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5 Things to Know for House Painting in Singapore

Painting is important considering walls make up the bulk of one’s home. When executed well, painting brings life and adds depth to a new home. You can opt for DIY or hire painting services in Singapore. But when the colours do not blend well, it can be a disaster and an eyesore. With our new home upcoming, DIY was a consideration to save cost. But after our previous house painting stint, helping our mum paint her home for the previous Chinese New Year, we were just a little hesitant about DIY considering the amount of time we spent painting. Plus, it’s our first home after all, and we wanted it to look modern and luxe.

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We heard about Nippon Paint’s Momento Special Effects Paint for feature walls; a fascinating concept for us as we were hoping to avoid having any built-in features for our living room and master bedroom. Redesigning in the future would be much easier. Our eyes were set on the Momento Elegant paint, part of the textured paint series. What transpired way exceeded our expectations, honestly speaking. In this issue, let us share our experience with Nippon Paint and 5 useful things to note before embarking on your next house painting conquest for your new home.

This article was first published on 29 January 2019 and updated on 05 August 2022.

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5 Things to Know for House Painting in Singapore

1. Say goodbye to uninspiring walls with Momento Special Effects Paint

Nippon Paint Momento Elegant textured painting singapore
Our living room with a Momento Elegant textured paint feature wall

Voilà, our living room masterpiece, executed to perfection by the professional Nippon Paint team. We chose a modern luxe theme for our home, which calls for darker neutrals and luxurious elements like marble and gold. For our living room, we went with the Momento Elegant textured paint series as we preferred something dark to provide contrast for our paintings. The outcome of the paint is heavily dependent on the brush style of the painter, and it turned out way better than we expected.

During our site inspection, the Nippon Paint team also recommended a black marble feature wall for our master bedroom when they heard of our interest in the Momento Special Effects Paint. Our thoughts then were, “you can paint black marble?!”. We might have blurted those thoughts out then. Here’s the end result.

Nippon Paint Momento Black Marble house painting singapore
Our master bedroom with a Momento Black Marble textured paint feature wall

Probably the masterpiece of our rendition of a modern luxe home. We absolutely loved the black marble feature wall, as it looks and even feels like a solid whole piece of black marble tile. If you are wondering the difference between that and the actual black marble, take a closer look at the next picture.

black marble lamp
Close up picture of an actual black marble tile (from a black marble lamp) against the Momento black marble feature wall

Not much difference I would argue! The painters did a great job with the swirls and veins of the black marble feature wall, almost like the real thing itself.

To share more, Nippon Momento Special Effects Paint comes in various series to fit your preferred home theme. You can achieve the luxurious look of marble or granite without having to burn a hole in your pocket. Their lookbook covers numerous themes such as industrial, minimalist, natural, and many more, while their Nippon Momento collections provided us with the inspiration for our living room feature wall.

2. Say hello to safer paints for your family

Safe Painting Singapore for Families
House Painting Services in Singapore

Walls in your living room, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, and exteriors are exposed to different elements and varying degrees of weathering. Each needs a different type of paint to withstand any wear and tear.

Nippon Paint Odour-less All-in-1

For the rest of our walls in our home, Nippon Paint recommended the odour-less all-in-1 interior wall paint. This paint features a new breakthrough formula that reduces the Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) levels to almost zero. With that, we did not experience any paint odour after the painters completed their work. Colours-wise, the site inspection team recommended the Genteel colour (light bluish grey) for most of the walls, and Snow Flakes colour (off white) for the guest room, study room, and the kitchen.

Odour-less All-in-1 paint singapore - Genteel
Our dining room featuring Genteel coloured walls painted with Odour-less All-in-1 paint

The recommendations were a great help as the Nippon Paint colour book was probably too comprehensive for us. More to choose from is great, but selection can very well be a bigger headache, so simply ask for advice! After all, they have consulted on hundreds, if not thousands of new homes.

Nippon Paint Odour-less Anti-Mould Ceiling White

We used the odour-less anti-mould ceiling paint for our ceilings, having witnessed certain conspicuous black spots above my bathroom during my early childhood years. This paint is specially formulated for ceilings in moisture-exposed areas like kitchens, bathrooms, as well as areas with air conditioners that are prone to developing mildew.

Nippon Paint Mozzieguard

We discovered something interesting on Nippon Paint’s website during our research phase which we thought could possibly add value for homeowners. The Nippon Paint MozzieGuard has a special coating formulated with insecticide encapsulated in the polymer (not to worry, it is safe for indoor application). Once an Aedes aegypti mosquito lands on the painted surface, the active ingredients instantly incapacitate it, keeping you and your family safe from dengue and the Zika virus. If your new home is in an area with the occasional irritating mozzies buzzing near your ears, it might be worth it to try this out!

3. Hire professional painting services for quality and save more with packages

Nippon Paint Painting Singapore
Nippon Paint – Painting Services in Singapore

Search “painting singapore” on Google and you will find tons of painting services and companies. Many are even claiming to be the cheapest and reliable. Sure, there might be cheaper options out there, but the risk of poor workmanship just didn’t sit right for us. Quality was our main concern as it was our new home after all. Since most painting companies in Singapore used Nippon Paint for their painting services, we figured, why not get the main guys to do the job?

We went with their most popular odour-less package with Nippon Paint. Promotions were also pretty great, offering perks ranging from a free air fryer, extended warranty, to a free upgrade to the odour-less anti-mould ceiling white for the entire house. And if you are lucky, the 1st prize in their grand draw is $3,888 cash!

Overall, workmanship and the aesthetic advice given were great. The team also managed to capture the essence of our desired modern luxe theme with the two exquisite feature walls, providing the perfect backdrop for some of our paintings. They even recommended us with the complementing colours of Genteel and Snow Flakes, which was probably the toughest decision on our part.

4. Choose the right colour and texture to fit your home theme

Modern luxe painting singapore

Colours and texture play an immense role in creating an exciting yet cohesive design for your home. Before proceeding on your house painting task, you need to understand the paint-texture compatibility. Also, the colour palettes that complement your chosen interior style matter as well. What would be a good background for your furniture and art pieces? Which colour would bring out the best of your desired theme? I would highly recommend researching on Pinterest for tons of inspiration, or Nippon Paint’s own version of Pinterest – colour ideas.

Here are a couple of other popular home themes for your inspiration:



Defined by light, texture, clean space, and natural elements, the minimalism that often accompanies Scandinavian interiors makes it a popular choice in recent years. While most go for white or light neutrals when doing Scandinavian, this living room by Prozfile Design adds geometric shapes in soft hues to make a beautifully textured feature wall, infusing an air of cosiness to an otherwise blank space.

Industrial Eclectic

Metal, concrete, brick, and wood – these are the main elements of industrial design. Eclectic, on the other hand, breaks restrictions by combining textures and time periods. This living and dining room by Free Space Intent merges the two styles together seamlessly. It uses the signature grayish hue of industrial design as a backdrop for interesting art pieces and quirky decor that defines eclectic.

Industrial Eclectic Inspiration

Vintage Home Theme


Contrary to what the name suggests, the vintage interior style doesn’t merely create a room suspended in time. Instead, this design yearns to connect yesterday and today through a balanced mix of nostalgic elements with modern pieces. This living room by Black N White Haus takes the neutral route, creating an airy space with an old-world charm.


The contemporary style is all about clean lines, neutrals, space, and tasteful splashes of colour. This bedroom by Home Philosophy brings this style into 2019 by playing with a trending colour: mint green. With a well-placed dark green contrast, the overall look feels more intense and alive.


If you want to get a clearer sense of your dream aesthetics, we recommend downloading the Nippon Paint Colour Visualizer app. This handy application allows you to select and apply paint colours on your home pictures on the go. Simply snap photos of the spaces you want to paint and upload them onto the app. You’ll be able to paint around your furniture while preserving shadows and textures to get a realistic impression of what different colours would look like. Pretty neat stuff, especially if you have bought your furniture or looking to redesign your home.

5. Start painting your dream home!

Nippon Paint
Nippon Paint – House Painting Services in Singapore

While hiring a professional painter means paying a bit more, the efficiency, long-lasting quality, and peace of mind that you get are well worth it. It might just end up saving you more over the long run if the house painting service otherwise is substandard or inferior materials are used.

Seeking for inspiration for our dream home theme, and watching it turn into a reality was the part that we enjoyed the most. Special thanks to Shelly and Andy from Nippon Paint for all your advice and execution. For those who are embarking on your home renovation and house painting journey, cherish the fun moments and paint away!

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