of the best and affordable plumbers…

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    8 Best Laundry & Dry Cleaning Services in Singapore | Best of Home 2021

    Laundry is one of those chores that sucks up a lot of time and effort. Coupled with the ironing, pressing and folding, it can be a lengthy chore, especially if you do not have a maid or cleaner. For busy working parents with children, laundry might be the last thing on our mind. Until you run out of clean clothes, that is. Luckily for us, there are many laundry services in Singapore that can help you turn a messy pile of dirty laundry into clean folded clothes! Coupled with home pickup and delivery service, it becomes so much easier to get your hands on some clean clothes. Here is the…

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    7 Professional Movers in Singapore for your New Home (2021 Guide)

    After a long journey of buying your home and renovating it, it is finally time to move in! But as exciting as moving into your new home is, moving can be very exhausting , with a truckload of existing furniture and appliances to think about as well. You are also worried about your possessions being safe during transport, in case a painting or vase gets damaged in the process. Most people choose to engage a professional mover in Singapore. Not only can it take away most of the headache and hassle, but these movers can also help to package your items properly for transport. Avoid going for the cheapest, and…

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    8 Best Pest Control Services in Singapore (2021 Guide)

    Looking for pest control in Singapore? If your home is facing pest problems like cockroaches, termites, bed bugs, or rats, it is time to hire a pest control service company. Having pests infiltrate your home is one of the most cumbersome problems a homeowner can face. It is important to exterminate these ‘unwanted friends’ at once, otherwise, you will find it harder to eradicate them from your home. Pest control companies are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and equipment required to handle them. Whenever in doubt, find a reliable professional who can help you. Here are the best pest control services in Singapore to call when you have a pest…

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    6 Best Renovation Contractors in Singapore (2021 Guide)

    After the exciting moment of buying your home and finally collecting your keys, the next step will be to renovate your home! Here is where you make the tough choices, the first being to choose between an interior designer or a renovation contractor. Most of us instinctively will find an interior designer to help us with our home renovation. Some of us might consider hiring renovation contractors instead. The biggest pro with hiring a renovation contractor is you get to work directly with your builder, and you can potentially save on cost. The trade-off on the savings is that you will need to be clear and specific on what you want.…