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9 Best Handyman Services in Singapore for Home Fixing (2023 Guide)

What was functioning great yesterday can be obsolete tomorrow. Unfortunately, not everything can be solved with a simple do-it-yourself fix especially in terms of home maintenance concerns. There will be a time that one may require assistance to do the heavy lifting or a professional fix to ensure that our home stays safe, secure, and functional. Whether you need assistance for renovation, repair, installation, improvement, and many more for the sake of your home– hiring a handyman in Singapore can definitely make your life easier. In Singapore, handyman services range from assembling furniture and fixing doors to repairing a leaking pipe to the installation of the heater. They can pretty much do anything for our home and guarantee a job well done. However, not all handyman service providers offer a five-star quality job and not all provide everything that we’ll need. With that, here are the 9 best handyman services providers in Singapore that you can call for your home sweet home needs.

This article was last updated on 19 January 2023.

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9 Best Handyman Services in Singapore

1. SG One-Stop Services & Repair Solution

SG One Stop Services and Repair Solution - Handyman Services Singapore

One-stop shop for home services

SG One Stop Services & Repair Solution is a one-stop service provider that can assist with an extensive range of home or office maintenance concerns. Electrical, plumbing, painting, brickwork, glass, wood, iron, and parquet services are among their list of available services, with home safety being of utmost priority to them.

Professional and dependable service

What’s great about the company’s handyman crew is that they provide professional and reliable services. Moreover, every single crew member hired by the company is well qualified and possesses the necessary expertise to complete the task efficiently. 

Their Google reviews show that various happy clients consistently mention the company’s punctuality and responsiveness. If you bump into an emergency situation at home, do check out SG One Stop Services & Repair Solution. You can request a quote here to learn more about their pricing.

Why hire them:
  • An extensive range of repair services
  • Dedicated and experienced specialists
  • Home safety is prioritised
  • Responsive with emergency issues
Check out SG One-Stop Services & Repair Solution >
Website: https://sgonestopsolutions.com/
Address: 25 Woodlands Industrial Park E1, #04-02, Singapore 757743
Tel: 9111 6271
Email: sg1stopservices@gmail.com
Contact Form

2. A1 Handyman Singapore 

A1 Handyman Singapore 

A1 Handyman has been in the industry for over 10 years. They take pride as a one-stop-shop for all our handyman requirements such as door repair servicing, aircon servicing, plumbing, electrical works, and wall mounting. 

They have an almost perfect Google Review which proves the quality workmanship that they offer. Their team has extensive experience in their respective fields which committed to provide the best handyman services in Singapore. They are available 7 days a week and they have a reliable customer support team should you have any questions or concerns. 

Prices vary depending on the job. They a small token of service charge for inspection which is waived if you decide to hire them. 

 Why should you hire them?

  • Transparency in pricing. Prices are quoted net of charge and itemized. 
  • Responsive and easy to communicate with
Check out A1 Handyman Singapore >

3. Fixwerk


Many positive testimonials prove that this company is renowned as one of the best repair service providers in Singapore. Fixwerks covers whatever appliance that needed to be repaired. Contact their repair team if there is an issue with your fridge, oven, stove, fridge, washing machine, dryer, water heater, wine chiller, etc. 

Their team consists of professional and highly-experienced handymen that assures and provides great quality and cost-effective handyman services. They are able to work on any make and model of your domestic appliances. 

Before their task begins, they quote the price with no hidden charges at the end. What you were told is what you will pay once the job is done. They also provide a 12-month warranty for any job giving you the peace of mind that you deserve. 

Why should you hire them?

  • Long-term warranty.
  • Price quotation before start with no hidden charges.
  • Guaranteed appointment within 48 hours. 
Check out Fixwerk >

4. Handyman Services Singapore

Handyman Services Singapore

Consisting of highly trained professionals, Handyman Services Singapore provides electrical works, air-conditioning installation, and maintenance, plumbing and painting services. They also have general contractor works that provide installation of kitchen hoods, kitchen accessories, wall paintings, and mounting mirrors as well as locksmith work and assembling furniture. 

Their rates start at $50 for handyman service, $80 for electrical services and $280 for painting services. 

 Why should you hire them?

  • A professional and highly-skilled team 
  • Provides quotation for big jobs
Check out Handyman Services Singapore >

5. HRD Professional Handyman Pte Ltd

HRD Professional Handyman singapore Pte Ltd handyman service

From power outlets installation to renovation and remodeling, this company is also a do-it-all handyman service provider. HDR Professional Handyman properly insured their services, and their jobs are covered with at least 90 days of workmanship warranty. Most of the reviews from their clients are positive. They have been in the industry for 15 years with the assurance of a highly-trained and very skilled team that can do any job. They also take pride in their wide network suppliers of local and overseas to match their customer’s needs.

Why should you hire them?

  • Insured services and 90 days warranty.
  • Full-time in house employees 
  • Wide-range of suppliers
  • Free online quotation
Check out HRD Professional Handyman Pte Ltd >

6. Joydom Engineering

Joydom Engineering

Joydom Engineering is a one-stop solution for a wide range of home, commercial maintenance and industrial, and repair needs aside from their engineering services. They specialize in handyman services, aircon, electrical, plumbing, carpentry, door & windows services, tiling, waterproofing service as well as the painting service.

This company has been well-praised through many years of their service. They are known for the quality of workmanship and professional reliability.

They charge $20 for the estimation fee to conduct the necessary checking and possible problems. 

 Why should you hire them?

  • Guarantees good quality of work.
  • Huge variety of services.
Check out Joydom Engineering >

7. Localservice.sg


Localservice.sg is a platform that provides a venue for booth service seekers and service providers to meet. You can find the service provider for just about anything including plumbing, aircon servicing, repair, electrical, painting, moving, towing and many more of handyman services. Through this platform, they are able to provide households an easy and modern way to find a professional and reliable handyman in Singapore. 

Why should you hire them?

  • Easy to book
  • Huge database of service providers
Check out Localservice.sg >

8. LS Handyman and Carpenter Singapore

LS Handyman and Carpenter Singapore

LS Handyman and Carpenter have been recommended by many satisfied customers. They can go above and beyond to assist you with any issues and emergency concerns at your house. They also take pride that all of their employed staff are experienced and well-trained. The equipment and technology they use are also top of the notch. That’s why many high rated testimonials applaud their efficiency, safety at work, and professionalism earning them an established base of clientele. 

They do painting services to emergency lockouts and installation of sinks and shelves. They also take small property maintenance jobs such as kitchen doing, garage shelf putting as well as plumbing pipe fixing. They are an all-in-one service with trustworthy people that won many hearts in Singapore.

Their rates start $60 for installation of TV brackets, fans or shower sets, replacement of light bulbs, $40 for aircon servicing and $80 for installation of telephone points, etc. 

Why should you hire them?

  • All-in-one service with updated and highly trained professionals.
  • Swift service and easy to arrange an appointment with.
  • It offers safety while working.
Check out LS Handyman and Carpenter Singapore >

9. Superstar Handyman Singapore

Superstar Handyman Singapore

Superstar Handyman takes pride in being a premier handyman service in Singapore. They can assemble, install, repair, or improve just about anything around your home. There is no job too small for them. 

What makes them stand out from other service providers is their availability. Superstar Handyman is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. They also offer “same day call out.” This means that in case you have a leaking pipe or a home emergency even at midnight, you have a handyman to help you out. 

Their highly trained experienced industry veterans are also known to be very professional. They make sure to come on time and complete the job fast and thoroughly. 

 Why should you hire them?

  • 24/7 service
  • Free Price Quotation
  • Will make sure to leave your property neat
Check out Superstar Handyman Singapore >

Tips for Hiring a Handyman in Singapore

Choosing from one of the top 8 handyman service providers in Singapore could be a difficult thing to do and here are some important things to keep in mind before hiring one:

List down the jobs you need to be done

If you are looking to have several tasks completed, then it would be ideal to find a one-stop handyman. It will save you time, and transport cost. 

Make sure to check that your handyman is licensed

If you require your handyman to do works like plumbing, electrical and gas-fitting, they are required to have proper training and a license. You can check the following sources to see if your handyman is licensed.

Ask about Warranty and Insurance

Hiring a professional provides us more confidence that the job is done right and thoroughly however, we cannot deny the fact that some things may not go well including a home maintenance fix. Thus, it is imperative that you find a service provider that provides a warranty in case there’s a need to redo the job. It is also ideal if they have insurance to cover accidents and untoward incidents.  

Check Security and Payments

Due to incidents of scams and potential security threats, it is important to ask for their deployment procedure, especially for bigger jobs. If you hired him from a company (not freelance), make sure to get the name or details of the assigned handyman. Before hiring your handyman, make sure they have a valid company ID and registration before allowing them to start working in your home. You may also confirm the payment method as well as get information if you need to make any (additional) payments to their assigned personnel.


I hope that this article on the 9 Best Handyman Services in Singapore for Home Fixing has helped you to find a suitable handyman in Singapore for your home needs. Please share this with your family and friends if you have found it useful. 

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